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90% framing shots and zooms on faces: the show. Dump it.

Chiaki J. Konaka has cited Ghost Hound as his favorite screenwriting project.

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Please tell me more about lain
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Nobody does. What I'm aware of, though, are the chills it gave me.

That thread from last night is helpful in cutting out some misconceptions about the more "debatable" parts. From that OP image, I'm guessing you were there. is right, though the term is interchangeable with others and I don't think many if any are necessarily completely "accurate" to their real life counterparts. The basic jist is the network of human thoughts, memories, and impulses around the planet. Everybody is connected through these common aspects. This is related to Lain because she is this network, or a part of this network given sentience by Eiri in a manipulable state that he can use to influence reality and melt every human's consciousness together. You are meant to come away from Lain with an appreciation for your humanity and an understanding that the transhumanism that Eiri wanted was not right. You should also understand Lain's heart and suffering. In the state that she physically manifests in, she desires human connection and to feel.

>That thread from last night is helpful in cutting out some misconceptions about the more "debatable" parts. From that OP image, I'm guessing you were there.


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>Everyone would ascend beyond their fleshy prisons but Eiri coded himself in as administrator Sama. We'd all be ascended but he would have dominion over us.
Also it's not really "killing lain" but having her let go of all attachments and become fully engrossed in the wired.

>Think of it like this, the world exists as so because everyone perceives it as so. But what if you took the link of everyone's perception and handed it to single human who would embody a sort of master control of all perception.?She could control everyone's perception, and her own perception could collectively control reality.

>So by making human lain and having her recursively link herself back into the wired by dissolving all sense of self, everyone would be forced to perceive reality like the wired. Eiri was master of the protocol, so in that state of existence he would be god and Lain would simply be the world as she would have suffered total ego death.

>She could control everyone's perception, and her own perception could collectively control reality.
That's how the Knights hacked Mika's body.

Let's all love Lain

Loving Lain is (sort of) loving all your thoughts and perceptions of the world

>Inaudible screeching

I've always found the parallels between Lain and Jesus interesting. They are both Gods that are born as mortals, and live among humans, and both ultimately sacrifice themselves out of their love for mankind. I also saw the encounter between Lain and Eiri as akin to Satan's temptation of Christ in the desert. One of the final scenes in the series is when Lain is alone in the darkness, but then looks up to see her father (God the father) looking down on her. She is then sitting at a table with her father in the sky (heaven), and he says "You love them, don't you?" This is the moment that she assumes her divinity.

I get that there are things you want to discuss, but the repeated copy pasting of word for word paragraphs that have been spammed in these threads the last couple weeks have got to stop. You can retype what you want to say and rework it.

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Not made for round-eye to understand. The creator himself says this.

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So, you don't seem to understand?

Stop posting this scene, it breaks my heart every time. Humanities biggest fear is being forgotten.

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Nah, i'm 80% sure you were that "femanon" from yesterday just trying to spark another Lain thread.

I say let's speculate as to how a hypothetical sequel to the series would go about.

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OP you might want to check out /lainl whenever lainchan renews their SSL certs that expired today (gj appleman, run a cyberpunk anime website and cant keep ssl certs up-to-date). It's a slow board but it's all about lain by people who all love lain so much they post on a lain-themed imageboard.

/lain/ *

I thought /arisu/ or whatever they're calling themselves was already dead.

You shouldn't anyway

arisuchan and lainchan are different, kind of.

lainchan dot org was originally owned by kalyx but he sold it to appleman, then started lainchan dot jp as an alternative, and eventually the jp fags changed their named to arisuchan.

neither imageboard is dead.

I use the one that remained /lain/ often, but last time I tried to connect to /arisu/ it was returning bad gateway.

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>arisuchan and lainchan
Wtf? Are those real imageboards? never heard them before

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yeah they're real. lainchan dot org and arisuchan dot jp

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It's well known that both japs and Americans reacted the same to the work.

I liked Lain because I shipped Lain with Alice.

Lain shipped Alice with her teacher

Wasn't there a mysterious Lain-themed fansite that had a password and seemed to be inaccessible or something?

If Lain had a sequel, I imagine it would involve a plot where lain keeps resetting the entire period of alice's life to experiment with different life styles and relationships relating to Alice, including one where they're lovers.

It was a literal suicide cult that sprung up from /r9k/, the creator mentioned multiple times that suicide was a faster way of getting into not-heaven since the world was about to run out of fuel

That's funny, I thought the paradise promised to Sup Forums was Gensokyo?

You mean like that episode of Flip Flappers?

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Yeah, I joined. Did not end up "crossing-over" though. I have some long, funny code that doesn't do anything.

Never watched it but if it involves using your god powers to keep preserving your most mortal friendship in different trails to perfection then yeah.

I think it would be a good element. Like inspired by the new Bladerunner. Starts out with a young teen man who's completely engrossed in the wired and gets caught up in a phenomenon where he uncovers that the digital year of reality is actually 10000s of years ahead of where it should be, because Lain keeps maintaining the idea of human self and Alice.

He would get engrossed in a conspiracy involving a memetic replacement of the Lain persona and soon discover he the preserved memory of Lain's child from another life she kept as a keepsake in the wired. Themes would be about homogenization of the internet and the attempted repression of the flow of information.

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What's a good blog site that supports and organizes multiple pages well? I would like to organize all of my analysis of Lain, but I don't really want to design a site or purchase a domain right now.

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I am not, but that "noosphere" user has a very similar interpretation about the origin of Lain as I do. I want to organize my comprehensive research regarding the game, anime, and interviews, along with some fringe conspiracy theories I have about certain goings on in the anime.

WordPress is the way
The old thread might be helpful

>Ergo Proxy
>Casshern Sins
These get recommended along with Lain, what else should be added?

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Ghost Hound, apparently the main writer of SEL says it's his favorite work.

I understand what most of the symbols represent, the themes, and the actual plot (for the most part); but what is the overarching message/allegory?

it surely has a powerful start
too bad the ending was so weak... maybe i dont understand it

Lain is very subjective, but a core theme is human connection and alienation.

transhumanism is wrong

Humanity depends on a sense of selective subjectivity through socialization. If you want to be remembered, socialize.

How did you possibly get that. Watch the show again

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There is an anti-transhumanist element in the show, but it's hardly the main point.

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Do not post sad Lain.

No there isn't user. You just got that because of preconceived notions you already have against transhumanism. The show embraces it, but warns to be careful

Very interesting of you to say. I think you should watch it again. Every cyberpunk fan who worships this show and creates cyber transhumanist cults around it seems to conveniently forget all the references to being human in the last episodes, and that Eiri, his plot, and his assertion that the human body is obsolete are ANTAGONISTIC IN NATURE.

Jesus christ user are you this delusional

That's not an argument

>Hurr durr my subjective opinion because I didn't understand the show
Isn't one either

I think he has a slight point. Lain is at her purist when there is what signifies a real human friendship through a physical existence. This is symbolic of natural humane existence within a physical social circle rather than a distant, hyper social existence on the internet.

It's like the theory that the Wired in the sense of being interconnected navi servers is the Accela of the so called noosphere.

Somebody should do a definitive guide to understand Lain, episode by episode. I don't think there are multiple readings of the show. If you dig deep down on each episode, with all the scientific bits, you realize that all the actions/events on the show make sense.
Almost 20 years (Aired: Jul 6, 1998 to Sep 28, 1998) are passed, and still there is no decent analysis

It was mixed with AI stuff though. Or if you prefer, spontaneous intelligence generated via interwebs.

There wasn't any AI

>Don't think there are multiple readings of the show
There absolutely are

I stated two facts about the plot of this anime. If you would like to argue against them, post something. But you won't because you have nothing, else you would have explained it by now. Eiri is an antagonist, and what he's done is specifically rejected in the series. References, quotations, and events in both the anime and the game repeatedly demonstrate humanity and the idea that we should stay the way we are. One quote off the top of my head from the final episode talks about not striving for an ultimate metaphysical truth. Lain asks what the wired was connected to and her double says "do you really need to know? Look how far humanity has gotten not knowing that". In Visual Experiments Lain, another antitranshumanist reference is listed next to a picture of Accela. "It speeds up your mental processes and makes it seem like everything else around you is slow, but do you really want that? You might not be able to reverse it." And what happens when someone tries to accelerate their mental processes with Accella in the anime?

There is one truth, no matter how many interpretations people have of it.

>This is what americans actually think



The 3 main creators (ABe, Ueda, and Konaka) all have different readings of their own.
ABe thinks it's mostly about existentialism, reality
Ueda thinks it's about differences in culture
Konaka gave the meme answer that it's about loving Lain.
All of these responses were from the same interview



ABe really only designed the characters. Ueda is the primary creator of the concept of Lain and what he's said about different cultures is in regards to what he expected from two separate audiences in regards to reacting to the specific and definite themes that are present in Lain. Both Ueda and Konaka have said in multiple interviews that they want Lain to be understood and loved. That's because it's an important part of the series. Lain is connected to you because of her nature, and loving and understanding how she suffers with her problems experiencing life as a human demonstrate to the viewer appreciation and importance for their own humanity.