Dragon Ball Super

How do you think he feels about goku mastering UI ?

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Very pleased, I'm sure. If Gohan had been the one to master Blanco instead, his evil plans would be in peril.

He probably thinks it's cute. He's 2 tiers above UI Goku anyway

El Hermano

muy bueno

Is he stronger?



> youtube comments

it's a dbs thread so it's allowed

Shut the FUCK up

Where does Shaggy (post scooby snack) land on this list?

*6 tiers

We have to wait for next batch of spoilers

Monthly spoilers wen?

Ayy lmao

Here he is and he’s tougher than ssj god goku


Jesus Christ this looks like a fan manga. It's depressing that this is the state of Dragon Ball

>dead show
>dead thread

Zenkais are back in the ToP arc

Step aside Cousin

The anime literally looks like something out of Newgrounds.

Cancer: the thread

>B-B-But the anime!!!
Why do mangafags always do this?

I feel a cutegang thread coming on.

Post Pan

Was it NTR?

Is goku angel level? Could he challenge whis ?

>He says while taking the worst anime of the year seriously

I think he's somewhere in the middle between Beerus and Whis now

He could handle his cock.

Where does DBS rank among current big name shonens as an overall show?


mad. it foils his grande keikaku. ningens aren't supposed to have the ki of the angeles.



>t. caulifla poster

>Goten UI



I like how Whis describes it like a Birth. He seems very happy/proud. The Grand Priest is clearly very intrigued by the development. Given how much of a wank fest DBS is for Goku, he's probably the first non-angel to ever master the form.

Pretty damn near the bottom.

Does El Hermano have a team like the pride troopers?

Not today

El Insecto?

Vegeta is low tier GoD level

Goku is stronger than all GoDs

Vegito would be angel level easy

Yes, today.

Yes the ayy lmao gang

That should be Uub.

Jiren too stronk

But nobody gives a shit about uub.

How powerful is farmer with a shotgun UI?

happy family

Android 17 would shit all over the gods and angels and whatever else if he got a good 4 months of training like Freezie pop

Goku does

If goku jobs to jiren even after mastering UI will that be the most pathetic L in anime history?



Beerus is lucky Goku doesn't want to be a GoD, otherwise he'd be out of a job. Even whis can't stop sucking goku's dick

this but unironically


I’ve been looking for a good fight

17 got ten years of training

> Nobody cares about Uub

Goku leaves his family and friends behind to train him

Good one user

Best Dragon Ball OP coming through


Yes but the fans and writers don't.


That post gave me the heart virus

Implying toriyama gives a fuck about what fans want. End of Z is confirmed to happen and Uub is also canon in super.

Nah he got years of defending his nature reserve from farmers with shotguns, and even that got him to the level where he was hanging with Super Saiyan Gods and AYY LMAOs

>shipping goku/caulifla

Only thing is that he does it in the original EoZ because Uub becomes the only person in existence who could give him a decent fight (because Gohan is a faggot who loses his powers through studying like a NERD).

In the DBS timeline it doesn't make much sense. Unless mastering UI makes him more Zen.

This, uub got the gohan treatment in GT. He was set up to be the next mc but got shafted cause muh goku.

YRW goku leaves with jiren to train under grand padre?

The word you’re looking for is cancer

Its not about where Uub is at EoZ, its about where he can be.

Potentialfags love to use that term for their waifus or gohan but no the little brown boy can't have any potential can he?

if freeza in 4 months can become > ssb
uub has similar talent if not greater

>old an busted 18
No thanks.


That post worsened my heart virus symptoms

fuck youre right, i was wondering why i couldnt stop watching it but now i get it.


What did you like most about this arc?

>reincarnation of buu

"w w why would goku want to train him?"

are you guys this dumb? if goku with his pleb power at birth can become a god why can't people with actual talent?


because an anime has more production values and a higher budget instead of being just ink on paper.

but with DBS it ends up looking like this

Cursed ship.

That post gave me terminal cancer

Dragon>unironically using budget meme to discuss animation

I don't goku was untalented, s-cells logic kind of blows that out. power levels were always the fake out.

I don"t think the GT writers ever intended him to be the MC. I would have liked him to have Pan's screen time, though.
Might have made the show a little better.

among saiyans at birth, goku was weak af and even at the start of z his toddler son was way stronger than him with 0 training. Goku trained/fought his ass off to reach this level. Uub has more natural talent than goku did so it makes sense why goku would train him

The absolute and objetive truth

I am dying of the heart virus and terminal cancer thanks to the recent posts the only cure is a good post

>toei sucks the manga would never waste a Yardrat

And just like that Mangafags have no reason to live.


literal Sup Forums tier chart.

shh, kale is sleeping

On Sup Forums that is not possible to keep quiet