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posting here before that one rogue art user says it's ruined osomatsu-san forever

When did she say that? She just talks about kara

I wish ichi was this cute in the show

she also shits on anyone who likes anything about season 2 and it becomes derailed into some fit about matsubara


Would be gross.

Well in her defense season 2 (save for some things) has been a damn disappointment. Plus I haven't heard anyone here say they love s2

That noose is for me in 3 weeks

Not a bad episode, there were some funny moments.

Goddammit user, don't remind me.

I wonder how many replies will this thread have, considering we just had thread that reached bumplimit recently.

Eh, we've had a whole day to recover, so I think we'll be fine

>tfw gotta go to college in a few hours
>the thread will probably die when I get home

I think season 2 is pretty alright

The benefits of taking online classes pays off!

Because Iyami's going to be in the next one, right?
But then you have to sit through a Dayon skit

We're not /dbs/ so it's a dry episode.

It's not as good as the first season but it's not as bad as most people are making it out to be.

I wish I could have your attitude

To be honest I think the second cour has been great, easily on the level of the first season. S2 got off on the wrong foot but they've been killing it for the past few weeks. I hope they keep it up and end things on a high note.

Season 2 has been getting better lately but I'm still one of the people that feel like both seasons are roughly the same.

Yeah second cour is definitely better than the first one. I really think the main issue with the second season though is lack of stand out episodes. First season has some really memorable episodes like Iyami Kart and Rental Girlfriends, while not every episode was on the level of those they were so good that when people look back on season one they think the whole season was better than it actually was, people forget F6 and Girlymatsu and all the jokes that don't quite hit.
I personally still find season one better, but season two has done some nice stuff. I'm especially happy Choro is getting more spotlight, and Oso has been pretty great this season.

I love S2. It's not as good as S1 but I still really enjoyed it

The user (you) who keeps making assumptions like this and shittalks other anons is more annoying than any actual complaints.

>actual complaints
>the constant doomsaying and fearmongering

The complaints that are actually about aspects of the show, not the sales crap. Just admit you've got a chip on your shoulder and realise not everyone will like what you like.

Eldest three have really gotten better this season. I didn't think I'd start liking Choro this much, and Oso is consistently good since season 1. The appearances from the parents have been solid this season, too, which is refreshing since they had less of a presence before.

Insert text here

"I am worst matsu"




I am so tired but I need to watch this how much longer until it’s up


I think torrents are ready now, streaming is in about 10 minutes

If anything Ichimatsu is most overrated.


What a weird way to spell Kara.


Why would we listen to Ichi anyway? This is the guy who has a possible beastiality fetish and wears cold purple, pretty much the worst colour. Aside from him liking cats outside of sexually, his taste is terrible.

You can find Ichimatsu in just about any other anime. Even my friends who like Ichi at least admit hes a generic tsundere moeblob.


How's this episode?
I dropped S2 1 month ago, is it worth the watch?


I want to suckle on Kara's beautiful soft busom.

What ep did you leave off on? Some eps have been decent and some have been torture.

How fat is fat enough for Karamatsu?

Honestly I don't even remember anymore.
There was a really boring Iyaminskit.

What do you mean? You phrase that as if he'd gain intentionally. I see it like he just wouldn't pay attention, but by then he'd laugh about it. He'd only really react if someone was insulting him outright or telling him how lovely he looks. Or did I misread the question?

The ep was meh, it was cringey at some parts but fine at others. They could've done better

I love this Ichi hair here a lot!

Also choked on my water after seeing Kara new outfit for the first time.

Totty's cute there.
A shame he will likely do nothing of substance for the rest of the show.

The matsus made me realise tans can look pretty darn good

Drawfriends gonna go nuts over the new kara

>Look pretty darn good

Fuck don't get me excited like this, I'll head home now
If I don't post for a while and its as you're hyping it I may have died from bloodloss due to nosebleed

On boys who already have lovely dark hair and eyes, yes. Just nothing orange or super fake.

I personally don't like it when people look like leather sofas, but that's just me

I swear I'm a Karafag, but every week I fall deeper and deeper in love with this stupid, sleazy scumbag.

He's such a great "default".

Which outfit is the best?


I like their updated blue suit. Similar to their original -kun outfit and good as a default adult outfit that they all share.

Same here, it's a shame the never wear them outside of the intro

This was a good episode, probably my favorite so far this season. Island Totoko is cute.

Last time I remember them wearing it was the streaming episode. There really hasn't been many scenarios where they can wear it, sadly.

There's a first time for everything, like for wanting chibita porn

C'mon now user, he wasn't/isn't even good looking

Yoooouu're heeeere~~
There's noooothing I feeeear~~


>Choro on vocals
Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?

They never wear the Matsu t-shirts at all, how sad

Iyami looks like a smelly rat and people want porn of him. Never underestimate what fans will want to fuck.

Let them wear t shirts staff!

Note to self: don't start drawing when you haven't even finished the episode yet because you'll see details you then have to add.

Also: this is a fun ep. I've been laughing a lot.

Out of the everyday outfits I'd say Kara's leather jacket ensemble, and I also have a soft spot for the jumpsuits. The classic hoodies are also great.

Superhero episode when?

The Kara from this episode would look good crossed with the leather jacket or jumpsuit. Maybe a bit tanner and bigger and he'd be a less greasy famous kara.

Update: Anons, I have NO COMPLAINTS

Was going to do a more heroic pose with the crossbow, but then the toilet paper bit happened. I love this asshole.

>and bigger
user, are you trying to kill me? I actually drew a cleaned-up bad end Kara in painful fashion if you're interested. I thought only I'd be interested.

a Karamatsu is bred for spoiling and affection

Just stop fighting it, user.

The one who draws karamatsu fat?

You are gaining some taste

Kara and Oso are both fantastic choices. Follow your heart user, but know that either way you're pretty much golden.

But Karamatsu is fat, isn't he?

None of them are really fat, just average. Maybe a bit chubby.

not the fattest, apparently

someone needs to notify all the anorexic ichimatsu posters about this

Thankfully chubby chaser ichifags are more common

They really vary from artist to artist (here's the version from the second paper-doll book for comparison). Personally when they're drawn too thin it looks a little too bobble-headed for my liking.

>choro's striped pantsu
Cute! CUTE!!

Episode was whatever. Reference humor isn't really my cup of tea. I liked Totty being a dick to Dekapan, though.

But it's true that user always derails into Matsubara rants and belittle anyone saying anything positive about S2, particularly if you say Osomatsu got developed as a character, even if just a little.

>Only three episodes left
>Next one is for Dayon and Iyami
Fuck you Fujita and Matsubara. Fuck you.

I want to marry Karamatsu, but I also wouldn't say no to having Oso as a fwb.

If they pull a bait and switch on the last episode like s1 I’m going to actually kill myself

>belittle anyone
You're really exaggerating. It's not like that user was saying people who like s2 have smaller brains or something. Besides, reception towards this ep has been pretty positive, so if you just dropped it the thread would have no negativity like you want.


Kamiya's voice really leaves something to be desired. It's not bad, but it's not exactly good either. He does the same voice for every character, and it's the on he sings with too.