Why does Mouryou no Hako receive so little attention despite being a masterpiece?

Why does Mouryou no Hako receive so little attention despite being a masterpiece?

Not enough cute girls.

But there's a really cute tomboy in it.

Because people immediately assume its "fujoshit". It's a mystery anime that's well done. I liked it.

There's a lot of really well done scenes like in the first episode when the soldier has PTSD.

The only reason I watched it is because it was brought up few times in discussions about Kara no Shoujo. It was worth it.

Gay men are less than 2% of the population.

What's so good about it?

Haven't seen it

One dude gets amazing head from best girl.

Because you had to wait around 8 months for the fansubber to finish subbing it completely.

Was it still enjoyable, even though Kara no Shoujo must have spoiled you on a few twists?

the ending was both great and shit

I think it was just great, an awesome payoff.

I didn't like how >push you best friend under the train was presented as a revelation though I might be remembering it wrong
and all the convoluted family ties sibplots nip mystery writers are so fond of are 2deep for my small gaijin brain

I don't think who did the pushing was a big reveal, the interesting part was how Yoriko created a fake culprit based on a character in Sekiguchi's book which is itself based on Kyogoku during the events of Summer of Ubume

Yes, at the beginning I couldn't help noticing similarities everywhere but then whole thing about demons, spirits and whatever else got brought up, it separated from what I knew from KnS and became its own thing.

Yeah I suppose KnS didn't bother to plagiarize the super in-depth yokai research the author of MnH is very into.

Every time I see it mentioned I write it down again as something I should watch but never got around to downloading. I'll do it tonight. Thank you, OP.

All three of those things sound like my shit.

I hope three people talking about where the word Mouryou comes from and how it's definition/spelling/mythology evolved over the centuries for two episodes is your shit.

It's my shit but I'm sure plenty of people get bored by it (the plot/mystery that gets resolved in the last half of the show that is worth it even if you don't like that kind of thing, but this show requires patience)

>that scene where the guy is absorbed into the building

I really need to watch this again.

>absorbed into the building
You mean this scene? Because that's a strange way to describe it.

Because it was not. Same aas with recent somewhat similar in style Joker Game

It started out interesting, but eventually degraded into subpar plot inferior to even that of Shiki and less interesing then Kara no Shoujo VNs.

Most of the stuff from KnS comes from Edogawa Ranpo instead of MnH anyway.

looks like gay shit for fujos
why would i watch a mystery anime about dudes instead of one about girls

Need to rewatch it, I remember being engaged with it at first but enjoying it a lot less by the end.

there's literally nothing even remotely fujo-ish about it, why does everyone keep bringing it up.
Is it the clamp character designs?

It's just an insecure closet faggot who need to announce to the world that he's not a faggot for every 5 minutes.

It's okay, everyone rips off Natsuhiko Kyogoku, Nisio did it, KnS did it too.

gay dudes with otome faces
this is the first time i've called something gay in weeks

Part of the problem was a lack of subs when it was airing.

such a great anime. made me want to watch it again.

I only liked the first few episodes and the finale. The middle felt like it dragged on for me.