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Predictions on how Berserk will end. Now that Casca is healed Muira can finally start the ending arc of the manga

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Everyone dies except for Guts and Griffith and after their final battle, Griffith realizes all he ever wanted was Guts at his side. But when he looks over Guts will already have been killed by him in the final battle.

Muira has stated that since Guts’ life has been so bad that it has to have a happy ending. Griffith will die, Skullbro will kill Void, the godhand will be destroyed, and the world will go back to normal. Guts and Casca will have their child and live happily ever after in a cabin in the wilderness.

Let's not completely rip off Devilman

The new art looks great. Anyone who disagrees with me hates Berserk.

It's not that fucking hard you mongoloid.

Why not?

Well, casca is healed, but we don't know how well that went. Maybe she is normal, maybe she is wet for Griffiths devil-cock, maybe she is insane, we'll see.
But yeah, first objective completed. Niw Guts can go kill Griffith. But something really has to push Guts to do it. Probably Griffith will send his band to attack them. Skull knight is a teleporter, so no boat ride. All signs point towards another eclipse type event. And then they will have to figure out a way to kill Griffith.

Berserk is a tragedy. Happiest ending for Guts would be to go out with a smile...

>hew thinks Guts will kill Griffith

I don't know the specifics but I know it'll leave most of the fans on Sup Forums mad and disappointed

Of course he will!

I've never seen anyone mentioning Shin Angyo Onshi. It has a lot of strong resemblances to Berserk. And in my opinion, it has a very strong ending. When I first read it I thought what Berserk should end the same.



I don't remember much of the ending beyond the last arc feeling rushed as shit
Has there been any music ever made that more perfectly captures a scene like this? (In adaptions of other works)

Miura will die before ending berserk.

Munsu died standing up, with his hands severed, and without an eye. But he still looked so menacing, that Aji Tae shit his pants, and couldn't defend himself. At that moment he was killed by Chun Hyang.

shit forgot to tag spoiler

I remember the last chapter,but I was talking about the entire last battle itself.

Tons of off-screened fights and rushed climax

> Chun Hyang
was that the name of that female sidekick that tagged along with Munsu at the start and then got turned to the enemy at one point

>Muira can finally start the ending arc of the manga
people actually believe this

How did Miura look at this drawing and actually think it was publishable work?

I think 355 will not be about Casca or Guts' party. It will be a pain in the ass' not Casca related

Friendly reminder for crybaby newfags that Guts and Griffith are actually based on Kenshiro and Lady Oscar, not Akira and satan.

Guts goes to the past to stop Griffith before he becomes Femto. Griffith rejects his dreams for the sake of the band of the hawk. Guts and Griffith team up to battle the Idea of Evil/Femto before they distorts reality any further.

I'm still curious about what's in store for Rickert, Silat, Daiba, the Tapasa and the Bakiraka in general.

Time moves faster on the island. When Guts gets back, Rickert will be a grown man leading an army.

I knew that, but Devilman still has a huge influence on Berserk.

Rickert a god

What if Guts gets horribly mutilated in his fight with Griffith and is faced with the dilemma of using his behilet to fix himself. Will he do it, or will he reject it and prove that Griffith was an ass for taking that choice.

I want Rickert to make more awesome inventions like repeating crossbows, handcannons or different fancy weapons, and I want Silat to use them

He's a human, the real deal, right down to the fucking marrow of his bones.

I actually want to see what Miura has planned for Rickert and his jolly arabian bodybuilder friends

If Miura does that, Berserk will go to my top 10 favorites simply for trolling its annoying fans.

But first, the boat ride back home.

how do you re-sheath a weapon like that?

You take your time.

It's hard to tell how they're sheathed in the first place. Here Silat just drops it, maybe it's just too much of a bother. Though Berserk urumi is waaay longer than the real version, so I guess it would be even harder to do.

I've seen videos of marshall artist who use weapons like these, the long ones they wrap around their chests/stomachs.
These things are usually pretty blunt and used more like a blunt weapon, kinda devolves into a slap fight with metal whips.

I don't know who this Muira guy is, but maybe he can finish Berserk in this decade.

What is this? Some kind of whip sword?


yeah right

>next chapter about rickert
>followed by 1 year hiatus again

I like Rickert. I like how he has matured. I hope he joins Gut's team and totally outshines Isidro and becomes Schrieke's new crush.

Goddamn I hate Isidro.

The last time someone walked away from Griffith it caused him to have a complete mental breakdown and lose his face.

Any chance this will affect Griffith?



Possibly, he might realize he still does not have enough power, or repute to take control of everyone, remember Guts said the Falcon seeks to soar ever higher, Griffith will attempt to reach new heights.


Muira is 52. Idk why everyone is so worried he’ll die before he finishes it. C’mon anons

I think it’ll have something to do with the baby. Maybe if they give up the moon child or kill him or say goodbye to him and then that will kill Griffith

I'll bet Rickert & Erica will be married by the time Guts gets back to the mainland, considering the Elfhelm time distortion.
And yeah, Isidro is pretty bad.

happy ending would be for them to forgive Griffith and live happily in puckland. Fighting Griffith would bring at least one more death and Guts can't risk casca getting raped again.

>expecting teleporting
>from a man who prolonged a boat trip for 7 years
Are berserk fans really this delusional?


The fuck is wrong with you?

>at least one more death
that's very optimistic

Caska is tough and will want revenge, Guts may not want the same kind of revenge she does but guts will kill griffith, or force griffith to attempt something mad to gain more position.

Yea, it is like people do not even read the story.

>have to fight all the war demons, entire falconian army and maybe even other members of god hand if they decide to help
Yeah, Guts is strong but that sounds too much. It will take some major magic fuckery to even get to Griffith.

Yea, It sounds like a stretch but is it really? I know SK is on elfhelm. They can return to the mainland, and travel and prepare and get better there.

So that means Casca will get raped again or one of the other members in the RPG group will die thanks to Casca.
What a happy ending.

Sorry, probably because there hasn't been any impactful deaths for more than a decade.
Face it, Berserk is trash and all it has is the art and the hype from the eclipse. Everything after is Miura not knowing what to do with his manga and bringing us on for the ride.

Muslim rapefest and Griffith turning midland into generic fantasy land through pure autism are some of coolest shit though. The story might have some trouble getting from one plot point to the next, but I still think it is pretty great.

When a common cold can kill a regular person over there, anons have a right to be worried.

You think we will ever see demon baby again?

I really really like this assassin. He is a monster sure but his mysterious background and quirky habits does create a lot of intrigue around him.

It's never going to end

Filthy Frank

Falconia is getting destroyed. Just like the conviction arc people are dying left and right. Apostles killing humans eclipse style guts and Griffith fighting their last battle on a high stage so you can see the entire city under them. Guts eventually destroying Griffith Inca gruesome way


if this happens this will be a normie tier anime and muira will end up making a billion dollars

Muira dies before Guts leaves elf island.


He said it would be bitter sweet and that he wouldnt make it end badly

dont say such things, heathen


> killing a literal god

Idk probably when he gave it to his editor and they published it

And also the entire musilm army.

What a fool you are. Griffith is a god. How can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive?

The part where the Indian emperor turns into a gigantic tentacle monster and Femto completely turns SK's plan is one of the greatest part of the manga

apostles are pretty much demi-gods and guts has slaughtered so many so what makes you think he can't kill griffith?

>the Idea just makes another Godhand

That's from Morrowind, sillygoose

>How can you kill a god?
Japs don't understand the concept of gods. They worship nature spirits.

looks like katekyo hitman reborn


Why would anyone know about a shitty game quotes?


>Predictions on how Berserk will end
Miura dead.

what's that on the paper?

Good one.

How long 'till Femto decides to kill the rest of the Godhand?

>Berserk 2018


I see.


Wait, what?

>Miura will be 80 years old when he finally finishes the manga, given he's still alive at that point
So close, yet so far