Finally a team yuri episode next week.

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team 15 hot springs episode when?

Does Kishimoto write? How come his character designs became so generic and bad?

Is this a team 15 thread?

Post Hawawas, Meows and IEEEKS!

Post the full pic.

How does the Hyuuga clan consistently produce such beautiful girls?

Based Hyuga genes

From NEET clan heir to sensei.
Was it a improvement or not?

Naruto’s breeding hips were butchered by SP

Konoha nepotism strikes again.

NEETs turned semendemons are the best, they want to compensate for all the missed out sex but aren't haughty about their beauty

has movie pass thru anime?


*gay jazz*

Honestly, hawawa should just ditch the braid and go free. Evil Hawawa looked so much better than her usual design.

reminder naruto is still a genin confirmed

>How come his character designs became so generic and bad?
Because Kishimoto isn't the writer and doesn't help improvise the anime at all which is why the story is all garbage generic kiddy shit with terrible generic one dimensional uninspired characters with lack luster "development".

Not tying your hair...
Id almost like being naked.

I though Udon was a harsh teacher at first but he seems pretty based.

Iwabe's interactions with Naruto were cool.


Long haired Hawawa is only for Boruto and maybe Mitsuki, she can't reveal her true form just to anyone.


Hanabi Umaru chan version when?

I'm glad Sarada managed to keep them together. She knew it was for the best. Also, what's up with Wasabi? Is her entire clan like a cat version of the Inuzukas?

So will Himawari be ugly when she is older because of Uzumaki Genes or what?

>this shit will never end

she should've been Kiba's daughter.

(I can't believe he hasn't knocked up the Cat lady)


>getting anything good to happen for him
I mean... I kind of wish it would, I thought he was pretty cool at the beginning. But then he just became the Yamcha of the group.

Whats the point of watching a show that lacks overarching plot?
It's just filler



>why do you enjoy things I don't enjoy
Might as well be asking why fun things are fun friend.

>Hanabi is team 15's sensei
When was this ever established?I also don't think it makes any sense for an important clan heiress to become a measly team leader, much less with a team with zero Hyuugas in it.


>His "cool" scene in the documentary was him getting hit with kunai
>his part in rescuing the film crew was fucking hacking security cameras and saying yeah this building might collapse AS IT'S FUCKING COLLAPSING!


So we were talking about stuff that hasn't been used in jutsu's the other day and someone said snot. Well... cross that off the list.

Wow cat girl is a fucking bitch

>please become a ninja
>omfg you're so fucking annoying I hate you!

Boruto needs to do a beach episode. Naruto never did one. This is all we got.

Also what the fuck is Gara wearing? And Hinata in a 1 piece is actually hotter than the girls in bikinis.

this was for

>Hawawa in bikini


they are neither generic nor bad. They're good designs.

inbreeding. Only the most attractive may breed.

Man, when did Udon became a such coke addict

not yet. Soon

im hoping they show him using his booger arts on Not Nappa and Not Vegeta. Then Not vegeta tries to absorb it with his eye hand.

i'm liking it so far actually.

Udon is still a loser. He uses fucking snot as his special jutsu... come on...

it's for mitsuki. Sarada is for boruto.

>tfw you take out or put in your cat tail butt plug

nope. She's already cute as fuck and best girl.

what shit?

Himawari needs a new hairstyle,
that ribbon hair looks kinda ugly.

He probably did marry that cat girl so maybe that is his daughter.

I also liked Kiba. But I liked Shino even more and he was ignored even more.

there's an overarching plot. There's a few actually. The most obvious and in your face one is the ninja system is slowly dying out. The role of ninjas are changing and less of them exist. There are entire villages economys based on ninjas so that's a huge problem.

Man, at least Shino shows up in Boruto and is known as a good teacher. Kiba just hasn't even appeared except when they were trying to keep the mob from swarming Denki's dads company.

dat ass. Any like this of any other girl?

what's going on here?

girls don't fart

established a few episodes ago. She was standing behind her team like the other team leaders were.

he's so god damn useless

this please

but no she'd probably be a fucking prude and wear a full on wet suit like a bitch

this was absolutely fucking disgusting. Udon sucks so badly.

no. I never want to see that gross shit again.

she would probably wear a cute swimsuit like Hinata

>She was standing behind her team like the other team leaders were.
That's it? That's not establishing anything. It sounds like SP needed a temporary sensei for a team that will disband anyway, so the chose an adult around Konohamaru's age to fill gap that the audience already knew. They shouls have said Hanabi was that team's leader way back when the fucking three men cells were formed.

how come they never mention that naruto was a loser when he was younger?

I can't wait until Boruto shippuden

>all the new girls timeskiped sexy bodies
>himawari developing body

Watch the end of the episode

But really, this looks improvised as fuck.

nothing really. Just talking it looks like

i sell propane and propane accessories

Why does everyone call her a Hinata clone even in a non negative way?
sure she has a somehwhat similar hairstyle and personality but she's still different and cute in her own way

It's established that El Hokage changed history for his own benefit
Obito did nothing wrong and no one needs to find a reason to doubt that

i'd love that

Why are you still here?

I don't see any similarities between the 2 honestly.

>Sarada is for Naruto

Delete this. Naruto is a good man, and not a pedophile.

They’re both the “moe” characters but that’s more of a surface level similarity considering the reveal during the ghost arc

Are you implying wet suits are not sexy?

they're both moeblobs?

Sumire may not be exactly like Hinata, but she's the closest to fill that role.

But Sarada likes it

Naruto is married and Sarada is too young. And he's hokage. It'll be terrible PR if the hokage is fucking some loli

i'm so glad they fixed Sarada's look. She looked like a fucking librarian originally. She didn't look like any of the other kids. She was from a different decade.

I think Sumire was intentionally supposed to be like Hinata to throw people off about her being the villain, which evidently was being memed about here before it turned out to actually be true

Sarada is for headpats and hugs, not for lewd.

that's nothing. They are nothing alike.

The thrill of potentially being caught makes this forbidden love even more arousing


yes that's what i'm implying. Post a sexy wet suit. I'll wait.

Original Hinata > The last Hinata > Bort Hinata > Shippuden Hinata
I don't know why but i never liked the design she was given in Shippuden

I said the similarities are surface-level

I wish I could cum deep inside Sarada's butt

I think you’re lying.

change the file name please. Thanks.

the jacket was too baggy, it made her look fat.
I'm glad she released her limiter with her The Last outfit.

Sarada is a girl therefore she is automatically for lewd.

I wish I could take Sarada's virginity

She’s also an Uchiha, which means her main purpose is to be abused