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Post some more funny bnha videos

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We're you guys watching mmd videos all last night?

OH god

Oh god no not mmd mmd was a mistake

>Bass guitarist
>Lead vocals


You're my sunshine

You just knoe

Spoilers when

I like this one

Posting this for discussion
>crunchy roll popularity poll

>That pubic hair.

What discussion, CR users have shit taste.

That's literally the most sexual /bnha/ related pic. Also
>40.000 votes
>no single kendou
That hurts my heart

>more glasses Midnight

Jiro does the bass too.

This one is better.

Why is bakugo so low?
Fucking crunchyroll

Tsuyu needs bakusperm inside her!!!

This one makes me laugh but I'm not sure if it's cause I already like Jacksfilms or not.

Stop hating Tsuyu.

Despite Deku being considered plain, he makes some of the best faces in the series.

The funny thing is this is exactly what these threads would agree with back in 2015


Deku's way too cute to be plain.



>"How's the weather down there?"


>"Is it hot, cold, or hot and cold?"

>"Stop it right now."

>Mirio got 14 votes

we did it senpai

You have to rape shigaraki!

Stop this, Inasa would never make fun of the manlets, he is too pure

First a pedophile and now an advocate for rape. Losing his quirk really did a number on Mirio.

>the same mouth





Inasa shouldn't shit talk Todoroki, he has height potential from his dad. Better wait a couple of years before poking fun of him.

Is that from last chapter or that's a sneaky spoiler?

I can't wait for Todo to become a big bara beefcake like his dad, time skip when?

>makes fun of shorter kid
>cries when short tells him to fuck off

No Gordon, I mean Togata senpai! Not even the joker, I mean Shigaraki deserves such a thing!

Would it be better for AM's past to stay vague and ambiguous or should it be explained in full at some point?

>"The more I get to know you Shouto, the more I realize that you're a really down-to-earth Earth kind of guy!"

>"Um thanks."

>"Does the grass tickle your balls when you walk?"

>"What did you...just stop."

>"Aw come on! No need to get short with me buddy, I'm just yanking your chain!"

I'm actually in tears

>"Hey Shouto when I look all imposing like this, don't you think I could resemble Batman if I got the right costume? Hey, you'd make a good Rob-"


Isnt Todo like the 4th tallest kid in 1A?

That makes it ever better. He's never been a manlet before he met Inasa, but he's autistic enough to let it give him a complex.

Post your unpopular MHA related opinion. I'll start.
I wouldn't mind seeing Deku wear the mask and bunny ears more. He's young and won't be the symbol of peace anytime soon. It's fine for him to just look like a sidekick for the time being.

Yeah, Inasa is just a really big boy

I dont think he’d care. You really misunderstand Todo. If he can deal with Bakugo screeching about him then he can deal with Inasas height jokes.

Tokoyami has the best character design in the series

Kouda confirmed for Traitor

Yeah but Bakugo is just a jerk. Inasa is joking about a physical issue that he doesn't really have, but if repeated enough it would be funny if he got self-conscious about it.

>bird head+cloak
Hilarious and original

He is a fucking bird

Buddy Inasa got salty over Todo telling him to fuck off. I REALLY dont think he’d shit talk over height when he’s just as sensitive.

I fucking love Mirio's eyes so much I want to gauge them out and eat them

Hori needs to cut down on the fanservice, and give the non-jirou females in 1-A more interesting hero costumes.
Midnight is fine though, she should stay as is.

Yeah but I just imagine Todd Mcfarlane taking Tokoyami/dark shadow and making a badass Spawn-tier cover that would look amazing.

>190cm height makes Inasa the tallest high school kid in the universe

Oppai fanservice or fanservice in general? Because the former he’s actually been pretty conservative in his use.

My Deku folder consists almost entirely of reactions. His face is just too good.
There is one user here who keeps saving my images with the exact same file name. Don't think you're being sneaky, I see you. You know who you are.

>"The other day I was wearing heels, and joked around with Todoroki calling him "Shorty" because I was half an inch taller than him. He actually got mad and stormed off, can you believe it?"

>"But Momo, you're like the tallest girl in school!"

>"I know, right? What's gotten into him?"

user, I think you might just be crazy.

This post couldn't be any more tumblr if you tried

Momo isnt taller.

I bet it's not that dark or bad, it could be comfy to see his adventures with Nana and being molested by a young, hot Gran Torino


>Wearing heels

>wearing heels

Ok so whats the joke?

>wearing heels

We would agree with it nwo

>shipping is fucking retarded
>Hideout Raid arc was a lot of fun and just as influential as Stain arc, if not more. Probably the most influential arc so far
>Eri is a nice character
>Tsyu is absolute garbage and anyone who likes her is lying
>the series has a pretty good writing for a shounen
>both Bakugo and Deku are good characters
>someone in 1-A needs to die
>Iida is overrated

What are you talking about user?

You're not very smart, are you?

I mean you typed all that out. Im trying to figure out why you think its funny.

The joke is that everyone Todoroki hangs out with is really tall so he has a manlet complex.

Shouto Suffering



I can agree with all of this except Iida being overrated.
But he hasn’t had jack dick for his character since Stain and Kamino so I’m without a leg to stand on.

>shipping is fucking retarded
>Eri is a nice character
I got called a shitposter several times when I stated that I just didn't care for Eri

BnHA is super cliche and made me cringe a lot the first chapters but I still like it and I love Bakugou and All Might.

Neither does Tensei.

Iida. And thats it? He really doesnt hang out with Shoji or Inasa and hes taller than Deku and Baku.


His dad is Endeavor, Momo is very tall for a girl, and Inasa.

I think in the story, how much influence that event had on the bnha society.


What is it about todo that makes him the butt of all memes?

What fantasy race and class would everyone in 1-a be?

Bakugou is orc barbarian

Ok having a tall dad is normal. He’s taller than Momo and barely talks to her and Inasa isnt important anymore. Id agree if he was shorter than Deku or Baku but hes not so the headcanon makes no sense.

The fact that he gets speedlines in the manga whenever he's socially awkward.



What changed? I mean Stain gave the Villains some motivation and really made people take the VA seriously. Kamino arc removed the symbol of peace. Can't really think of anything society changing from the Yakuza arc unless the VA finds a way to mass produce the quirk erasing bullets

I sure could go for a banquet right about now

Please dont

>user's quirk: bad art! Will post art so bad it will burn your eyes


Post the gayest picture of Kirishima you have