Prison School

What went wrong?

this pic explains everything

It was a good end. Only chiyo and/or hanafags disagree.


It got popular.

>Prison School
>break out of Prison
>they bothered to continue the manga after this
hahaha didn't they see how retarded Prison break was after the first 2 seasons?

The ending was bittersweet. I enjoyed it way more than I expected, but I also didn't want it to end.

I also wasn't ready for Kiyoshi turning into a complete asshole. I honestly thought the story will focus on the characters bonding. It's a shame I won't see a happy ending to this story.

It looks like mangaka just got tired of the story. Oh well, I'm still looking forward to that epilogue.

I enjoyed a lot of the events that transpired after the boys escaped. One can argue that some parts of the story were handled poorly, especially the cavalry arc. But we had a lot of amazing stuff happening to make up for that.

My personal highlight is ouroboros with Kate.

The author hated it from the beginning

Source: your ass.

They really jumped the shark there.

But objectively it made no sense to continue after though, it was just mere shenanigans.

guys in prison was good, girls in prison getting what they deserved was good, cavalry arc made me decide to drop it until whenever that arc was over, assman's adventures were totally unnecessary, ending wasn't really an ending and I don't have much hope the epilogue will fix it

Hana Best.

It made a lot of sense to put the girls into the guys' shoes, developing everyone's character in the process.

I just got confirmation on the details of the Epiloque. It goes, roughly, something like this:
Chiyo on the dick, Hana on the face. 12 pages, uncensored, with Hana getting the cummies at the end.

The ending was perfect. It dragged on for way too long before that. Glad the confession didn't take 50 chapters like I expected. The prison girls arc was okay until the sports festival happened. Risa gave us some of the best scenes in the manga.

That's because you didn't get that society itself is the prison.

It's like, a deep metaphor.

Make it happen!

Note enough Mari and Meiko.


Chiyofags are the only assblasted ones though.

>the characters were in a prison
>after they got out the readers were metaphorically in a prison reading absolute garbage for 3 years where literally nothing happened

Series would be saved tbqh.

>no sense to put girls in prison and to destroy it


>It made a lot of sense to put the girls into the guys' shoes
Not really. The whole premise was a few guys going in to a female dominate school. Sure to get some minor payback is calm but to drag it out as long as they did it wasn't worth it. I dropped this shit when they were doing some weird game for like 30 chapters. It just became tedious to read.

Can't wait for the raws so all the Hana haters and Shityofags get BTFO once again, when Hana inevitably wins the kiyoshit owl

Do you always end your stories with a premise?

girls in a prison at school still abides by the title prison school, I agree that got lost during that fucking cavalry arc though

Author went full retard by trying to release two manga at the same time.
He over stretched PS pacing and plot, and at the same time art took a huge nose dive.
Sadly the manga never recovered from the damage done by the cavalry battle arc.

>kiyoshit owl
new species discovered?


I was really happy that at least Risa got a happy ending with Andre. I hope they show more of the couple in the epilogue.

I was looking forward to more Kiyoshi and Mari action. Why did it have to end so soon?

Did it end already? When?

A couple of month ago. We are now waiting for the epilogue which is supposed to come out sometime in spring.

Time to catch up then. Thanks.

Went to complete shit as soon as the boys were released from prison.

>mfw finished reading this an hour ago
Jesus, what the fuck did I just read

not enough best girl, that's what went wrong

>Slow Pacing is bad
Just grow up.

>mindbroken Meiko


Every waifu except PBR-sama is shit.

You know your favorite waifu? Hanafags? Chiyofags? GARBAGE.

Reply to this post with "Praise PBR-sama" for good luck and eternal happiness.

Whats the second manga called?

Azumanga Daioh.

Hanafags are the only delusional ones though

>implying this wasn't made out of long term frustration because his passion project Robert Johnson manga did shit
>and joke was on him that Prison School took off

Praise PBR-sama

Kiyoshi is so sexy. When's the epilogue?

>when she revealed he was wearing them
I laughed so hard my family was concerned for my health.

It was serialized. With the stupid premise of running a prison inside a school.


No more uroboros

Me and the Devil blues was cancelled.

which part? Been a minute since I read it

Yotsuba to.


ones that have diet of ravens

>implying Andrenomics wasn’t GOAT

Kiyoshi's everything


The pee was good

Will Kiyoshi end himself now that he has lost the only thing keeping him alive?

Isn't the epilogue chapter coming in a few weeks

the retarded battle that took over a year and the worst ending in awhile

April isn't it? What the fuck are we expecting to see?

Cute, meek Meiko a best


I came for the Meiko, then I came for the Meiko

He's retarded for making Chiyo the thing keeping him alive.

>first arc
brilliant comedy gold and an excellent plot perfect place to end the series

>second arc
dregs left over from the first arc.
some good stuff.

long, boring and pointless should have been put out of its mercy

mercy killing by the author after he woke up and realised how bad it is

Why the author spend so much time on the chairman amnesia story in the cavalry arc?

I loved so much of the series. Prison girls was damn good, I actually enjoyed a fair portion of the chairmans adventures, everything leading up to the cav battle was great. Problem was the cav battle had some awesome moments but just way too much in between each bit. It should've been done in a third of the time it actually took at most. After the cav battle it kinda just lost direction. Nothing really happened despite some individual entertaining or nice scenes, and the author suddenly decided to end everything at the speed of light. I legitimately wanted more by the time the series ended, and now I'm just hoping for a proper ending.

Nothing , we still waiting for the final chapter tho.

It was all a dream, Kiyoshi wakes up in the infirmary after falling out of the tree in arc 1.


Hanafags were in denial thinking that she would still have a chance in the epilogue, so no

Dropped it after a while. I think it was after the wall street masochism, or short after that.

It starts out good, it has its memorable moments, then it becames more and more boring. Everything what happens seems pointless, and the lol seks borderline and suggestion pages are getting not even just boring but downright annoying and cringy after a while.
The author is really damn good at drawing but his storywriting is meh, and it contantly falls in quality later.

>An instant that feels like an eternity
The first few arcs where great, but the festival arc was painful to read. What went wrong is that the author did not planned things through and appeared to be lost.

This is the absolute state of insecure hanashitters