Why is this allowed?

why is this allowed?

because anime now is just soft porn

what exactly do you mean?


What is this? What's the context?

It's just physics, water goin to lowest point

Is this from the BDs? No nipples?

needs more seaweed

those fuckers tricked us

That aguri face still makes me laugh

wait, so they weren't nipples after all? it was just a fucking ruse?

I hope you didn't seriously think they were. It was pretty obvious if you spent even a second analyzing it.

Somebody should just edit the pic and color the water droplets pink and there you have the nipples.

At this angle we can't see them.

Were those Tendou's ? I don't remeber anymore.

if I remember right they were chiaki's chiakis

>tfw no aguri gf

Anything else in the BD that might be worth it?

it isn't, its an illegal anime

It's always been. That's why I like it.


gamers continues to disappoint even half a year later

I unironically miss this show.

I more miss the threads and how deep we went into the rabbit hole of misunderstandings

I sort of do as well. It completely sucked but it was fun to see what new "hilarious misunderstandings" the characters were going to get into next. Then the ending felt really rushed.


>she bought a switch

Might as well be

Fuck thats clever

>all these commoners who can't recognize the anime
Neck your selfs.

Anything else worth noting about the scene, OP?


>Caring about some seasonal shit
>Calling others commoners



The dozen or so anime DVDs you own, which you probably consider to be "legendary" or whatever, just by virtue of being the shows that introduced you to anime, were "just seasonal shit" when they were airing, you know. Even NGE.


whats with all this steam I can't see

Uncensored lewd armpit.

Why did this even have steam censoring?

Back to Sup Forums crossboarding scum.



>swimming with shorts on

Mostly just decensoring of butt cracks.

das some good butt



I swear, half of you retards whining about fanservice and moe and whatever else have never seen a show made before 2000

>Bebop, Evangelion, Berserk
Were there any other shows made before the year 2000?


I actually had my hopes up.
Feels bad.

>Were there any other shows made before the year 2000?
Being this young, not knowing any history...I swear

Me too. I spent half an hour going through jp blogs for BD comparisons, then gave up because the one blog which had all the BD screenshots had this exact shot still censored, and downloaded it myself.
This was the one thing that could have saved the anime after they dropped the ball. MC's confession was the peak of the whole season, yet they didn't do jack shit with it afterwards.

I believe Sailor Moon, The Flintstones and Ghost in the Shell were made before 2000.

On hindsight the position of the nipples did seem awkward.

I remember this show having the dumbest pairings possible. MC and pink should hook up already.

You only hide it if you have an unruly bush or you shave.

>onanism sister

Best part: It's from the episode where they talk about if DLC is worthless and disappointing extra stuff you don't need.
Like this BDs.

And Chiaki who was supposed to finally show her goods was the one defending DLC policy.

Aguri wins right?

I hope she wins the Chad.

He aint't chad, he as morons as MC.
But i just want Aguri to wins, the only got character in this series.

And another fail BD.
What was the last BDs that showed propper nipples?

a really smart way they should do this more often in tv versions desu better than fog or rays


Those aren't nipples...


One Piece?

Fog or rays are there to trick people into buying the BDs.

>look Beavis, milk dicks

There's at least one every season.

I had high hopes for the Imouto sae Ireba Ii BDs, but it looks like another disappointment.

I didn't think that would bring anything. There was no sign they would go further than what was shown during the broadcast.

Konoha was the best girl

Centaur no Nayami, Fuuka, Big Order, Tsugumomo, Netsuzou TRap all added nipples in BDs in the past year.

Because she was the only character depicted to have healthy sexual behavior.

i waited 6 months for this

This anime was weirdly entertaining.

Come to bed

What for?
I perfectly fine sitting in chair watching you masturbate.

Based Gundam never had any fanservice


Speaking of gundam.
Why gundam wings is considered bad?

Gundam used to have nips at least once each series.

Maybe he is complaining about the "soft" part.

just watch it you touristshit

But I did and I liked it.

Don't respond to my post again you shitstain, I am not the issuing authority for the shit taste certificate.

Bath houses in anime MUST be pure fan service, there is no way that girls are THIS comfortable with their tits and hairy pussies completely out in front of their best friends and strangers is there? They all squeeze and hug each other? If you are a gay girl you are fucking laughing.


do nips draw tiddies like stiff balloons because theyre lazy, or because they have never seen a boon that diddnt have a boobjob?

What makes you think they're the only ones who do it?

>posts image with 4 of THE most femenine chicks around, all paying special attention to the early bloomer/most advanced girl with the E cup tits
>c-can there be a dick plox??

The fuck is wrong with you?


Ah yeah i forgot the old ways... “pretending to be gay in the internet is the height of comedey”