Enjoy your watered down shonen, you pleb

>Enjoy your watered down shonen, you pleb

Better and comfier than the current adaptation.

>tfw no proper adaptation will ever exist.
>tfw the art will never be captured properly in animation.
>tfw griffith did nothing wrong.

>Griffith did nothing wrong meme

Kill yourself, he did everything wrong.

>Griffith did everything wrong meme

It's true you know

I still haven't watched it after all these years. Should I?

Good, you don't watch Berserk, you read Berserk.

I mean I'm a big fan of the manga but I haven't watched any adaptations

>He still watches shonen
Meanwhile some of us have grown up

Read it instead, it's so much better.

Griffith is degraded to an extremely weak antagonist during the eclipse. He is just "I want power no matter what" at that point and anything interesting about him fades away.

Was Donovan in the wrong?

Berserk can be enjoyed by grown ups

I say go for it. The dub has really great voice acting the music is fantastic. If you want to see the events after the cutoff point animated then just skip to the eclipse in the third film (the '97 anime did everything except Griffith's face and actually finishing the fucking eclipse way better).

No, if he had not raped guts, guts would not had lusty feelings for griffith.

Thanks. So I watch the 97 adaptation and then movie #3?

Soundtrack is brilliant wish there was more like it. I don't know how they thought electronic music for Berserk but I'm glad they did.

Watch the 97 anime purely for the soundtrack.

He paid for that ass, it was a fair transaction. Guts needed to stop being a little bitch.

He bought that boi puci. It was his.