Will Futaba become Sup Forums's next waifu once P5's anime airs?

Will Futaba become Sup Forums's next waifu once P5's anime airs?

>red head
>hime cut
>annoying as shit

Any character that panders to the lowest common denominator is automatically shit. Get that NEET-bait tier character outta here.

>panders to the lowest common denominator
So that's a yes.

Is this going to be as shitty as the P4G anime?

Did you get lost on the way to Sup Forums?

P4G makes an already annoying prominent character forced into the main plot into an even more annoying prominent character forced harder into the main plot, so hopefully no.

>next waifu
End yourself.

Futaba is only good as an autistic little sister. She isn't for waifuing.

>This shit again.
Futuaba-fags need to have the truth beaten in to them.

only if Kawakami, Makoto and Takemi are reduced to background characters

No, it's going to be Makoto.



Makoto a shitty robot

Sup Forums has taste so it’ll be Makoto

Tomoko will always be Sup Forums.

It'll be Makoto.

Although I will admit Futaba's hips are lewd as fuck for some reason

I hate the fucking underage morons that this trash is attracting

Futuba is more of a imouto than a waifu.

It'll be Sae and you know it. The fact that she's un-romanceable only makes the fanbase thirstier.

Tomoko can out Futaba Futaba if she wanted to.

>Sup Forums
I'm pretty sure there is going to be new Persona anime.

Ann best girl

The post script ruins it.

All Persona anime so far has been shit and there is nothing promising about this one that points to it being any different.

I don't like her, but it's obvious to me that she's going to be the one.

She's mine.

What about the movies for 3, I heard they were better than the 4 anime.

No GROO will be the true Sup Forums waifu.

They are allright at best in my opinion.

>seasonal waifus

1 and 4 are alright, 2 and 3 are trash.

>the lowest common denominator
So Sup Forums?

I already have a waifu.


I’ve said it already, and I’ll say it again
I don’t give a shit about Futaba being a “gamer gurl” and yet she still ended up as my favourite. How could the character that you called “nothing but gamer bait” end up being my favourite for reasons other than her being a gamer, hmmmm? That is something you should figure out yourself.


You do realize Futaba is the worst girl of all the party members in P3, P4, and P5 right?

I bet you guys hate Mishima as well

What about Haru?

I hope not

>Unironically liking this selfish piece of shit

I mean look at what she did to Sojiro

Holy fuck, just look how much of a coward she is

No because he is actually a interesting character who wasn't solely made to be printed on body pillows and get hot glued like Futaba

What if he’s husbando bait instead, hmmm?
Nice Reddit spacing

In what ways is he even an interesting character?

I pity him

the only girl of the grown up ones with a change of being popular is sensei, sadly, because I like Takemi, that doesnt mean sensei is shit.

>implying Sup Forums isnt a waifufag hellhole

the days of being faithful to a waifu are over, they were replaced by a cancer that wont go away.

Didn't say Kawakami was bad.

I didn't want to imply you were shitting on Sensei and more that my complain that she will be the only popular one, didn't mean that I was saying she was shit

Seeing Mishima grow into a self important cunt once he got a little tase of power was an interesting social link, not really the best by any measure but it was unique and well developed enough.

Never played it but she looks cute

i'm romancing her in my 3rd playtrough

This, honestly

Mishima is too pitiful to hate.
BTW Rise and Marie are worst party member girls.