May vs Serena

Two popular girls from the anime, who does Sup Forums prefer?

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I think we all know the answer.


Goddamn May is big.

I was born as mistyfag and I will die as one!


/vp/ is entirely underage and has terrible taste

The correct choice

Better than Sup Forums being the secundo Sup Forums full of Homo and shippers

What a downfall

How did they get away with this in the movie?

/vp/ has nonstop shipping threads

This nigga gets it.

This. Stay away from their anime general at all costs, it's 100% tumblr.

Whatever you say kiddo


Yes. That is the correct answer.


Who has better taste, /vp/ or Sup Forums?

I hate to say it, but Sup Forums.

There needs to be a distinction between game and anime Serena.
Anime looks like a ugly kawaii uguu JC.
Game looks like a cool and sexy JK/JD.

animation error, user

It's OK user, it's a tough choice. Both boards are pure cancer.

Both are surprisingly not terrible, but I have to give it to /vp/

Sup Forums is objectively better. I never would have expected Cynthia and Lusamine to be #1 and #5.

When will Sup Forums get one of these?

This, Serena in the games was a succubus.
Serena in the anime is just a little girl lusting after an oblivious MC.

Serena ruined everything so May


It's the difference between lung cancer and liver cancer, really.


Wasn't the succubus in the games the one who always wore short shorts, was obsessed with breeding (Pokemon), and you watch fireworks with? The thirst was strong in that one.

>When will Sup Forums get one of these?
This. Someone make one.

>waifufag post poll so May get more votes
>Serena still has more
>proceed to spam pics

Why isn't Dawn in the poll?

Between these two, there is absolutely no question that Serena is superior.

This is the actual correct answer, though.

How many first faps do you think Pokemon is responsible for?


/vp/. Cynthia is shit.

I see no Hilda and Rosa in that poll.

>Serena still has more
Because of you, yea.

Pokegirls are wonderful.

Dawn, Serena and Lillie are the holy trinity of best girls, and it is cruel of you to make me pick just one.


Looking at /vp/, it looks like OP is some known shitposter that made the poll to "prove" how much more popular May is, then got mad the poll wasn't going the way he wanted.
There's also obvious votestuffing for both options, but it's a strawpoll, so that should serve as no surprise.

No, I find it hilarious you solved so many captchas for a strawpoll.

Even then, you will still lose in the end, which is even funnier.

Hello Serena votestuffer. Mad you wasted all that effort?

>you solved so many captchas for a strawpoll.
What are you talking about? I can't even vote more than one time because I have a shitty static ip, You are just mad because the poll didn't go your way

Mayfags and Serenafags are both cancer.

Oh wow, I know who it is. It's that one faggot that always comes into Pokemon threads here and starts shitting them up with tirades about how shitty, cancerous and autistic /vp/ and the anime threads on /vp/ and everyone that posts there are.

How long has that guy been around, three years now?

Nice try retard, you're using a proxy.

You know a lot about votestuff hmmm

Hello again, Serena votestuffer.

To be fair, the anime thread in /vp/ is shit.

You realize you just replied to one of the regulars there, falseflagging as an Sup Forumsnon.

I looked at it, and apparently it's constantly being raided by OP and friends to the point where it's near impossible to use unless they happen to be asleep. I don't know if that kind of autism should be admired or feared.

It's still shit.

>I looked at it
You're not fooling anyone, you post there all the time.

They are shitty, autistic and cancerous; and this thread proves it, as it is an extension of your awful general. Now fuck off and keep your cancer contained to your threads at .

Does May have a good ass?

Is it, dare I say, better than Dawn's?

Sup Forums easily

Sure, but when it's shit because the guy spamming Sup Forums with rants about how shit it is is the one making it shit in the first place, it kinda kills his argument.
Autistic sperging like that is against the rules anyway, but it's not like Sup Forums has moderation anymore.

If this place had any moderation, this thread would’ve been pruned within minutes. Not only because it belongs to another board, but mainly because of

Sorry bros, but in my opinion its foolish not to pick Serena.

It's canon.

Still shit regardless. The anime general is a mistake.

Pokemon IS allowed on Sup Forums, user.
Yeah, this particular thread is cancer and should've been pruned instantly, it's a pure bait thread made by a know shitposter for the purpose of shitting on things he doesn't like, with a shitty strawpoll just making it even worse.

I'm curious, do you have any actual reasons for why it's supposedly so shit beyond the "often impossible to discuss anything because shitposters constantly raid it and spam it with garbage" bit? That bit is hardly their fault.

>24/7 general
>Repeated discussions
Just to name a few.

>hot, fun personality
>hot, no personality
Let's pretend this is a difficult choice

Sounds like literally any Sup Forums thread for any current show. Why single them out?

Thought Sup Forums dislike generals since 2015.


for her fat thighs

serena before the haircut

Dawn > May > Misty > all the others.

Yeah, those for the most part are shit too, with a few of them being among the most cancerous threads site-wide. Just like your general over at .
Now, stop giving this shitpile more bumps. Or at least sage it to death.

Being a shipfag is one thing.

Being a shipfag for the Pokémon anime is another.

The differences between a "general" and a "regularly occurring thread" are minimal, and all ongoing shows have regularly occurring threads.

I've never been there, and I've been saging this thread with every single post. You're trying too hard.

What about mangas?

I like all pokégirls but the one that tops them for me would be this cutie.

TThe /vp/ anime general is usually fine.
It's just that SandM is boring and there's nothing to talk about.

I like how even his choice of pics reflects OP's bias

Both have Dawn in second so either.

>Sup Forums ranking Kasumi as 11th
>Sup Forums ranking used goods in 5th
>Sup Forums making old hags like Olivia and Lorelei even appear in the rank
>Sup Forums not even considering Holy-fuck-how-did-nintendo-approve-this-hotass-loli-design Shauna
>/vp/ including Erika, the best genwun girl

/vp/, easy win.

/vp/ I suppose. I wonder if Sup Forums could do better?

I think we can all agree that Sabrina (original) is best Pokegirl.

Go back to your home board, moron. You're not fooling anyone pretending to be from Sup Forums.

Obviously. Somebody should make a poll or post or something to prove it.

The mods prune all poll threads (except for this one apparently). You can still vote on the Sup Forums one, I'll get to it someday:

There needs to be at least 250 voters first.

Hi OP.

So end the general.

>must be signed in
Neck thyself.

>>Sup Forums not even considering Holy-fuck-how-did-nintendo-approve-this-hotass-loli-design Shauna
My fellow man of sub-Saharan cultural descent.

/vp/ got the holy trinity into the top 5 so them

There isn't a better option, retard. Strawpoll is limited to 30 options, the results are visible and you only need to change your IP to votestuff.

>Cynthia low on /vp/
>Cynthia high on Sup Forums
So /vp/ is full of lolicons and Sup Forums likes old hags.

How is this even a question?


How did you not already know this? /vp/ are loli-loving patricians and Sup Forums are well known as normalfags that hate the idea of fapping to someone under 18.

Fuck off Scott

May, but