Look at how smug she is showing her exposed sole to us

Look at how smug she is showing her exposed sole to us.


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top weeb


has the artist ever seen female feet irl?


Whats wrong with them user?


Why would anyone care about 3DPD shit.

Because that's the world we live in.

And it's trash.

>tfw the mods are footfags
worst timeline

It feels really good when a girl places her foot on your face.


We may exist in this world, but we certainly don't have to live in it

smells like warm popcorn!


she's half not human so they must really stink

I want to sniff them.

Realism is overrated and realismfags need to die

But why? They probably stink like vinegar

How dare she show her smelly, lewd, bare feets like that!



a-anything for you my beautiful queen.

i love raphie

smug soles



bare feet used to be my only thing but i have grown fond of socks recently.



Thank you thank you

Lewdest moment in the series so far.

Did you like it user?

I love it.

I bet those feet smell so good.


Reminder that Mitsuru fucked them first, never forget that

3 feet.
Maybe more.



Milkman is a bitch nigga who couldn't take a single ride with dino-chan. He is weak and his bloodline is weak.

Stop posting lewd feet
my dick can't handle it


What's the context of this scene?

feet don't really have a crease like that.


The best part about this scene was that it showed her feet aren't just strong, but dexterous too. I bet she could use them to get a super-strong vicegrip on your dick.

Erza feets

Very nice.

They can, have you ever seen a ballerinas feet? they can crease and curve almost like hands.


I want to suck a cute girls toes like miniture cocks.


It's actually pretty amazing how she did that without kicking him the dick.

What does her feet smell like?

maybe when flexing, but not when open, especially not with hard edge lines like the one used.

user what the fuck, this a blue board

Before you get banned mind giving us the source?

missionary position


Kanye West semen.


you have two minutes to provide a reasonable explanation for the actions of this oni

Brown tribal women forcefully fucking a very religious and flustered dude


Damn nigga, that's hot

>don't you dare sabotage my attempts at getting a permanent partner

Painted nails next please.

she wants Hiro to """"die"""" so he could come back to """save""" her. everything in episode 6 was all part of her plan.

S_ _ _D

This show might give me a heart attack.

How often does she sleep? Regularly like a human? It seemed like she stayed up all night in the rain at the end of episode 5.

It wasn't that he shouldn't pilot with 02 again, just not part of that mission.
because Hiro was falling on the ground in pain.

>putting poison on a perfectly fine foot

Is 002 a virgin or not?

If Hiro didn't pilot Strelizia again, they were all going to die from klaxos anyway.

And how would that help exactly?
As far as they were concerned, third ride is fatal, always.

trash character from trash pandering anime

underrated post

goddamn it, don't remind us asshole


bullshit, it was some other dude she co-piloted with before


Uncle 02 wants YOU to ignore shitposters.

It looks more appealing though since most studios do bare bones feet with barely any detail.

well yeah, but they thought they could handle it without.
The kids don't seem worried about Third Ride death. If Hiro wasn't dying in front of Goro he would let him ride.

no idea, but why are you asking that?
they don't look that far fetched from reallife

>well yeah, but they thought they could handle it without.
Er, no, they didn't. They specifically said in the briefing that they needed Hiro to pilot no matter what. Even Ichigo said right there that they needed Hiro or they were doomed anyway.

And, let's say Goro succeeded in convincing him not to ride. What exactly would make Goro not try doing that again?

Goro I mean, my bad.
if Hiro isn't dying, he won't have any problems with him riding.
Goro was right anyway. Hiro did die because of the tumor.

>if Hiro isn't dying, he won't have any problems with him riding.
Did you forget the part where the third ride is guaranteed death?? You just said so too, he died on the third ride.


in good condition before third ride = won't die on third ride

That's not how it works. If it did, I imagine they would have had previous partners survive before or had them rest, I'm sure. Hiro was a unique case either way. And I don't think he actually died so much as was in shock as it did whatever the reverse they mentioned it was doing to him did to his body. People don't monologue about stuff when they're dead like he was.

You are delusional, if you think the tumor would recede over time. Also Look at how long it's taking Mitsuru to recover from just the first ride.

It's not a case of "Oni lemme rest", third ride is death, period.

You cared enough to reply.

To you.

since the kids are expendable they don't care if they die.
even more so the tools for 02 to consume.