>Seto Kaiba has yet to be dethroned as best character

Has anyone come close to rivaling Seto Kaiba's autism?

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You can't beat perfection

His autism is on an level mere mortals can't achieve.
It's like the abstract concept of autism condensed itself enough to achieve a physical form.

>best character
>only time he wins against an ancient Egyptian manlet is when he threatened to kill himself

>autism is on an level mere mortals can't achieve.
>t's like the abstract concept of autism condensed itself enough to achieve a physical form.
I thought that was Sup Forums.


Kaiba cares so much about a children's card game that he's willing to die for it. That is autism prime.

>Kaiba needed a magic flashback to sacrifice Obelisk for Blue Eyes
>Atem sacrificed Obelisk for Dark Magician without one
Kaiba just can't win

That was for his brother you dinglehopper.

>His obsession with winning in trading cards is so strong that he traveled to the afterlife to play and win a game against his rival

>and win
Not a chance in hell.


>in against the pharaoh

I will now off myself

You've never been to a Yu-Gi-Oh regional, have you, kid?

I thought Jack was about as autistic as Kaiba.

More in a sad cringe way than a hilarious one though.

That's autist-Chad as fuck.

Of course not. He's the greatest rival of all time. I mean, who's gonna compete, Vegeta? That guy's the eternal cuck. youtube.com/watch?v=xOJr1dTPSis

Is that moment the best in the series? The JP scene gives me chills every time.

Lesser minds mock him for his autism but at the end of the day he is simply passionate and his sole motivation has always been to elevate the card game to higher and higher levels. And he did.

That fucking movie scene was so goddamn good I probably watched it a hundred times by now.



I'd say Char is up there with Kaiba as the best rivals

Why is there no Seto introducing new duel disk on youtube?

Kaiba's English VA has it fucking nailed.

>If there is intelligent life out there, then let's teach them how to duel
>It actually works
>Later proceeds to take over the world and construct a society where laws and social status are controlled entirely via card games

I honestly almost want to watch a show that takes place between GX and 5DS that chronicles the world war between the United nations and Kaiba's insane card game terrorist revolutioanry cells. Like there is no way the world came to be governed by card games peacefully.

How do I pitch 5D to someone on the edge about watching it?

>Later proceeds to take over the world and construct a society where laws and social status are controlled entirely via card games

Sounds like the perfect meritocracy to me.
Kaiba literally replaced capitalism with card games.

"Just do it faglord."

In 5D's the gov is controlled by Yliaster and they exist because ener-d ruined the world.
Ener-D exists because that crazy dude built it to power the city and card game motorcycles

>Like there is no way the world came to be governed by card games peacefully.
If there was a war then it ended quickly since, thanks to Kaiba, Kaibacorp profit makes Disney looks like a small company and Kaiba's father was the biggest arms dealer on the planet, so he could use the old projects, improve them, add a BEWD theme and defeat all of his enemies

The MC is Jesus that plays cardgames on a motorcycle to fight ancient horrors and false gods

>tfw no Kaiba gf

So, how do actual duelers comment on the battles in the last movie?

So many Yugioh qts to choose from, and you go with genderbent Kaiba?

>and win


cant argue with his reasoning by picking best girl

Well, if you're into crazy autistic assholes I guess femKaiba would be best girl.

Isn't he just a Sasuke clone? He looks edgy enough.

Kill yourself

Reminder that Kaiba is actually based on a real life elitist who, when asked by a friend of Takahashi to teach him how to play MTG, he responded "Come back when you have over 10,000 cards", a line that actually made it into the manga.

WHo has that one story of the guy who goes to a YuGiOh tournament drunk off his ass and genuinely believes he's Seto Kaiba? I remember it saying how he gets kicked out in the end cause he rips some kid's card in half so "it could never be used against him again"


He is also into traps

He has a great cardfu too.

OK i dont even care about the actual game but i need this shit please

why is his little brother dressed like that?

He should've boned Ishizu desu

Literally nobody can deny a brown waifu except an autismlord like Kaiba

Kaiba made a MMORPG and created a princess NPC based on his brother.

why did he make an MMORPG in the first place? why put his brother in it? but more importantly, why make him a princess???

In the Japanese version, the Big 5 made the game and put princess Mokuba there as a joke at Mokuba's expense. The dub changed it for some reason.

Is there a greater love story in anime than Kaiba's autistic love for his BEWD?

>I'm going to sacrifise my best card, a literal fucking god in the middle of an important duel so I can summon my midtier dragon waifu
I don't think so.

ok so they changed it from 5 creeps put an underage boy in a princess outfit, to HIS BROTHER doing it to him?

Yeah, dubs are hardcore. One of the many reasons why YGO dubs are way better than subs.

In the games, Kaiba always has the best deck. Konami knows

i dont know man, i dont think gaycest is that hardcore

what makes you morons think the rich pussyslayer was autistic???

He did it because otherwise pegasus would have rape his little brother, he didn't have other option so he swallowed his pride and did what he did.

It was fucking 4kids, they changed fuck tons of things. This shouldn't be surprising.

Can't be done

I wish Kaiba bought Sup Forums instead.

>only three Blue Eyes White Dragon cards in the world
So what happens if Pegasus personally orders the mass production of these cards for the sole purpose of triggering the fuck out of Kaiba? Does Kaiba just kill himself?

I find it funny how during almost the whole run and after witnessing all the magic crap he never believed in the magic until atem was gone, since then he actually started believing.

Kaiba would probably just bribe Pegasus or buy every single one

no, they were on the reserve list, so Pegasus couldn't print any more of them

Pegasus became a good guy. I would bet that Kaiba Corp eventually bought out Industrial Illusions.

Pegasus fucking died after Duelist Kingdom in the manga.
Purely a dub invention. He knew the magic was real because Pegasus fucking put his soul in a trading card, he just didn't care about magic.

>Char considers Amuro a rival
Nah man, he just wanted to genocide the oldtypes. Even came back from the dead as a spirit to take over some dude that looks like him to get it done because fucking magic stopped his perfect plan the first time.

What the fuck are you talking about? Even on the assumption that these cards ARE mass produced and Kaiba isn't the unique holder of them in the various canons they appear in, all of them basically require the OG Blue Eyes to even be played, so if you don't have them they're useless.

Well, yeah since Yugi has a shitload of garbage cards that never fuck him over because of his MC plot armor, Joey just spams luck shit that usually goes his way and the rest of the characters are one card gimmicks because we don't get more than a few duels from them

>take childrens card game
>use it to rewrite reality

dub Kaiba might actually be more autistic than actual kaiba.

In the games attack is the only stat that matter 90% of the time

Its not like gender makes a difference to Kaiba, the series would be exactly the same except for Mokuba growing more awkward.

Funny story: that card was printed before Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, so for a while there was no way to summon it.

You mean in the TCG?

Jesus, why did they start adding so much text to cards?

>watching all of Yugioh for the first time
>that filler arc with Kaiba and Mokuba's brother
>really neat origin story with Mokuba giving Kaiba a bootleg Blue Eyes
>"this is cool"
>finally on to the last arc
>jk blue eyes is Kaiba past life girlfriend or something
This is the worst and might literally ruin this character for me. God damn it. Dumb.


>jk blue eyes is Kaiba past life girlfriend or something
To be fair, that was revealed way before the bootleg card flashback. Or at least that Kaiba's past life used to use the Blue Eyes a lot.

Wouldn't you just summon it but with no way to use the effect?

Outside of BEWD-related cards, what is up with Kaiba's obsession for clowns?

The bootleg BEWD was anime original filler, user. Just like the rest of that arc.

>realized I did this when I was a kid
>go to Sup Forums catalog
>autism thread

I don't believe I'm autistic.
I have a perfectly normal social life when I was growing up and up to now.
I do pic related to enhance the story in my imagination.
Children who enjoys playing by themselves are not a sign of autism. And LEGO knows this.
What's your experience Sup Forums?

Past life using is fine. I can't get over how lame "actually a girl" is.
I just figured they'd do something along with his brotherhood family thing.
Like when the connection was with him and little brother, him being a child who puts his favourite trading card everywhere is lame and compelling. Past life girlfriend is just significantly less... riding the line between a fucking loser and cool dude.

I know, it's why I said 'filler arc'. Better origin than past life gf, fucking lame.

Why doesn't he age?


Why did he lose 7000 there? I thought Obelisk's attack did 4000 damage

Trading Card God knows better than to mess with perfection.

He already looked like he was in his mid 20s so he was left as he was.

GX is what, 8-10 years after DM? He wouldn't age that much anyway.

>Literally bodies everyone who isn't Yugi or that one duel with Dartz.
>Only win

Cute. Yugi is a plot armor cunt with a shit deck.

You can sacrifice monsters and add their attack damage onto Obelisk's. The 2 he sacrificed had 3000 total bringing it to a total of 7000.

>he tries to murder three people on live television
>they let him open a school for children

pls watch this to understand how deep yugioh is

KaibaCorp is the closest thing the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe has to a government.

>skips over being dominated by a one-eyed ass bandit

Honest answer here, I would probably do the same to my younger brothers just to mess with them

Why isn't yours?