Prison School

Second season when?


only epilogue, non second season

Best girl

Ending when?

The ending was on December

I really really want to drink Hana's pee.


The epilogue is due in April right?


Anime original ending when


I dont know user, maybe because the manga ending sucked or something?

So Kiyoshi ended up with Hanna right? He botched it with his moeblob and Hana finished the job. Wouldn't that mean there is nothing standing between him and Hana?

When is the epilogue coming out? Isn't it supposed to come out in spring?

It looked like he broke her heart in the manga, I wouldn't count on any continuation for them.

Best ending ever. Chiyofags got blown out of the galaxy.

The ending was much better than I expected, especially considering how abrupt it was.


Bump for Mari

Why did she ditch Kate and Vice Prez in the end? It didn't feel like something she would do at all.

Kiyoshi was never even aware that Hana had a thing for him.

The ending was perfect but it was kind of abrupt, all the rest of the cast was left hanging.
That said not having the Mari x Kate sex scene animated is a crime against humanity.

Yeah, the metro scene was a sucker punch. It's actually a pretty realistic depiction of high school romance.

Ending was hilarious.

Though I wish there was a conclusion between Kiyoshi and Hana.

The epilogue can't come out soon enough. Hopefully we will see more Hana and Mari.