Murata is streaming

Next chapter is 69 pages long.

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Spreadsheet for reference.

He said this is a Garou no haikin haishin.

A stream for Garou's back muscles.

This is gonna be a great page.

Hot pot this chapter? Fubuki will want compensation for that bill.

Murata confirmed we’re getting the hot pot this chapter.


Inner cover, tope pagi desu-ka na.

Yeah, an extra cover. It's apparently one of the top pages for volume 16.

This is a top page, Murata just did say it

Oh, so it’s not part of the chapter. Hope he’s getting back to it soon. Seems like he did make several pages already offscreen.


He’s so graceful

Does Muruta normally stream in the wee hours of the morning?

Can't believe how quickly he inked this. Now just gotta wait for vol16 to see it in hq.

Back drawing the chapter?

Not really, lately he's been more into evening-night streams though because his assistants leave the studio and he can turn the audio on. He likes talking to fans.

No, he's drawing a volume disclaimer page. You know, with the sign.

Daily reminder this monster did draw this

Bomb cut up his sign. Amazing.


does a gag hero manga really deserve this kind of artwork

That's a big chapter.

What a thug. Only him and Garou cut the signboard. Not even Boros did it.

For you

I was just going to say that reminds me of someone.

Well Boros knows what honor means.


Made Golden Sperm in 3d yesterday.

It's not about honor but style.

I'd really like to se the raw drawing, without the computer shading etc.

First 10 pages, probably Garou waking up and MA scene with Tareo meeting them.

Vol 13 Viz version is finally out.

>"Why do I have to hold some fucking sign?"

I think it's Saitama's squad meeting at his place and (probably) the hotpot. Plot should come after that.

thanks, user

It has been available for like a month already, if not more.

>this dumb faggot is back

just spam your trash on the discord server attentionwhore

also that sperm looks terrible, bad proportions

That site only updates physical. Not digital

I'm not talking about this site. The Viz vol 13 was already available last month on madokami.

I don’t like Garou or Fubuki.

Cute contents page.

The universe being so beautiful and detailed is part of the gag fool

I know. That's what I'm saying

It's not always about the hero, dumb-ass. As a matter of fact, it's almost never about the protagonist.

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I wish the Viz releases didn't have such an awful amount of jpg artifacts.

At least, Waifu2x saves the day.

Murata is off to bed, his deadline is probably next Thursday. I wonder if he's going to stream parts of the chapter now. So far he's only streaming volume extras. At night.

A week for 55 pages left + some of the volumes content to finish, nah, I really doubt it. The week after on the other hand, that should be good, be it at the start of it or thursday.

He sometimes does like 10 pages a day. If he works fast and doesn't stream a lot he may finish the chapter for a Friday release actually. If not, then Monday. We'll see.

>and you ruin the opm fandom

Damn man, you're pathetic.

> He sometimes does like 10 pages a day.

I'm pretty sure he doesn't do FULL pages when that happens, like he would already have done the sketches of those before. It depends on the actual content of the pages too. If it's some sexy Fubuki or a complex monster he's likely to take more time than usual. If the page is mostly made of one panel with Saitama's face, it won't take long on the other hand.

He's right though, he goes looking for attention everywhere OPM related, if people are so interested in seeing his shit why not just followe his twitter or deviantart or whatever. That should be on drawfag threads.

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Well let's calm down here. Why not attack the fag after he spams the whole thread, which he didn't do this time?

Well one page takes him 2 hours on average according to himself and he can consistently do 7 full pages a day. It's been a while since he received the storyboards, he must've sketched quite a bit if he has a spreadsheet ready and he already completed the beginning of the chapter. Next week's Friday is doable at least but they may not want to rush it to avoid digital editing mistakes.

No, because he's wasting one post of the thread by posting new content, that could have been used for Garou shitposting instead.

Nice, now get back to the futa

I'm not attacking him, I was defending the other user attacking him because he's right. There's no reason to defend that attention whore, he just wants more patrons.

> he just wants more patrons.

Where was the patreon ever mentioned? It's neither in the post nor in the video nor in the pic.

>he just wants more patrons.
You're giving him too much credit user, sometimes drawfags just wanna share their shit with the world. That's why it's good to give constructive criticism like:
Fix the back muscles, wtf's with his feet they're like a little girl's, legs too short, torso too bloated. Fix it.

It could've been a post with another glorious Garou GQ cover user. A shame the drawing Murata did in this stream won't be available until next volume's release. It'd make a great magazine cover desu.

Shut up or else he'll do a 3D Garou next. I'm not sure I wanna see that, even if it's passable.

Why'd he spread his shit as wide as possible if he didn't have an ulterior motive? There's much more specialized threads with many people that know how to draw and can give better critique. He either doesn't want real criticisms and only wants pat on his back, or he wants to cater to thirsty OPM fans.

>legs too short

How so? They're the length of the torso+head, that's a good size.

I wish Murata did a colored drawing of this look to be honest. Maybe in Volume 17.

> Why would someone that makes fan content want to show it to other fans

A mystery.

Bless muraCHAD

How many?

Because only a small fraction of those fans actually want to see that, and encouranging this behaviour only leads to more and more leaches coming to self promote. Have you never visited any website?

user, like, read the OP.

>Because only a small fraction of those fans actually want to see that

Sorry but your opinion isn't that of the majority. Real fans prefers seeing actual new content rather than complaining about everything they can and shitpost.

Ok you got me, but everything else still stands.

Holy shit this looks like a better Golden Frieza than the real deal.


>gatekeeping with bad fanart
It's simple as this. This thread is for OPM and Murata, not for discussing some random fag's fanart. Are fanfics allowed now? Can I post any 39 page long Genos x Sonic fanfic I find along several posts, and that's fine? Where's the line? Besides you can't say a big part of the thread wants to see that, there's a reason the thread is majorly more active when Murata is actually streaming than when he posts his weird inflation fetish shit.

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I actually agree with you believe me, it's just there's worse shit out there in Sup Forums threads, this isn't even remotely as annoying.

>I hate OC no more of that here only shitposting

>wtf's with his feet they're like a little girl's,

Eh, I'm not particularly bothered by those. Gouketsu was one thing, he had some street fighter tier proportions going on, but Golden Sperm should be more "slender" in my opinion, a taller and more buff Garou.

Not that scaling up his feet would take long.

Stitched it

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Good stuff user. Fantastic cover.

I think there is something in between him spamming his content and not posting it at all.
I can understand why you are annoyed when he spams his weird gay inflated art, I hate it too, but in many instances he has shared some amazing content such as his 3D Elder Centipede or his other normal works.
So I don't see the need to call him out every time he posts something, I think that as long as he doesn't get carried away with his weird stuff it's fine and appreciated.

>So I don't see the need to call him out every time he posts something, I think that as long as he doesn't get carried away with his weird stuff it's fine and appreciated.
I agree, on this particular time I was defending the other user who did attack him, because the fags unconditionally defending him are even worse.

You can see abs and back muscles at the same time.

How does he do it, Sup Forums? We don't deserve Murata

>when he spams his weird gay inflated art

Plenty of anons asks for the futa doujin on the threads. And with how rarely it's updated, I don't see where the "spam" is.

> Your D-os

It's Do-S.

Murata will probably spend the rest of the week finishing off all material related to Vol 16 and next week he will focus 100% on the chapter.

Chapter 89 is the last one for Vol 18.

I doubt he'll need 4 more days to finish the content. It looked like he was mostly already done.

> colored covers
> b&w covers
> sign board
> character presentation

With how much ONE is focused on the main storyline recently, I think we won't get extra chapter for this volume. He just finished the storyboards of the incoming chapter.

You are right that he doesn't spam the futa, but he did spam his inflated 3D models in the past. Considering many of us are disgusted by it I don't think it's fair to have the thread filled with it. Just that.

>Your D-os looks like a street fighter character.

How ironic is that, Murata loves SF girls.

>inflated 3D models in the past.

You're being so ridiculous on that. The girls are thicker than the way Murata does them, but nowhere near exaggerated enough to call them ""inflated"".

Different user. He hasn’t done the volume characters page, he did the contents one. Inner cover is that one Fubuki cover that he couldn’t put into the dine and dash chapter because of space restrictions. Garou is the top page (next to the sign one with Bomb). Gatling’s squad is either a colored back cover or another inner cover.

That leaves the characters page, one more cover, after chapter sketches and any redraws/fixes/additions for the volume. Shouldn’t take him half a week though.

Wonder if he did more content offscreen.

He DID already take care of 11 full pages already after all, and knowing him, that means he probably already sketched others.

For some reasons he's not streaming them, even though they're all from the start of the chapter, so probably nothing that important. Saitama & Fubuki coming back, and RR's group coming back as well.

Well, he draws faster off stream. Probably streams volume extras to unwind during the night these days.

Anyone else thinks this scene could get the Berserk's eclipse treatment? Lots of potential with showing the sheer ridiculous amount of cells with some spreads.

Hell, looking back, Black Sperm actually looks a bit like Beherit' faces.