Naruto Creator Masashi Kishimoto's New Work Confirmed as Serialization

Get ready for another ride lads
>tfw he becomes the new togashi and his new work is the same quality as hxh

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Eat shit and die Narutard

Like clockwork

Imagine being this assblasted over a picture


>same quality as hxh
Hope so. WSJ has been fucking dogshit for ages and we need more good shit. Promised Neverland and Dr. Stone are good too though.

He's been talking about wanting to do a Sci Fi story for years, hopefully its been bouncing around in his head so long that hes got the whole thing mapped out start to finish, since narutos biggest problem was that kishi clearly started bullshiting at a certain point.

I remember Kishi also wanting to do a mafia story.

>space mafia

>maybe mafia organization's involved somehow

I don't know how this will turn out, could be decent, likely to be shit, we will have to wait and see.

Maybe he can channel his zabuza arc quality and make something good.

>muh zabuza arc nostalgia because I am in love with gayboi Haku

fuck off friend. that arc made me cry.

i genuinely believe in kishmotos ability to write something great and revitalize shonen, none of this bnha and other dogshit. i just hope the monkey editorial staff over at jump get their shit together and stop cancelling long running serializations for utter trash. i also that this new work doesn't catch shippuden syndrome and go to shit

>he becomes the new togashi
Naruto is a shameless HxH rip-off.

>gayboi Haku
>Forgetting Based Zabuza
>Forgetting actual world building and the townspeople rising up
>Forgetting the time Ninjas were doing actual ninja things
Wew lad

It really is a shame how the story went after this. It didn't feel like a world of ninjas, its was more like dragon ball characters trying to be the strongest while calling themselves ninjas. I wish team 7 went around the world more and learned about different nations customs and ninja styles

But Naruto itself is already better than HxH.


Naruto never had O MY RUBBER NEN.

>space mafia

Naruto had Kaguya which is about 100x worse

Characters in HxH did crazier. Like Alluka, or Pitou's partial revival before they got squished again. Naruto on the other hand pretty much had at least one major asspull per arc in Shippuden.

Remember when Pain suddenly had command over the souls of the dead and revived everyone but Jiraya that he had killed over the arc, because Naruto basically went, "I don't have a distinct answer for your question about how to create peace, but I will make it."

Kaguya was such a bullshit thing, the way Madara died was completely anticlimactic

Remember Sasuke vs. Deidara?
Or anything about pain?

Never got why people went nuts over this. Probably the translation.
Pitou was 100% dead, her body was being controlled by her hatsu because nen after death. Nanika was just clumsy though. At least it'll tie into the new world.

I personally thing the Zabuza arc suffers from most of the same flaws as every other part of Naruto, but I will give it credit for being the only part of the manga that seems to imply that there is civilization in the world besides ninja villages.

>tfw he becomes the new togashi and his new work is the same quality as hxh
You mean Kishi will become an even bigger hack who spends more time playing video games than drawing manga along with feigning illness/injury? And that the new manga will be filled with chicken scratch scribbles for artwork and have "O MY RUBBER NEN" tier asspulls?

Good to know. I'll be sure to skip out on his next manga.

good meme post and reddit file, upvoted

There's no way Kishimoto is intelligent enough to create a series as complex and profound as HxH. This is the same guy that pretty much threw power-scaling and strategy out of the window, and just had DBZ-esque explosions and ridiculous power-ups at the end.

Togashi's writing has always been very complex, even when he wrote YYH, tackling subjects that are much more mature than what other shounen mangaka covered. The YYH fights had plenty of strategy and complexity in them, especially the ones that Kurama participated in. (Even Yusuke, the most simplistic character in the series, still used strategy in his fights from time to time.)

I rarely see Naruto characters execute complex strategies aside from Shikamaru and Kakashi, but those are the exceptions, not the norm. (But I do believe Shikamaru's strategy for his rematch against Hidan and Kakazu was utterly genius.)

Which flaws? Not him by the way, genuinely asking because it's been 99 years since I've read it

We'll see. I predict he's going to leave the main battle shonen shit to Boruto, and he's going to have a much more grounded approach with this manga.

I'm predicting he's going to try to pull a Sci-fi HxH esque manga. And I can't wait for it.

Extreme broad-stroke character writing, lazy dialogue, ill-conceived character designs, powersets so logically inconsistent that the actual outcome of fights is entirely down to author fiat, confusing and again logically inconsistent setting (though this could be forgiven in an earlier arc, and as mentioned it wasn't as bad as it got later on). None of these are problems unique to Naruto, but they all existed from the very beginning of the manga.


>Space mafia

When I first watched Naruto over a decade ago, I thought it was originally gonna be a Mortal Kombat anime because there was ninjas and the opening line was "one lone shinobi faced the Nine Tails in Mortal Kombat". Is this weird? Was I the only one that thought this originally?

The weird part is that your idea would've made a better show than Naruto

>hxh quality
So it's going to look like shit, go on multi-year hiatuses, tell not show, and have a retarded power system based on emotion, deus ex machina, have a quiet character with eye powers out for revenge, and another pre-teen protagonist with a creepy villain that wants to kill and rapr him in that order?

When exactly did Naruto go downhill?

>space mafia

After Pain. 5 Kage Summit was bad but not too horrible. 4th War had its moments but as a whole it was not good.

Some would say the Chuunin Exams, but the exam itself had plenty of highlights at least. Even the Sasuke Retrieval arc wasn't bad at all. Most of part one was perfectly serviceable, even if not actually "good" sometimes; though the anime filler arcs kind of tore the momentum down. I'd say it's mostly Shippuden and especially once Sasuke went batshit with revenge for Konoha while the Pain arc hit its climax, revived most of the dead major characters and then there was nothing interesting besides Obito's horseshit and Madara memes afterwards.

The post Pain arc had one of the funniest scenes though, you get Sasuke declare he wants to destroy the village and then it cuts to the village complete with massive fucking crater

An anime based on old MK aesthetics would be awesome

I need this

mortal kombat anime

I we watched Naruto up to just before he goes to the island, when Naruto and Sakura find Saauke after the danzo fight. I got a bit hyped when Tobi said he'll "arrange for them to fight". I think things could be better if there was no "war" and Madara was the final villain, with Naruto fighting Sasuke to save Konoha at some point.

it was still fine to me had some bad chapters but was still good dont know what the big problem was

Something something asspull
Something something they're not real ninjas
Something something it's too much like DBZ
Something something Sasuke is edgy

It was the gradual loss of quality. It lost its ninja identity in the chunin exams, then focused the story too much on sasuke and the akatsuki, then it became DBZ with "ninjas". The nosedive in quality came after the pain arc if I had to pinpoint someplace

This unironically

Go back.



>yfw Kishimoto's new series starts off strong and than goes to shit when Studio Pierrot adapts it into an anime and adds unnecessary details and omits necessary details, changes everyone's hair/eye/clothes/power color, redo complex backgrounds to make them easier to draw, create fillers that dumbs down the entire narrative, flanderizes characters to fit generic archetypes to the T with shitty OCs, and QUALITY. And Kishimoto has to conform to the SP version to keep it consistently marketable -- thereby zapping away any uniqueness it possessed.

hardly his fault wsj had their foot up his ass telling him to extend his manga for more money

>more like dragon ball characters

You're exaggerating,user. Post Land of the Waves arc is nothing like DBZ

>Mikie Ikemoto launched a sequel manga to Naruto titled Boruto in Weekly Shonen Jump on May 9, 2016. Kishimoto is supervising the series.

Kishi is supervising the Boruto manga? You mean he clearly knows the blatant sexualization of Sarada and he doesn't bother? Or that the Boruto manga is fucking shit?
Wow, that's disappointing. Have some respect for your work Kishi. If a bastard like Ikemoto would ruin my life work, I'd beat his skinny ass.

Ikemoto was Kishioto's background artist, so he trusts him. Even though I think somebody Seishi would have done much better justice for Boruto's art, Masashi obviously likes this man more.

He probably doesn't give a fuck about Boruto why would he? He gets a money from it and he cab say its not canon at the end if it so he can btfo the fans and ikemoto.

> Zabuza arc suffers from most of the same flaws as every other part of Naruto
Yeah but I think despite those flaws in the first arc were overshadowed by the positives, as opposed to most of the other arcs where the flaws were so apparent.

I was thinking more like og dragon ball, where characters were just martial artists whose goal was to become stronger, which I guess keeps going into dbz. Zabuza arc was alright because it was an escort mission to earn money for the village, fighting other ninja assassins, and inspiring the hopeless villagers to fight for themselves. Every other arc was just train to fight against strong people, and rescue sasgay. I still liked most of Part 1 anyway

What does reallly matters to me is if this new Kishimoto work may be better than mad chimera world...

>20 years from now Kishimoto declares Boruto non canon and launches his new Naruto Super saga set in the same timeframe

I kinda want to see this.

I am always wondering. Are these claims founded?

If he ever wants to do that, it would probably be set between the final war and the epilogue.

After the timeskip, probably.

Bump no Jutsu

People were going nuts over it even before the official translation. Maybe even more nuts considering the first fan translation on Sup Forums was "Listen up my nen!"
But yeah, it is pretty silly how quickly the moment was latched on to as some sort of ultimate asspull when the mechanics of such a stunt were already well established in the story. It's less of an asspull than most of the things that Chrollo did in the same fight, and much less of an asspull than stuff you see in other shounen manga. Heaven forbid a HxH shitposter tries to read Saint Seiya.

People act like shounen has suddenly raised the bar on standards some time in recent history and thus everything that is an asspull is bad. Nevermind the fact that there are very few shounen that actually rise above the bar, and even One Piece has its asspulls galore. I can't tell if it's this site's standard contrarianism or part of something much larger.

When it stopped having the problems of Shinobi society be the main focus of the story

Is Borat over already

His assistant draws Boruto. His assistant is also a lolicon and draws the girls like hookers, and I thank him for that.

Hopefully it'll get the bnha treatment. And hopefully before that he draws a good manga in the first place

>Same quality as HxH

So you mean shit?

No, it's his brother's time to shine now.


Shonen and modern version of COWBOY BEBOP.

Get ready, ladies.

Me too, just so we can compare Kishimoto's interpretation of Garfield and Jon with Toriyama's.

Bastard should go lynch Kikemoto and save what's left of the anime/manga like toriyama did(kinda). Boruto's a gold mine, maybe something even rarer than that. And this new manag confirms he hasn't lost his passion. He has to get back in there and save his current child instead of making a new one



Dude, it’s because Shueisha got obsessed with the Naruto Narrative and started to fucking push clones of Naruto like MHA, Boruto and Black Clover.

It just makes me glad I jumped ship from Naruto to Bleach and found more enjoyment in Bleach.

Tenxhi Brisge arc, then Uchiha arc, then Pain arc broke me. After that it was all shit.

Bleach wound up being more entertaining and better written so I jumped ship.


>and better written
Oh, fucking please.

>Pain arc broke me.
Almost naruto every naruto fan accepts that it ended after pain
>Naruto ends the akatsuki
>Naruto earns the respect of the leaf which was the whole point of him wanting to become hokage in the first place
>Naruto realizes hinata's love for him after what she did
>Sasuke comes back because he killed his brother and completed his goal.

>sci fi
a space drama by him could be good
if he can keep from going full shounen and keeping power levels reasonable might make it better

toriyama ended up making something about as boring as GT
and though I liked the zamasu and beerus arcs, it's about the same as me liking ss4 and the idea of space exploration in GT (it although was badly executed)

unfortunately, super just couldn't bring it back

Problem is that Obito is still fucking running around with the Gedo Statue so that cannot happen.

It was. Bleach didn’t constantly retcon it’s story like Naruto. Nor were any of the characters even remotely close to awfulness like Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno or have shitty villains like Madara or Kaguya fucking talking over the plot.

Well i'm really excited, kishi'd naruto was filled with creativity and an exciting/interesting world with tons of depth to it.
Strokes of genius regularly for a decade, the last arc was rough but hopefully he learns from his mistakes.

His art is also really amazing as are his character designs, i feel like he can strike again. Sci-fi action sounds right up his alley.

Anime peaked with Naruto

Ichigo and Bleach in general was pretty terrible but for the opposite reasons. Ichigo had no character.
Naruto over used everything
Bleach utilized nowhere near all its lore and resources

This manga will have the same issue, naruto's premise is amazing, kishi literally changed the perception of what a ninja looks like in the modern world, and it's filled with original ideas and concepts, but jump wants to milk shit, and will milk kishi's next work if it's any good.

If it's any good it will get milked sadly no matter what.


The thing about Naruto is, despite the rough second half, the ending completely redeemed it. Such a satisfying, celebratory, and heart-warming end it actually felt genuinely conclusive. Compare that to Bleach or Fairy Tail's ending that were really abrupt.

Are you joking me, this was complete gold, genuinely hilarious and a interesting back door solution.

>despite the rough second half, the ending completely redeemed it. Such a satisfying, celebratory, and heart-warming end it actually felt genuinely conclusive.
Were you there when it was released ? The ending sucked. People started to shut up once they saw Bleach's ending lol

I don't intend to be rude. But please tell me you do not still find fart jokes funny

The ending didn't suck if we're looking at it objectively, it ties all the lose strings, naruto is finally hokage, happy ending for everyone, it was perfectly serviceable.
The issue where the massive shipping wars and which you could never please everyone, lets just hope this new manga keeps the ship pretty straight forward if any at all.

reminder pic related could have been

only thing that would make this series ok is if soy sauce did reverse Sakura with karen

No, but I did a decade ago when this aired, you do understand this is a manga written for 10 year olds in mind correct?

Also when I first saw this i didn't think the fart joke itself was funny, but it was hilarious that naruto managed to win that fight.


I sometimes feel as if she's Sakura and Naruto's love child. She looks like she's in sage mode and her rages remind me of naruto even more