Killing Bites

She should be the Protagonist. Best Girl of the Season.

You don't need sharp fangs to win. Thats what Killing Bites is.

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I want Hitomi to sit on my face with her musky sweaty bush after a Killing Bites fight!



I want to fug a killing bites, I don't even care who.

this hair is photoshop

What actually happened to this?

They probably cancelled it after realizing it was just a bloody roar clone

Marked the chinese/taiwanese bubbles... These are missing in official releases.

this show made me admit im just a furry weeb. thanks killing bites, my dick has never been happier.

You’re welcome.

What does Civet’s butt smell like?

You have been visited by Brute Civet, bringer of dead threads.

she doesn't have the sharpest fangs but she deos have the hardest nipples

If anything killing bites is about the sharpest claws.


It depends on how it looks like transformed. Since it's right between her legs it's probably very hot, sweaty and being close to her genitals means it has a strong odor.

Inabunny gives me a raging boner everytime I see her.

But she’s such a useless little girl, what man would want her?

Cheetah’s breasts are too big in that image.

>Marked the chinese/taiwanese bubbles... These are missing in official releases.
I already did most of them
Note that I also made a few self corrections:
Wokou is spelled with both an o and a u at the end.
>"Cut off its limbs and skin it, rich people would buy this."
The person speaking doesn't see Hitomi as a person, but an animal. So it made no sense to use "her" rather than 'it".

Also feel free to change the grammar to make it more thug-like. The author didn't try very hard to use accurate Chinese grammar, so you can throw in alterations to make it sound more appropriate.

Why is she so flat?

Don't forget rabbit's sex drive

Flat is justice.

>You made yourself a death wish.
>The Fur is ours now.
>We'll sell it for millions, once we skin it off this beast.

If you localize it, you'll leave out the limbs part as the axe speaks for itself.

are you an old man?

>can have a real bunny tail and real bunny ears
>chooses to wear fakes ones

To save energy since the less they transform the less energy they spend.

Pay attention next time.



Sorry, but raptorscans have all the german volumes and already translated all of the to english.

You're better off obtaining the raws of the later volumes, since germany is releasing each volumes in the same rate as japan (twice a year).
I highy doubt that Hitomi worth that much to them. They just planned to take her fur, flesh and bones so that the can sell it at the black market; that how poachers usually do.

It should note that it mostly foreshadows Nomoto motivation to take down the organizations; they may have ties to human traffickers and poachers.

Coffee beans

>what's partial transformation.

Yes exactly

Partial transformation still takes up energy, so if she just dresses up as a bunny girl as opposed to turning herself into beast mode she spends no energy.

Pay attention next time.

Come to think of it, Hitomi’s animal is known to be very muskie too, sex with her would cause quite a stink I’d imagine.
Nomoto’s got his work cut out for him.

I hope the success of the show will resurrect this.

If the fragrance is too dominant I'm pretty sure it can dull your senses. But m aybe he enjoys her aroma and it turns him on.


Cause why not?

It takes energy to shift forms anyways, so why even bother with the transformation anyways.

You could've said it's fucking obvious that shifting a bit of your Cellular Structure, that fast, took energy and nutrient from your body; It's why caterpillars eats like a damn pig before becoming a butterfly (that, and to have enough nutrients for the sperms and eggs).

>first monstergirls are used for fighting
I call bullshit. There's nothing humanity wouldn't stick it's dick in as soon as it's discovered.

Looks like a shitty Bloody Roar


>implying the professor doesnt


Please don't use KB to shitpost. Btw true bestgirl is here.

Hitomi doesn't have a chance next to this

Professor doesn't even care about sexual pleasures.

I wanna bite that tail!

Are all the killing friends edgelords? Everyone they've shown so far except for the hippo were assholes. Even the bunny.

That's mean!

How's the bunny an asshole? Also Gecko and Bear aren't really either.

Bunny's a good person.

Bunny's just a loser.

Why's bunny an asshole?

>Hitomi Blanca
>Kido Calvo
>Inaba UI

what gave it away? the fact that they (mostly) willingly partake in a bloodsports event after being turned into human animal for the sake of killing

Bunny abandoned the wounded hippo to play with dirt. She values digging more than actually caring for her teammates. She also gladly accepted that she beat those two lizard hussies even though the retarded badger did it for her.

>Bunny abandoned the wounded hippo to play with dirt.
Dude she literally left him to stall for time. She had her big "I need to protect my friends" moment when she managed to avoid getting killed too, remember?

Even if she wins, she's destined to lose.

She just wants to be useful user, she means no harm by what she does.

Yeah man, Yuya's coming for this booty.

Hopefully the gameplay is good, but so far there was no footage of it ever. And hopefully the few unknown characters aren't game-exclusive ones. Not sure if I'll like them.

will killing bites ever surpass rape zombie apocalypse

whens caterpillar anime

>can create Civet hybrids
>doesn't use them as their personal Civet coffee suppliers

I demand more of her.

She has to be a hybrid, right?

Doggo is love.
Bunny is for bulli.

She's slender because she's representing a cheetah

Look at her arm in that image. It's pretty obvious. Since she's connected to Shido somehow, I'm sure she's going to be one of the final bosses.

That's a tall woman.

I would have never fucking noticed the arm if you didn't point it out.

Because she's perfect.

In every way

You ain't kitten, she's purr-fect.

Anyone else unironically hyped to see what it is?

Is whatever animal you get completely random when you go under the process?

Sweet meow-ver of god

They test for highest compatibility and as far as explanations have gone, it's appears to be random.


Did you find those extras for the other girls besides Cheetah too?

I've got some but they're mostly SAMPLE'd

It appears to be matched depending on their physical and psychological attributes. It's not clear which aspect of a person is more important however.
Maybe you're matched to a few options and get to take your pick?

This one.

You guys think she partially transforms her pseudo-penis?

My personal pick, as far as animals go.

Biting is silly when you can Punch holes in your opponents.

What if you get something retarded like a Capybara or Tanuki?

Only works underwater though.

Yes, though admittedly not as much as I am over seeing more of this demi-goddess.

You're fucked like Inaba was.

How wet is Hitomi in that page?

>play dead from the start
>win when every single other participant is actually dead
>be such a cool bro that no one wants to fight you

>he would like to see how did she "beat" the lizard twins
>doesn't even survive the pools
The irony. Dude didn't even have the honor of being eliminated by her.

The ears match her outfit.
The natural tail is out of place.

It's gonna be a bird type, chapter 49 raw was released.
And at the end there was some omake featuring some stuff about birds.

>Looks like a shitty Bloody Roar
Like Bloody Roar 4?