Hmph, hmph!

hmph, hmph!

Why does this look so sharp.




This anime was so bland. Dogakobo lost its touch after losing YuruYuri to be quite and completely honest with you my friends

what is mikakunin

Just stopping by to remind everyone who the best girl is


If she's best then why is that the best image you could find of her?


Proving my point?

say that to my face and not online and see what happens

Oh shit

It's on!

A cop got fired for that image

the power of fuuko


sure thing, sweetie!

Vigne is undeniably best. Every time she sang gave me diabetes. Just finished the show so thanks for the contributions

would you give a raphi a foot massage?

I would massage her pussy with my dick.

most pure, but not sure if best desu

>most pure
>anyone but Tapris

I would give her a foot massage with my tongue