Tfw Gary Stu status is broken

Tfw Gary Stu status is broken

He's still best boy so that's okay.

Erina is better than him at this point, makes sense the most important part of the dish is done by her

>gary stu is beaten by a mary stu

No surprise here, whole arc was about erina and her character development.

This arc is supposed to be about Erina standing up to her dad so of course she had to be the one to make the main dish.

Why are these 2 dorks so cute together?

>yfw the appetizer saves the day


Fucking great, doesn't it?

No it's not

>I'm sorry, Erina, your god dish lost
>wait, what is this taste? Somebody sneaked in some ketchup?
>m-masaka, Team Soma wins again!

Learn proper english, ELS-kun.


So do people really think this is the last arc when the female lead is barely becoming part of the group?


What does her feet smell like?

Fresh body lotion

this is not meat...


How can anyone forget this scrumptious delectable slab of meat?

god erina is so ugly and boring


Loli Erina a qt

I love wild girls.

What about spunky girls?

Since it's Erina, it makes it even better.

Wow, that girl is so cute. I think I found my waifu. Who is she?


Hes still a winner since he'll be fucking Erina

To be fair he is still ranked very high compared to the others below him.

Stop defending his bullshit.

Truly, he as already won the food war.


>tfw Souma is the best sous chef in their generation and the perfect support for Erina

They probably would have lost the other way around. He’d just piss her off or get her flustered by fucking around with the main dish.

I wish Erina were the MC


>best boy

Same but I prefer Megumi, She has most potential.

She'd be very boring.

Erina is so boring to look at. Her design and everything. I can just skip any page with her in it. Any other girl is better to look at


She really is shit

Cry more. She's the most popular character in Japan and the heroine, she won't go anywhere even after this arc is over

goldfish poop

People still read this shit? Lmao

Because they're forcing that shitty relationship when there's a girl far better suited to help him with his meat.

>there's a girl far better suited
There's none

Kek, savage

Yeah, it's one of the best of Jump.

Because that was the last time Tosh drew her well.

What does the viz one say?


Which Nakiri would make the better daughter?


invisible handjobs

niggerstream wins

I know she won't. It won't stop me from calling her shit though


Shokugeki no Soma is a cooking manga


Alice > Hisako > Erina > all


I would say asano inio but that is actually well drawn so i dont know

>Erina > Hisako > Alice> All
I agree

Potential she'll never meet yet every hag will shlick themselves too

Where can I adopt a Alice or Erina?

Friendly reminder a peak Tsukasa are going to lose against these 2 first years.

Feels good. Fuck Tsukasa and everything he stands for.

Tsukasa is probably the worst character in the manga
>my specialty is INGREDIENTS!



Didn't he lose to his dad?
Didn't he lose to the French chef?
Didn't he lose in the bod dept.?
Didn't you suck 10 cocks moments before posting this thread?

And your point is?

This is too good


>Tsukasa is probably the worst character in the manga
He is