noitaminA event in less than 24 hours. I hope we get a PV for the movie.

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Megumi a best
Eriri a second best
Utaha a s___t



cock teaser

Can't wait for the movie.

Megumi a best
Eriri a BTFO
Utaha a sex

>megumi boobies

Eriri a shit

100% agreeable if you swap Megumi and Eriri around.

Except Utaha is more BTFO than Eriri. Tomoya at one point loved Eriri. He never felt that way about Utaha.

Utaha > Mayu = Megumi > Michiru > Izumi >>> Eriri

Eriri a best.
Megumi a cute.
Utaha a shit.

Reminder that Saekano Memorial will be released on March 20, Eriri's birthday. A perfect present for her.


Utaha is a joke heroine.

Reminder that best girl Megumi won in the canon route while Utaha will win in her spinoff leaving Eriri in the dust as the only heroine to not get a proper happy ending.

Megumi is so best she won twice. Once in the novel and another time in the movie.

Psycho-Pass S3 and Kabaneri S2 when?

Pink dress figure

Yeah, I want to read about how Megumi and Tomoya fuck like rabbits.

Sadly, the only new content is interviews and a side story on how he got into high school.


Commercial for Saekano's art exhibit.

RIP wallet.

There's more coming right up.

I got the dakimakura with this design. I wonder what the figure'll look like.

Are they selling any exclusive items at the event? I'd really be interested in an artbook of Kurehito's work for the series.

Probably, there are goods anyone can buy and goods only ticket holders can buy. They'll reveal more info later.

Good to know. Thanks for the info.

I hope we get some nice tapestries from the event.

Utaha a best

a shit.


>Utaha a Eriri
Makes no sense

built for breeding endlessly


The face of a loser.

But there aren't any Utaha flags in the latest chapter either. We do know Mayu and Tomoya spent a whole week together at a hotel and are on a first name basis now. Maybe she's just jealous.

>But there aren't any Utaha flags in the latest chapter either.
Who needs flags when the spinoff is literally hers? Other heroines don't get spinoffs to simply lose in them as well, it doesn't work that.

why does she cry T_T

>Utaha a second best
user, please learn to count

Will the movie make things lewder?

RIP dick.

The LN foreshadowed Utaha wouldn't win KM.

>The LN foreshadowed
The LN isn't connected to this story.

Vol 10 literally told us the ending of KM, and there are many parallels between Megumi and Mayu to be just a mere coincidence. Utaha and Tomoya aren't compatible.

It's a what-if on if he didn't meet Megumi. V10 had a scenario like that.

homegirl is saying "I love you" to aki in the second text bubble

and then he says something like leave it to me in the next chapter and then utaha's crying at the end

It's more like an alternate scenario where Megumi and Eriri aren't in the competition, which makes it more sad. The only way that Utaha can win (be realistic anons, Mayu will lose) is in an universe where Eriri or Megumi are absolutely absent.

>where Eriri or Megumi are absolutely absent.
Don't try to make Eriri relevant. She isn't. Had she been in this spin-off she would have lost as well. Megumi is the real competition. Look at what happened with the spin-off of Eriri; Megumi was simply too strong, and popular. She's leagues above them in terms of popularity.

I don't see Utaha losing. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

Eriri would crush Utaha. She was his first love.

What drugs are you on? Eriri still won in her spinoff regardless of rush ending because it got axed.

Nope, as long as Megumi is there Eriri and Utaha can't win.

>She was his first love.
And that means shit. Utaha would have still won since this is her spinoff. Just like Eriri was his first love in the novels yet lost as well, because it's basically the novel aka canon route belongs to Megumi.

I sure hope they're baiting us but I feel like mayu is a better match for him; he looks up to utaha too much as an unattainable idol sorta, and utaha approaches him in the most virginal and desperate fashions possible

>Don't try to make Eriri relevant.
But she is.


Who is more flat, Eriri or Mayu?

Eriri. Mayu isn't that flat according to that pic




Report on the Saekano event at C3AFA.


Link to livestream. Apparently it starts in an hour.




Yes. Flat is perfection

How would you have done Eriri's spin-off?

Make her win

But how?