Could cement-kun's story make for a good anime?

Could cement-kun's story make for a good anime?

Only if it gets an alternative revenge ending on which she comes back and skins them alive.

About her being brought back to life and granted the power to turn her fists and skin into cement for offense and defense.

Fuck you for making this thread OP.

Honestly it's something that is just too fucked up to be trivialised by the medium. Imagine how her family would feel seeing this shit dragged up into some dumb cartoon. What the fuck with you OP?

Too soon.

Well I think it has less to do with the medium. There is nothing inherently wrong with a medium. The problem is that whenever someone has tried to tell her story they went and turned it into porn. Even in her death they fetishized her. It is possible to make an anime or a movie or anything else telling her story without it being disrespectful.

There is literally a doujin of her story.

>8 years

Why would this even be necessary? Especially since the medium will definitely fetish it and churn disgusting doujins/fanart. After hearing what was done to her daughter, the mother passed out. Do you seriously think her family would want her horrific story told? I imagine that they just want to live out the rest of their years without trying to go crazy from knowing what their child endured.

The manga will have to do for now.

Why was 80s japan full of these kinda extreme shit?

Waita is a piece of shit and deserve prison for that.

kids with too much spare time

I know we're supposed to be degenerates on here but there are limits.

I had a lot of spare time and I didn't do shit like that, user.

It made some good hentai manga.

Can't wait when she appears in Fate.

80's Japan is the equivalent of the baby boomer era of America which raised an entire generation of sociopathic well off's and lots of people were rolling in cash, especially the Yakuza.

I had hours and hours of spare time as a kid and the worst thing I ever did was throw rocks at people, I never once considered murdering or raping someone, let alone getting my friends together and murdering and raping some girl and encasing her in concrete.
this. Holy shit. This is so fucked.

Mobsters did the same shit so much to the point that western cartoons can casually imply it with "sleepin' with the fishies" threats.

Japs are crazy

Is more likely that she come back to get more cause getting gangraped and killed made her understand that this is the only way a worthless cumdumpster born with a filthy vagina can truly feel like a woman.

Whats her name

Fuck, this is intense.

Kon Kureta

Mostly it's just fags trying to get a rise and some (You)s.

But to give this thread a serious answer it doesn't deserve - Like others said, it's a sensitive topic. It's bad enough that it's a grotesque tragedy, but the fact the kids got a light sentence due to their families and are out of prison now just makes it worse. In theory that'd could still be made into an anime/manga, but it would have to be treated very seriously, and function as a critique of broken systems in Japanese society.

And when was the last time you read a manga or watched an anime that did serious social commentary?

So edgy, wow.

8 years

Reading this made me boil in rage. Fucking pieces of shit I hope they all had a slow and painful death

>forced her to masturbate in front of them
That sure is the odd one out in that list.

Horrifying doesn't even begin to cover what she was subjected to.

>Mostly it's just fags trying to get a rise and some (You)s.
I could have guessed, but even still that's about the edgiest topic to present just for attention.

>And when was the last time you read a manga or watched an anime that did serious social commentary?
Depends on if we're focusing on works of non-fiction or stuff that injects fantasy into it.
ConRev from a few years back was attempt on that although I think we can both agree that "serious" is not a word that might best apply but it was a sincere look at the the 60s & 70s of Japan and the generation that grew from it. Can't say I understood everything but I got a strong impression from it.

Would you consider stuff like V for Vendetta and Watchmen as serious social commentary? How far into fiction are we able to go here?

LOL no.
Japan. Not even sure if rape is actually a crime or their way to say hello.
Surely no one get angry about it.

They got

They're still alive. some out of jail I think.


Of all the things she faced, this is the worst. She's a girl, you idiot. Don't make her feel any worse.

This. It makes my skin crawl and my blood boil thinking about this.

They were low-ranking members of the yakuza. They didn't even get 10 years.

Japs were always like that.
Read about Unit 731 or about Nanking massacre.
Shit like this is normal for them and natural.

She's dead. Can't feel shit.

Nope, they're still alive and well. As far as I know some of them changed names and live under fake identities.

The world is a strange place.

Asians are fucking subhumans

That's Yakuza for ya.
I know people like to romanticize them but they are fucking degenerate savages without any honor or code.

That'd be too convenient, all four got out of jail and are technically free men.

One even ended up marrying abroad.

Another actually went on to start a fraud which nobody was ever to convict them of but everyone knew it was them.

One infamously teamed up with his mother to defile Junko's grave then proceeded to empty the account setup by his father to pay compensation money to Junko's family. Then he went on to kidnap some guy and beat him to a inch of his life, go back to prison and is already out on the streets again.

>100 people knew yet not one of them had the shred of compassion to help her
Did the higher-ups of the yakuza really just let this slide? Torturing young girls doesn't seem to be something they do.

The murderers only spent like 8 years in prison and now they're roaming free and living life. How has no one murdered them yet?

>teamed up with his mother
What the fuck?

They are? And they only got 8 years? Why the fuck weren't they hanged?

>Torturing young girls doesn't seem to be something they do.
Oh my.
Yakuza are the biggest degenerates out there.
They would kidnap your pregnant wife, take the birth and rape the toddler in front of you.
Asians are absolute fucking savages and by far the most creative race when it comes to being brutal.

>Would you consider stuff like V for Vendetta and Watchmen as serious social commentary?
V for Vendetta could be it, I'd actually think Moore's From Hell does a good job of critiqueing how upper class persons can get away with victimizing and dehumanizing the poor. Watchmen is commentary, but I always thought it was more restricted to comic book and capeshit trends.

>How far into fiction are we able to go here?
As far as you want to go. I'm sure it's easy to find a lot of Japanese novels that have done some sort of commentary on this incident, but since this is Sup Forums we're trying to talk specifically about anime or manga. And most of that anymore is just otaku bait or explores broad humanistic themes rather than tackling real Japanese issues.

user, that's not Japanese enough.

They make the father rape the child while the mother watches and give her a gun with 1 bullet to use as she sees fit on the dad, the baby or herself.

I don't believe you two.

Watch Oldboy (Korean movie, but the story is originally Japanese).
They get off to mental torture and emotional tragedy the most.

Not bad, but then she could still shoot one of the gangsters with that one bullet.

Give her a gun and tell her it has one bullet in it.
But it's actually empty.

>2 months after her original kidnapping
>she was challenged to play a game of mahjong
>they said if she won she would be freed
>she actually won by just a hair
>this just angered them
>she was beat, had her eyes melted with candlewax, and burned her with lighter fluid and died later that day

Imagine the speck of hope she had. Imagine how intense that game of mahjong must have been for her.

As all the perpetrators were all under 19, Japanese law dictates they were tried as minors and their identities be protected during the trial. Their names are known today but wasn't known for years after the incident.

Underaged by a year, juvenile law was a mistake.

Sounds like it'd make a good manga.

Junko is for breeding. Top tier waifu

That's not what the word means. Please cease posting until you learn to fit in better.

One of the few times I think US law is better. If the crime is fucked enough the judge just says "Fuck it, we're trying them as adults"

Whats the goal exactly?
The goal of justice systems in developed countries excluding US is actually not punishment but rehabilitation and letting people go to live their lives.

I think that should be the case for lots of crimes, but when it comes to something of this nature rehabilitation should be written off. Either life imprisonment or execution is all they should get.

I don't understand why they would do this.

I don't understand why, knowing they did this, the justice system gave them 8 years.

What the fuck is wrong with EVERYTHING over there for this to happen?

Why not execute the environment that lead them to believe doing those things to the victim were a good idea?

Rehabilitation sure, but you have to be realistic in terms of can the perpetrators be rehabilitated, and if not shouldn't the safety of others be considered? There's still parole.

Connections to the Yakuza.

What the everloving fuck, were two nukes not enough?


What's worse is that she even turned the guy (who has the connections) down prior to the kidnap.