How do we fix isekai?

How do we fix isekai?

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Take it out back and shoot it.

more slaves

why was this deleted?

more cakes

Have professionals write them. The problem with every single nip, chink and gook light novel is that they're written by people who don't know how the fuck you write a book.

I'm fine with it as long as the MC actually fuck the slaves.

that, and more importantly show the naughty bits instead of just implying it

Chad MCs kicking ass and taking names, drinking hard and slaying dames!

Female MC

Female leads.


We don't. Isekai is alright.

Trap protagonist in a sci-fi setting.

Would be neat if he knew how breasts worked.

Have the main character have an actual personality and have his decisions be based on his actual personality.

Nothing irritates me more when post-isekai he turns into that empty self insert that makes literally the exact same decisions as literally every other isekai boy.

I don't care if the world has slaves or if he has cheat abilities or levels, but I want an INTERESTING CHARACTER WHO DOES THINGS IN AN INTERESTING WAY

Same goes for you.

Force MCs to build themselves up in their world instead of having everything go their way from the get-go in a poorly-written power-fantasy, stop being constrained by generic medieval fantasy genre conventions, remove RPG elements that in reality serve no purpose like leveling and overly-complex magic systems, and actually have competent writing instead of little fractles of plot scattered about vaguely forming into an overarching plot.
Also, no more "culture shock" moments when the MC shows them Glorious Nippon Food or Superior Nippon Steel.

I'd love for the MC to come in with all his 21st century ideals and just get shat on by the difference in cultural needs. Even better if there's some previous isekai'd guy who confronts him saying that naive shit doesn't work here.

Writing a good story it’s a good point to start fixing it.

HxH didnt isekai before it was popular and did it the best, All reiterations are shit.

Less nipwanking. The endless pursuit of katana, miso, soy sauce, mayonaise, curry, and rice should not be a central pillar of isekai writing.

make all isekai mcs shotas.

>Isekai within an isekai

No haremshit, standard romance is fresh again. Bitter ending for the feels
>be freshly wed
>lovely dovey
>you and your wife get trucked
>reborn as hero with no memories
>get stronger to avenge your parents that died because of the demon king
>face the demon king
>its a women
>memories of your former life come back
>demon queens too
>make out with your demon queen wife
>hero party and demon commanders dont know whats going on
>hero and demon queen get killed by their team mates for betrayal

No romance at all. No romance bait, no harem, just a paranoid MC trying to survive.

Youjo Senki was a great example of how to make a unique isekai to the point that some people forgot it was an isekai.

>Force MCs to build themselves up in their world instead of having everything go their way from the get-go
Fuck off shounenfag

Not to mention in my opinion it improved on the manga in many ways I don't know about the LN
Going for a slightly scary insecure god felt a lot more significant than the group of gods we're all familiar with in the manga.

The art style is funny but we've all talked about that forever

>some people forgot it was an isekai.
It's easy to forget something is an isekai when every other line isn't some variation of "if my bath isn't folded 1000 times I can't spread mayo on my rice"

I want to see an MC who tries this, but his only real advantage over the people around him is his longevity/immortality, so he has to build up his empire over time.
Good excuse for him to fuck the slaves.

Actually sounds kind of dope.

>some random anglo gets transpoted into generic Jap LN isekai world
>the entire story revolves around him incidentally building up a harem whilst trying to understand what the fuck is going on (why do all of these people living in a european-like society speak japanese, why do all of these prepubescent girls want to fuck me)
>MC just generally bumbling about like a dumb bloke whilst the rest of his "team" goes on to defeating every enemy, giving him the credit, to his disinterested confusion as he was more interested in some of the more mundane aspects of the world, unwittingly deconstructing the isekai genre throughout the story
Karl Pilkington gets isekai'd

More 18+ MCs and less high scholl betas.

This, fucking japan and high school kids.

Isekai settings that aren't just medieval-style fantasy worlds would be a good starter.

So Buddy Complex?

MC gets isekaied to space colony of aliens and is turn into an experiment specimen
and the experiments consist of sex with aliens
not green sexy star trek aliens
more like
predator females

Have the MC not be the hot shit he thinks he is


Have the summoned person not actually be a hero, just a member of the hero's party.

Those are fun, but I like my MCs in the mid twenties to late thirties.

>MC is a chad, has a great life, lots of friends and a bright future
>transported to medieval fantasy world where everyone treats him like shit and nothing goes his way
>goal is to escape


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance?

You can bet that the Japanese would just turn the predagirls into cute kawaii uguus.
Or they have a queen mother or a special princess who is totally human-like humanoid anyway.

>the virgin edgelord vs the chad hunk

does he ever fuck the yandere rabbit girl?

What is your obsession with shotas?

No idea, only read the manga chapter.

princess reminds me of that blond guy in last exile...

-Stop using stock MCs and actually go through the trouble of writing a character.
-Stop using stock fantasy land and actually go through the trouble of doing worldbuilding.
-Don't start writing with no direction from a one sentence drunk idea. For exemple "Wouldn't if be funny if the bad guys are actually the good guys because the good guys are trying to get the MC Trucked?" or "What if he got reincarnated as a slime/goblin/spider/sword/whatever".
-Don't introduce game mechanics when we're clueless about game design.
-Don't put game mechanics as a way to save the effort of keeping track of shit, drawing more details, properly and organically introducing stuff or thinking about real things instead of numbers.
-stop publishing middle schoolers
-avoid making the main character a snowflake unless justified.
That'd be a start.

>tfw it's never some 30 year old carpenter who was happily married with two kids
>we will never see a man throw off thots while in pursuit of meeting his family again
>the whole family got isekai'd
>they now have to struggle in their new reality, but as a family

Too christian.

Then blacksmith, and make him hammer shit. Fuck magic.

>remember that one series with the mc going around having sex with alien chicks

Is it technically isekai if aliens blew up your planet?

We don't.

add more skeletons and more autism

Fill the worlds with more idiots.

Evil female MC

oh god no

she has:

her prince fiance
his twin brother
her step brother
2 dark mages
her best friend from this world
her best friend from her previous world that also reincarnated
the "MC" of the original story/game
and her maid

to chose from and she is several degrees denser than the guy from IS

is annoying

Forward planning.

but that would force the authors to think instead of writing whatever shit comes out of their anus!!!

Stop making shit MCs.

Also more milfs and cakes.

When you said Middle Schoolers I thought you meant school shooters.

same way we fix anime
pay for full-time staff, not freelancers

doesn't need fixing
say it's done and move onto something more original than an isekai

Season 2 of Re:Zero and Season 3 of Konosuba would do the trick

my nibba

>Season 2 of Re:Zero
It ended at the perfect spot

Better MC

More MCs that get to bone. Atelier Tanaka is a good example. Dude never gets laid.

You don't. It has to die to anime could continue to move on and remain fresh.

It won't die as long as there chink and amerigaijin streaming money to be divided up and produce more animu to keep the IP over all those adaptations.

In all fairness, the LN establishes from the very beginning that she's hopelessly stupid.

>While getting carried away, I only stopped playing the game when dawn arrived… Sure enough, I barely got any sleep. I changed into my uniform, just splashed my face quickly with some water, and headed towards the front door without even combing my unkempt hair.
>I heard my mother nagging “but all high school girls would be embarrassed to look like this” and smoothly pretended to listen.
>After leaving the entrance I jumped onto my favorite bike from middle school and pedaled with full force. After reaching the street from my house and continuing downhill I let myself loose even more while pedaling. Turning the pedal even further, even further. Turning more, more. Turning turning turning… turning so much that I can’t stop. The bike continued this way to a street with a lot of traffic. In my fading consciousness… I heard the endlessly repeating voice of my family saying “this idiot!”
And they make up for it by making her so damn lovable, which is at least a step up from most MCs.


we need more series where the slaves fuck the MC

>such erotic artwork for such a dickless MC

what a waste

Some sort of power balance
more realism compliment the wish fulfillment (to show what would really happen if a actual person was in a world of magic and wonder)
more nuance and depth in the politics

For Chinese
better harem girls

For Koreans
less edge

As long as Faraway Paladin stays awesome, I'm ok with whatever else other writers do with the genre, I have something good already.

>For Koreans
>less edge
That's impossible. The entire society is inherently sociopathic.

May I introduce you to Youjo Senki?

Every isekai LN I've tried is trash. Sometimes they get to about volume 2 or 3 before shitting the bed, but the bed is invariably shat in. Prove me wrong.

Nirvana is going to get an anime eventually.

It's about a girl who was given a pocket watch by her mother and it turned out to be a magical artifact used by the goddess of reincarnation. Everybody reincarnates into the other world when they die, but MC was instead fully transported when she died because of the watch. The people of the other world think she is the reincarnation of the goddess(which she might be) and some of them also believe she is meant to save them from an impending disaster.

There are 12 countries themed after 12 elements and each country has a champion that possesses a magical tattoo(which transfers to somebody else when the owner dies) that gives them power over that element. The MC's power is to transform herself into divine entities and transform these champions into her divine weapons, so she's kind of completely useless when she's alone.

MC and her adventuring party are a bunch of dorks and all the villains are total clowns.

Go back to whatever place you came from garbage.

South Korea is a land of plastic people, more so than Japan, fuck, even their neighbours who worship a retarded manchild as if he was the goddamned God Emperor of Mankind are more human than the average South Korean.

I'll shitpost wherever I wish faggot.

I want to read the LN for this, but is the anime any good?

For such a stupid premise I think they did pretty good, some subtle worldbuilding but not a lot of side characters. Action and sound design are top notch. And the main character is great.

Go as lewd as decency laws allow and target specific soft-core fetishes.

the anime is bleh, the manga meh, and the novel is actually pretty damn good

All sources of it are bad.
It's all about a dick comparison between some salaryman and god.


Add some brown women

>facebook filename

>brown loli amazon doujins
>mintaur rape

>half the doujin is about the one with cow-tits
still mad

Except not as pathetic and faggoty as Re:Zero

>that tit spacing

That's not an actual problem. If you look at those shitty Jap fanfics AKA light novels, you'll notice that while they read like garbage, they're perfect for making into visuals. They read almost like screenplays.

Why not, cross-isekai, send someone from an isekai to another.