Why do people act like this mean character is super strong?

Why do people act like this mean character is super strong?
his greatest feat is beating a guy that isn't even a planet buster claimed his strongest attack would destroy the earths surface
boros is literally around king piccolo level raditz at the very most

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Because he beats that dude with ease

He is strong but not by db leveles

Can't even beat King in video games

>muh feats
A stronger being hasn’t even appeared in the series yet, and if they did then Saitama would still come out on top because that’s his whole shtick.

Hard to know if the Boros was a planet buster or not

it was a kinda serious punch so by common sense a really serious punch or full power one would be lik 10 times stronger not much more than that even if it was 1000 stronger he would still be like below the ginyu force

>Being so desperate you use a mistranslation to back up an argument.
Literally every other version said Planet and the ONE approved guide said Star.
Cry somewhere else. Like reddit.

he claimed to be able o destroy the eaths surface so really not even a plant buster
i like one punch man but it's so fucking retarded to act like saitama is super strong or whatever his universes heroes are mostly building busters

Dude is a Sun buster.
ONE said so in the Guidebook

Where did it say star?
i know the anime said planet surface
and even if it was start still far far far far far below even the weakest z warrior at this point

alright like billions and billions of stars in a galaxy doubt saitama is a billion times stronger than boros
guess boros is first form freeza

I'm gonna guess you haven't watched or read any opm

Watched the Animu never got to the manga
but from the new facts my point still stands

Boros is like an adorable rabbit boppin' its head against Saitama's leg
Even at his peak capacity

Saitama is Saiyan Saga gohan tier

maybe even weaker considering gohans field of destruction is wider

literally a bacteria compared to even yamcha

truthfully, according to ONE, he exactly half the power of Zenoh-sama.
One stated if Saitama was to go full out, he could destroy half the universe in one punch.

That trumps all DB characters...except Zeno, who can destroy a whole universe with identical ease.
A nice quote that made sense to me, in DBS ep67, when Zeno was called to defeat Zamasu, Goku asked Kai if Zeno of that world was still around.
He said "O-of course he must still be alive."

"No matter who it is, Zen-Oh sama CANNOT be defeated"

Zeno reminds me of Saitama as well, being bored often with such power.

Base Goku is universe level since the BoG arc.

>his greatest feat is beating a guy that isn't even a planet buster claimed his strongest attack would destroy the earths surface

It was a star buster according to the data book though :^)

>One stated if Saitama was to go full out, he could destroy half the universe in one punch.
did he really say that? where's the source?

But goku is a low muliverse buster and beerus is a bit stronger that that
and i'd say el grande padre is at least close to zeno

>it's another people don't realize one character has literally limitless power because that's the whole point of his story thread

lad, he has made like 5 threads only today. He's immensely butthurt. You're better off ignoring him.

Also considering he has no limiter and dragon ball timeline is the future... Saitama obliterates goko and zemen sama.

Saitama's strength has no limit.
Latest chapter basically outright stated this.


lul so was arale but hakai is above that
and according to the poster above one said he was half universe buster
and most of the dbz characters have unlimited potential as well

not even close

>Saitama's strength has no limit.
neither does goku
and currently goku is several billion times stronger

Of course I meant before piccolo's training

>unlimited potential
That's not the same as unlimited power. And anyways, the point is you are comparing a gag character with a serious character, in the end the one who loses is you for being so mind numbingly retarded.

It does though. Why is he weaker than the angels otherwise?


Have you guys ever considered for a second that One is an enormous hack ? And he only says this shit so we can bicker over it in basket weaving boards like this one ?

Infinite Power = Infinite Power
So no.
Also Goku's strength isn't infinite even with Ultimate Instinct.

The whole point of Saitama is that he literally broke reality in regards to his physical abilities to the point that he completely removed the inherent limiter that decides what a being's maximum strength can be.

Saitama's strength at the current time in the series (and any point in the series after this limiter removal event) = Infinite.

And he's laughing the entire time because it works so well.

Saitama isn't limitless either, in some voice release a few months ago (one with simulations against carnage kabuto) it was told that Saitama from current time would beat up himself from yesterday in one punch, which means he has a set strength and he's getting stronger as time passes by

ignore this bait please

>The author stated that this character in his series has infinite power
Really strong argument you have there pal.

? if he had unlimited power then his max power punch wouldn't only destroy half a universe

Have you considered for a second that OPM is a gag manga about a guy who can defeat anything in one punch, mocking battle shounen tropes and cliches? That's literally the entire point, the manga is literally laughing at you for arguing that Goku is stronger with its existence.

Doesn't change the fact that he's an enormous hack. Also that didn't seem to stop the constant saitama 1v1 threads when the anime came out.
>r/opm resorting to straw mans now

>Conveniently forgetting how the ground destruction was one part but the blow kept going through the body of Elder Centipede until the thing exploded right?
DBZfags. Not even once.

Actually the statement by ONE was that he would destroy the half of the universe that he was punching while the other half (that was behind him in the other direction) would not be destroyed.
It wasn't a statement on his maximum strength so much as a statement of "Anything he punches is destroyed".

>Doesn't change the fact that he's an enormous hack.
That's your opinion, and it's irrelevant.
>Also that didn't seem to stop the constant saitama 1v1 threads when the anime came out.
That's just retards, and it's also irrelevant.

Okay? so Goku doesn't have limits either that's stupid

>DBfags arguing when they don't even read OPM
Powerlevelfags are truly the worst.

And Goku destroys a universe by clapping hard at this point
also he wouldn't even be able to hit ui goku

For a story that was supposed to be a gag/parody, OPM really does play Shonen tropes straight nowadays

Did you even read my post? I can't not laugh at you if you are serious, OPM is a PARODY MANGA about a guy who's too strong, he's conceptually stronger than Goku and any other strong guy from anything unless it gets conceptual.

OPM is a parody on the Saitama/King side, but it still develops a story in its world. Just repeating the same joke gets boring, but putting it in a context with characters we care about keeps it fresh.

Fuck power level wankery, let's talk about something else
How good is OPM's fight choreography compared to DB?

Lightyears ahead of super

replied to the wrong guy but so is arale and goku is above her now

DB is more vanilla and doesn't use big panels, instead using each panel for movement. Murata shows movement going on in the panels themselves sometimes and it gives more flavour to the fights.

I'd say DB is better on overall choreography, but OPM is managing to do better and more unique fights.

Based on what? Arale is as strong as she needs to be, which is why in DB and in DBS she was on a different level than Goku.

keyword was

maybe it's just me, but something bothers me about how backgrounds can look so detailed that characters stick out like sore thumbs

It's Saitama

>muh gag character
This is an OPfags go-to argument when they can't handle the fact that their precious baldy would get his shit wrecked by other characters.

>And Goku destroys a universe by clapping hard at this point
But Goku isn't American.
Except for that one time.

So you think that because Goku received one powerup he's now stronger? Did you even read/watch DB?

You know what, don't bother, I'm out.

>new villain appears
>he's arogant and a huge dick
>bald boi punches him and saves the day
>repeat next chapter

That's not very much different from dragon ball

He had to use a serious punch on Boros. Boros was taking normal punches from Saitama. The fact that Saitama calls his serious punches serious implies he is actually putting effort into throwing them. If he is putting effort into throwing a punch against a guy that is planet level he is relative to planet level. Maybe he's multi planet level or higher, but the fact that he threw a "serious" punch means he does have an upper limit.

sys.Sup Forums.org/a/imgboard.php?mode=report&no=169396725

>instead using each panel for movement. Murata shows movement going on in the panels themselves sometimes
i'm a retard, so you might have to explain it a bit more

Goku in ultra instinct form only just now is able to destroy an area with just a punch. He's still years away from Saitama who blows away mountains without even trying with his punches ( pictured in is different as it's an energy beam/ ki shit, it's different from a punch destroying with wind preassure)

expect everyone reads it for the comedy and reaction faces dbz boyo

His super serious set of attacks scales with his level. Even then he held back with that punch against Boros and didn't go full throttle.

bruh, dbs is so shit it almost looks like it's fanmade.

>applying Powerlevel autism to Powerman:the Character
Why don't you spics do the world a favor and off yourselves.

Saitama is deliberately drawn in Murata's manga to stick out from everything else, both other character designs and the environments.
It's to create a clear sense that his character is so ordinary and yet also so powerful that he doesn't really belong in the series from a tonal perspective.

I can't say much for DBS, but in Z. When you look at villains as powerful Majin buu. You start to wonder how the heroes can possibly beat them. What does OPM have ? Saitama will 1 punch them anyways. >B-BUT user DON'T LEAVE THERES OTHER HEROS
>"hur dur I'm evil"
>*gets punched by some baldy and dies*

>thinking OPM is about saving the world and other shounen-shit plots
t. Brainlet

Oh, it's this thread.

Listen. WUN PAN MAN is a gag character. He is as strong as the joke requires him to be. He isn't even the focus of the manga anymore, really, he's just a force that works its way through the story.

If there's a joke that requires the guy to destroy Jupiter, then Jupiter is toast.

But how well does Caped Baldy do against Madara Uchiha?

>trying this hard

you even say it yourself. you wonder how the heros will win but it's a fucking shounen the HERO WILL ALWAYS WIN. We don't yell at you like a fucking monkey REEEE THE HERO'S GONNA WIN ANYWAY WHY DO YOU WATCH IT!?!?!?!?

because the enjoyment is from watching the characters struggle and then finally win. It's taken fucking 60 episodes but finally now Goku is punching Jiren and it's satisfying

One Punch Man is a different breed: Saitama will always win; the enjoyment is from watching how others around him react and how just maybe this time he'll get a challenge


People just get assmad that he'd literally one-shot their favorite character or what have you because "M-MUH FEATS/MUH POWERLEBBELS". He's a parody character. If he fights someone, he wins solely because it's funny to watch a god or some shit get wrecked with one punch.

>watching how others around him react and how just maybe this time he'll get a challenge

>"hey did you see that bald guy beat the monster our other incompetent heroes were failing to beat?"
>"do you think we should like, I dunno make him S class or at least a hyped up secret weapon'
>nah man you high? "
>>"alright I guess we just send in more heroes we're supposed to care about"

>OP is a powerlevel fag
isn't one punch man's whole deal that he beats everything one punch?
throwing him into dragon ball in a serious argument is stupid because he's an unbeatable meme character

List of western heroes who would wreck satima's shit:
Nearly every DC hero who ever had a solo series

So, none?


there's that one fan manga though that's really fun. Saitama x dbz cross over

Buu seems like a opm tier villain. A fight between them would be fun. Imagine how powerful buu would be once he absorbs saitama

a normal person can kill a bunny by accident.
Saitama needed to exert some degree of effort to kill Boros seeing as it took multiple punches.

>isn't one punch man's whole deal that he beats everything one punch?
it isn't.
That joke was ditched half way and Saitama uses multiple hits to kill stronger opponents now suggesting his strength is finite

>series is called one punch man
>protagonist doesn't kill everything in one punch
you literally had ONE fucking job....


He would get Saitama's Super Apathy and just do villainous things as a hobby every now and then and maybe look for sales on sweets, thus saving the universe.

But most of the time he is just holding back. Every time that he punched for real, it was a single punch.

Every opponent that he's fought up until this point, including webcomic, could be defeated with a single punch.

>Boros had absurd regen and could heal even after being utterly dismantled, thus Saitama hits him so hard it burns out his healing factor
>One-shots Gouketsu
>One-shots Centipede
>Wasn't even trying to kill Garou, literally humoring him

Anything that survives a punch from him either has regen hax to save their ass from being completely dismantled or took him when he wasn't really trying to kill them and was hoping for some semblance of an actual fight.

uh no i know
beerus was going to hakai her and now goku is at least really close to beerus

>But most of the time he is just holding back
he's holding back all the time but that doesn't excuse the fact that he held back less against stronger opponents.
>thus Saitama hits him so hard it burns out his healing factor
yet he couldn't even evaporate some literal who water monster with a single punch

you are trying to understand his strength based on empirical evidence, the correct way to understand it is that he is super strong and can defeat anyone with one punch, that is the point of the show

Why do people not understand Saitama's power?
It's clearly explained and extremely straightforward.
He broke the limiter on his physical abilities.
There are no limits to the physical force he can output.
Planet busters? He's stronger.
Star busters? He's stronger.
Galaxy busters? He's stronger.
Universe busters? he's stronger.
That's his power, but that's also the full extent of his power.
He has no answer to reality warpers.
He has no answer to multiversal beings.
He has no answer to most kinds of hax.
Everyone acts like his power is "he always wins because its a gag manga lol" but I guarantee you that every one of those shitters never read the webcomic (or the manga, now that it's covered the chapter that discusses limiters)
His physical strength is used for jokes. This is not the same thing as his power being by definition based on jokes. This is because he has a clear and consistent in-universe explanation for his abilities.
If you think Saitama would lose to someone who has no powers other than being really physically strong, you don't understand his abilities.
If you think Saitama can beat someone for whom getting punched arbitrarily hard is irrelevant, you don't understand his abilities.

Why do dragon ball fags always have to compare power levels like autists?

Goku can break throw time stop hax