Which anime has the best angel?


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Galaxy Angel, of course.

She doesn't even have wings.

She is an angel regardless

>that retarded face

Isn't she a goddess?

Angel Beats


Ange is cute, CUTE

The sexiest angel

Damegami, which is better.

Haibane Renmei

>no Ramiel
I am dissappoint, Sup Forums.

Genocidal angels are the best.

Her distant cousin of course.

neon genesis evangelion, op

This man is correct. Hell, EVA has the best Angels.



leliel is flat. no appeal!

That IS the appeal

i'm calling the police


>geometric shapes are the best angels

Yuru Yuri. You can't even see her otherwise you'll get blind

Akane please.

Nice fail, me.

there's also Tabris for people like you

Doesn't Rei also count?

you already posted it, user.

i don't see why a fag would be interested in rei

Jibril's older sister.

I meant, she gets wings and all that.


ef does

Evangelion does

Took you long enough.

gabu a shit

Bitch she a goddess


Margot and Malga from Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

Love this girl.

His show is terrible though.

>Not posting Vigne

She seems dumb. I can feel it.

Literally a brainlet that spent 6000 years searching for an answer that doesn't exist.

Jibril is the best

Colette from Tales of Symphonia: The Animation

If she doesn't count since she's originally from a video game, then my vote goes to Jibril

chill out bruh

Not anime but Eushully angels are the best.


Colette (and the whole cast of symphonia) is so shit, Kratos was a better angel than her.


She is both the oldest and the dumbest Flugel.

The Flugel game in volume 5 is about trying to get her to learn something literally every other Flugel did.

At the end of the volume Blank has to force her to learn by shackling her with human limitations. She'll probably end up learning more because of that.

In the Izuna spinoff manga she joins up with Izuna and Steph.





>Divine Tier:
Genocidal Purge Angels
Indescribable Horror Angels

>High Tier:
Restorative Angels
Curious/Cute Angels

>Mid Tier
"Just Doing My Job" Angels
Apathetic/Disinterested Angels

>Low Tier
Judging Nonviolent Angels
Emotionless Messenger Angels

>Sinful Tier
Generic Human with Angel Wings
Human/Sinner Sympathizer Angels


>Sinful Tier
>Generic Human with Angel Wings
but that's wrong

Any more pages of her?

She is featured a lot in this spin-off manga, but those images are from me cropping screenshots of the e-reader.

Not going to go through the effort of doing that for the whole manga.

There are some more here:


You mean the one in episode 1, right?
The one that's on screen for like 15 seconds?

This is the only proper one. Honourable mention: EVA angels, for when the angel can't be arsed taking on a human form.

Mind telling who's thread this is

Its even worse when you remember shes also Avanthiems avatar, and therefore is also a Phantasma