Nanatsu no Taizai

Chapter 257 translation is out boys.



>That merlin laugh
Why didn't you protect that smile Arthur?


Someone is pissed off.

Well shit, he really just went and fucking died.

Place your bets. Who will be the one to revive Arthur?

My money's on Ban. He is in purgatory after all.

>tfw escanor

>That ''Fuck my plans have failed'' face
Yeah Cath is evil





Ok, this thing is starting to be creepy.

>her smile and optimism : restored


>escanor's smile and optimism : demolished


Jesus, what's with all the Escanor bullying this chapter?

Leave him alone Nakaba.

Stop fucking making Escanor suffer, he has done nothing wrong.

Just make him ditch Merlin at this point.

Ban will bring Arthur back from purgatory.

Screencap this.
Also the Q&A confirmed Arthur is pupil zoned



Wouldn´t he be on the capital of the death? Well, I still wonder what is the difference.

>Cath's abilities and purpose are currently unknown, but Nanashi has stated that Arthur will not die as long as Cath remains with him.
What did he mean by this?

Hendi is popular with the angels.

>Escanor, Luedociel and Merlin as the assault force
Boy is this gonna end bad

He just wants his Margaret back.

>Mikami you fool! Didn't I tell you not to ruin my keikaku?


Is he worried that Hendrickson is gonna go full demon mode again?



I hope Escanor realizes Merlin is a bitch and goes for the obvious best girl ((((male)female)male)female) reduciel


End of chapter.

>tfw my favorite sins are Escanor and Ban

Fuck you too

Ruedociel is such an upstanding an trustworty ally. Trully no bad will can come from the gofdess clan

>They do. As Master and pupil.
Based Nakaba.

>tfw the sun can't heal cucking scars


>just as Meliodas is to me
sasuga Nakaba

Yes angels are always good and just!

I want Ban to come out of the purgatory with long hair

>That beautiful Cusack mane
Fraudrin spirit is still alive

I'd expected me being more hyped, but the last few arcs have been quite lukewarm.

Sound reasonable to me, if you combine the two, you have a character who isn't a joke in a fight AND who actually get to fuck his soulmate.

Fuck Merlin

R.I.P Escanor

maybe Hawk will pull off a patamon and transform back into Mael once he eats Escanor's corpse.

So, what's Cath's keikaku?

He truly was the hotest demon, well, every possesed human seems to become ten times more atractive.


Maybe he's the spirit of Excalibur and he's mad at himself for stabbing arthur.

I don´t know, Cusack´s winged form doesn´t seem very cool. Maybe his Indura form will correct that.

Maybe we'll get badass beard Ban back.


i'm still not used to king's baby dick wings

He looked great with it.

>Based Mist Knight is back
This war is as good as won

So we know going to the purgatory is gonna make Ban stronger.

But how

are their names napping and pacifier because babysitting was their job?

>Mel wants half of the DK power
>Ban steals the remaining half once his body becomes strong enough to take in all that power after centuries of enduring the purgatory

Mel vs Ban has always been the endgame.

Do japan likes Escanor?

no because he's muscular and huge unlike them


Thousands of years battling perfecting his skills and learning some kind of horrifynig magic/elf magic alongside bringing another faction into the war.

Most likely.

Just you wait until Escanor BTFO's the demons yet again.

Then we will see who the real cuck is.

It was already explained why they are named that.

I know angels are typiclaly holier than thou fags in media but there's no way that one is retarded enough to believe trying to extract Mael's Grace from Escanor while they're in the attack squad is going to end well.

Who’s the breastfeeder demon, then?

Does anyone know the last chapter Ban showed up in? I completely forget and want to go back to reread it.

The Escanor bullying will stop after they revived Arthur and let Merlin fall into his arms. Only then is he allowed to rest.

Oh no no no no no hahahahahaahaha

I did a thing, user.


Chapter 243

Fukken saved.

I love Elizabeth more than life itself, she's a miracle and the most beautiful person in this world


This and it eating the demon girl was the creepiest shit ever. We are in for some dark reveal.

Why is Marciel such a miracle of the universe? Sad Zeldoris will probably wreck her shit.

Meliodas looks so fucking ridiculous on those clothes, I dont know what the author was trying to pull.

he looks badass

Shut the fuck up Estarossa

Behold the invincible sin of pride.

Cath kills the king in some Arthurian legends, he's a real monster. I woudn't be surprised if he eats Cusack


I have no idea. But every time I'm on the Japanese raw sites and the YouTube videos,their profile pictures are always Mel, King, Ban or someone else. Never seen Escanor. The same for Twitter as well.

This is just an observation because there's no way of telling without an official poll.

Japan doesnt tend to like manly buff dudes with facial hair.

Rip Escanor. Popularity is everything for mangakas who make up as they go.

They can't keep getting away with doing this to Escanor, fuck Merlin, go for Rosa

What about Zeldris?

I'd say go for Gowther.
The face is the same anyway.

The fuck are they leaving the sword in his body for lol

I don't get why this situation is cucking though? Merlin never showed any romantic interest in Escanor. Escanor's autism is what has kept him in love with Merlin all this time even though Merlin has found her reason for living in Arthur.

Go away cursed manlet

>bringing another faction into the war
Ghosts, I'm calling it now

>Ludociel decides to extract Mael's grace from Escanor
Looks like the goddess clan got jealous of the demon clan, they want to get SUNNED too

>The holy sword excalibur’s central myth is that it is embedded in something and can’t be removed unless by the chosen one
>It is embedded in the previous chosen one’s corpse so no one can remove it
All my keks

Is it cheating to fuck an angel in your waifu's bodY?

Fuck I love rapiers, but I can't stand this faggy angel for some reason.