How do you think JC Staff will handle some of the more nuanced special effects in season 3? Say for example, Carrisa's fuckery?

Like the Curtana buff? Probably some aura effect around Knight Leader or some such

Well shit, confirmed

I really don’t know how the fuck they’re going to handle dimensional cutting

Come to think of it, KL might look really boring since he’s just standing there nulling everything

I mean, he’ll be moving and attacking too

Imagine the secondary reaction
>wtf is this guy related to Touma
>what’s the point of the MC if this guy has a full body spell of his power

As long as they don’t fuck up Touma sword surfing his way to punch the princess with a big smile on his face, I’m fine

I want to see double jesus water skating animated

On that note, do you think there will be any other slight aesthetic changes they'll make for the sake of clarity? Similar to Mugino's lasers being green now.

I honestly think Tsuchimikado appearing before Touma and Oyafune in the adaptation of volume 14 in the Index manga was perfect and would love if the animu was helped by Chuuya in storyboarding it.

Terra’s flour abilities seem to be changed a bit if the mobage is to be believed

Clone eyes remain as the were in Railgun S.

Acqua using water on his feet to slide around. It'd be interesting how the effects of his Ascalon would look in the anime. In the first Index PSP game it was just glowing colors.

I want to see double jesus water skating animated

What the fuck, how did it fuck up like that?

>I want to see double jesus water skating animated
The mobage did it ok I think

>Touma talking to Oyafune, some semi tense background music playing for mood as she’s explaining the situation
>background music goes silent when Tsuchi shows up

I just want to see more of my husband Touma. I miss him so much

I don't keep up to date with the mobage, what did they change?

I'm betting Terra's flour would use particle effects a lot, with flour randomly flying around Terra even when he's not moving.

Calm down Kuroko

Water sliding looks cool already, according to the mmo, I hope saint destroyer stays the same too but I think the design choice for that move is gonna stick

I hope they keep Kakine’s DM pure white, or atleast mostly white with weird luster effects

They're gonna turn Saint Destroyer blue, like every other lightning effect.

I dunno but I'd love to see Saint Destroyer, or rather OT16 in general since it's unironically my second favorite OT volume next to OT22.

Nothing too major, just they changed up a bit how the gullotine looks instead of it being all white, seems to be consistent with the art of him so that might be one of the changes jc Staff does

5.1 Mikoto got drawn with purple

Man now that I think about it, animating a lot of the later Raildex stuff must be a bitch. Especially if we ever get to NT

You’ll never get that Index blowjob.

Wasn't Saint Destroyer shown in the PSP game?

And so was Mugino's Meltdowner beams, which where purple in the game.

It would be a smarted move to make it anything other than blue since Acqua has a bunch of blue in his design. Something contrasting would be better

They’re mango maroon.

Is there gonna be another season of Railgun? Index is kinda fucking boring and the plot goes nowhere

Saint Destoryer remained the same in the mmo, I’d imagine they would’ve changed it if it wasn’t going to look that way in animation

>Saten, Kanzaki, and Acqua all share a theme
>Meanwhile Index gets two unique themes
What did they mean by this?

It’s actually royal blue.

He's getting a blowjob from Misaki there, notice the lump where his dick should be across from sleeping Index? It just doesn't show up because Touma can't remember her.

I don’t know how you could cut any more corners in a game. You know how cheap it is to make a little ost for a game?

What if DEEN is left in charge?

Main heroine.

I'd like Accel's wings to actually look blacker than they were in the 0930 arc, which to me, looked like white noise a bit to emphasize how unnatural it is.

Index has silver hair (blue)

I think they may make DM black

His plot device I’m getting btfo flaps shouldn’t even exist in my opinion but looks wise they’re alright.

Do you think Itsuwa is going to screech like a banshee in that one scene where she goes apeshit on Acqua?

Black DM confirmed!

S3 will never happen

I don't think they would just because it would be too confusing to secondaries when Accel goes black wings.
>Did Accel just get Kakine's power?

They’re going to replace her entire character with Saten because the director has the power to completely overhaul the entire anime if he so chooses.

I don't mean the wings, I'm talking the weird ass effects it has

God I hope so. That would be a great way to end the episode, just like how Railgun S did it with Mikoto screaming and running at Accel before it cuts to the moon and credits. Then the next episode is her fighting out of her mind before getting shut down.

Oh shit, I didn't even think about the weird effects. How the fuck would they even represent that to begin with, like the light attack? I suppose that would be for good contrast, Kakine's white wings sending black shit, while Accel the albino gets black wings. Still, I think they will keep it away from black just in case.


I was thinking it might be like particle effects that are black or see-through, since the wings are him basically giving it form

What about cross hatch?

When Kakine releases we might have answers

Yes, it would be a great juxtaposition from her usual demeanor. The quote and shy characters snapping always gets me.

>How the fuck would they even represent that to begin with, like the light attack?
Lens flare.

Hmm, maybe. That would explain her recalling previous magic side events he was in at the time and sensing that there's something more to these unnatural events. It'd be nice to learn more about what some of these questions that she apperently didn't ask herself were if we haven't already.

I always pictured his stuff as weird transparent ripple shockwave things, but I guess that's just me

>episode 12 ends
>Pope gets chucked halfway across the Vatican by a CG chicken claw

>Kakine just Lens Flares the shit out of Accel
>taunts him about need to get out in the sun more

I feel like thats more akin to Birdways or Othinus's invisible explosion things. Maybe even Ollerus's stuff.

>"did dat nigga jus solar flare? sheeeeit"

No thanks

I hope they make it more like an ayy lmao hand and less like a chicken. Something more otherworldly at least

Mikoto loves to fuck pigs

Do you guys think they will be able to pull off the atmosphere? Season 1's music, OP, and general tone always came off as mysterious and strange, which is what got me into the series in the first place. Season 2 kind of missed the mark for me on that, though that may have been more due to pacing and the novels adapted. What do you think?

Index started off as more of a mystery but by this point in OT it sort of dropped that so it can't possibly be like that anymore

Fuck, how are they going to handle the earth tsunami? Are we going to get another rendition of Touma debris acrobatics?


It will probably be half and half. The mystery feeling sort of goes away since the reader gets more information on the setting. But at the same time, a lot of "oh shit" keikaku moments happen in later OT so I could see some scenes having that vibe. Like Terra commenting about IB, the lead up to Kakine's big fight against Accel(since he punks Mugino, Saiai, Rikou off screen pretty bad, the bigger reveal about Fiamma's plan and manipulating the elements, the real implication of the clones being spread everywhere, Touma's possible precog, and Aiwass in general. IT and Crowley location fuckery too if we really do get 3 cour

Anyone have that old gif?

Old as fuck though, no guarantee that's the final design. Remember that Acqua looked totally different in that one PV years ago than what he did in Season 2

Thanks for reminding me, that’s another thing I hope they touch up in Season 3. Double Jesus shouldn’t look like an old skinny man

Why do people think it'll be CG? there's nothing detailed or complex enough in his stupid hand and character that requires CG. It barely fucking moves.

As we follow Touma's adventures in the world of Raildex, the mystery of the world magic and science becomes less and less veiled. Touma's memory loss became less of an issue, and the sad and melancholy atmosphere becomes more lively (like in Daihasesai). It also helps that in season 1 there were barely any civilians or other people roaming around AC (because of budget constraints?) probably because it was summer vacation until the new semester started

I don't think it missed the mark in Index II. It did what it had to do, as in it established the Roman Catholics as the prime antagonists and this shown. The techno for the science side, I think, became more fast pace and blaring because of Accel's ascendancy into protagonist role. This will likely continue on in season 3.

They CGd a bus that had barely any screen time in Season 2

It would still be weird to animate if he’s moving around I imagine. Also, doesn’t it move during the Touma fight?

Misaki a pile of shit

>Touma's memory loss became less of an issue
It resurfaces in Season 3 though, with Terra figuring it out, Mikoto finding out and confronting him on it, and Index finding out and forgiving him

CGing backgrounds and such objects is standard though.


I just can’t wait for all the *teleports behind you* memes that are going to spawn from teleporter faggot

Thor is going to just continue it too if we ever get him animated

That’s not old as fuck user, that picture came out the end of last year when the game releases

They are themes for the robots themselves not the character

Wait really? Fuck, I could have sworn it was old. Well then.

Misaka a bae

Can’t blame you there, a fair bit of the pictures look like older ones but is actually new, like the Gunha and Kakine pictures

Would you rather SS2 be adapted as a series of OVAs, or in actual episodes to pad out a season?

I'm going to try to do better and attempt to make OClike a few anons suggested, so here's some screen caps while I figure out photoshop

OVAs. A 3 cour Season 3 would be just enough for the rest of OT

Why is “frank” randomly highlighted?

Though Fiamma does look different in the ingame art

Because I'm retarded and didn't see it. I was word searching "frank" to find it in the archives because I remembered that particular word was in the post and "retard" is too commonly used

Kakine and Uiharu are top tier crack pairing, rivaled only by KamiKuro

A series of OVAs. SS2 is a story on its own, about Gemstones, separate to the story of the rest of the season.

How would Touma react to two girls confessing to him in the same day?

Fucking roasted

He’d probably feel terrible about it since he wants to make everyone happy and he’d know that whoever didn’t get picked would be crushed.