Maitreya, whose name means "loving one," has a caring and generous character. The metta, or "loving-kindness...

>Maitreya, whose name means "loving one," has a caring and generous character. The metta, or "loving-kindness," after which Maitreya (Metteya) is named, is a traditional Buddhist mindfulness practice in which the practitioner emanates good wishes and loving thoughts toward particular beings.
>Awaiting his destiny as the future buddha, the bodhisattva Maitreya now sits nearby in Tushita Heaven, one of the blissful meditation domains, contemplating how to save all suffering beings. He also may appear in our world, incarnated as a bodhisattva. He awakens our hopes for the future and our responsibility to future generations.
How will Phos save the gems, the moonies and the admirabilis in the end?

Phos will become the Lelouch of the gems and make all the gems except Shinsha hate him and sacrifice himself and destroy Sensei, himself and the moonies all at the same time.

Also he will make Shinsha be the one to slay him and make him the hero in the eyes of gemkind so he will become accepted in their society.

>seven treasures (七寶). Seven Treasures Gold, silver, lapis lazuli, crystal, agate, red pearl and carnelian. They represent the seven powers of faith, perseverance, sense of shame, avoidance of wrongdoing, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom.
>In a letter known as On the Treasure Tower, Nichiren associates the seven kinds of treasures that adorn the treasure tower with the seven elements of practice, writing: “It is the treasure tower adorned with the seven kinds of treasures—hearing the correct teaching, believing it, keeping the precepts, engaging in meditation, practising assiduously, renouncing one’s attachments, and reflecting on oneself”

Are you saying that phos is an Oni?

which of the seven treasures does the current phos have right now?

all except carnelian

I love Phos!

I need a new chapter

Wait she has silver? Or in this case does the platinum she has represent the silver in this case? I'm assuming the red pearl is represented by the pearl the lunarians gave phos right? Is this crystal the phosphophylite that makes up her current body as well?

yeah, the treasures can be sort of substituted by other minerals
Carnelian will probably be some other red mineral, like Padparadscha

Phos is dead, long live LaPhos

Why do the moon swords look so stupid.

they look lewd to represent that decadence and perversion comes from the mind

so sexy

Can phos even rebuild all of the ground up gems? I'm pretty sure a lot of them have already been consumed by the Admirabilis. What can phos do if this is true?

Harvest the shells of the snails

What I couldn't remember or figure out was why when phos got the gold upgrade she lost the appearance of her enhanced legs. She still appeared to have the ability they granted though

Rutile put powder on it, remember?

gold is heavy. If he dasnt have legs, he cant move

I love ALL phos! Phos is the cutest!

Phos got self conscious about how weird her body looked and got the legs powdered after the other gems woke up





How do gems blush when they have no blood?

Inclusions plastically deforming the internal structure of the gem produce a red colour.
I like the interpretation that they blush in whatever colour they are rather than red since that would make a bit more sense, but then you would still have the question of how they appear to sweat when worried about something

Deal with it, snowflake.

I miss Long hair Laphos.

Forgive me user for all of my sins.
Please don't grind me into dust and spread me across the moon


His prayer engine got broken.

While this is very likely given what we got, still Phos should ask. The "break him" plan makes it sound like he is choosing not to pray. Of course choosing such thing should mean that is broken, but it would be nice to know if he would pray if he could and cant do it or if he cant pray because he is broken in such a way that he cant wish to pray anymore, or if he can pray and is not doing it because of personal reasons.

I think Sensei would have told Phos if he could have, seeing as he seems to have known or at least suspected what Phos was getting up to

>Bluezo was actually a kpop boy band member
I want a goddamn comedy spinoff where everyone is alive and happy, damn it!

>tfw Phos is just a cute, rebellious, teen gembutt

>rebellious teen phase lasting for hundreds of years
oh no

Create your gem bands
Handsome kpop group:
>Short hair Phos

Cutesy frilly dress idol group:
>Red Beryl

Death metal group

now that I think of it, why would sensei (which I one day hope to become so that I can headpat the gems[male]) scultpure them a butt but no genitals? you can sit down with your legs crossed better with no ass

Time to praise Euclase!

>chapters come out once per month
>enough time to reread whole thing between each chapter
I bet some of you already do this

why do you think I bought physical copies for

I'd pay to see that

I just caught up on the anime so I'm going through the manga now. Might buy physical copies, the manga is better than the anime in certain aspects

Butts have nothing to do with genitals. They're there because your legs need them to work.

>tfw just realized ive both watched and reread the series in between both the recent chapters
This series has become my life.

that's not really what I meant, I don't udnerstand why he had to made them look this cute and, at times, erotic

Phos is a slut, sluuuut.

Is sensei can't prey hitting him a few times might solve the problem and if that doesn't work destroying him will certainly solve the problem.

Fight me irl you little shit

whered you get this vrodie


In fact he CAN pray, he prayed for Shiro and he was "freed" from his soul existence.

My wife Phos is PURE!

>Haha, take that you stupid prayer machine.
>Ok now what.

Are you a sundry moonie? Put Aechmea in charge again please.

I think it's kind of ambiguous in that case whether Sensei actively did anything there or if Shiro passed on by itself.
Unless headpats were the answer all along.

go away niggers

>becomes a shell of ventricosus
>amethyst twins
>brief stint with bortz
>shares body with lapis
>redpills multiple other gems
mhm, pure, despite being with nearly everyone

cry me a river, homo


>Ok now what
Now we live in peace because the lunarians have no reason to kidnap us anymore

Phos is a true player

>Never really thought much about Ghost Quartz and haven't been thinking about HnK for a while.
>Last night I had a dream that I was Ghost Quartz and we were all getting ready for winter and it was cozy as fuck
>I started dozing off and Bort scolded me for being weak
>Went out of the sleep room to get something from the library
>Tore my garment
>Got scolded by Red Beryl for doing so
>Went back to the winter sleep room
>Woke up from the dream

What the fucking fuck now I feel this weird connection to Ghost Quartz. This is fucked up. I thought Genki Phos was my gemfu but now this is weird what the fuck what the fuck s/he's in my dreams.

>Agate legs
>Gold arms
>Lapis head
Nigga she's a walking gem STD

Dreams can involve anything, don't sweat it. I had dreams about many different anime girls and I knew some of them only from doujins.
Some of them appeared in quantum superposition.


Well I'm gonna post Ghost anyways because now I just feel compelled to.






>the ancient vicious beings full of hatred and suffering with enough technology to completely enslave or wipe other races surely wont do anything to us since we destroyed their only mean of salvation

Are you the original Phos?


Phos will probably be able to pray the lunarians away once he obtained all of the 7 treasure, so don't worry everything will be fine you just have to believe in him.

What should I draw Phos in?

A tutu

Plaid shirt. Too big for gembutt. Unbuttoned.

Here ya go user


Damn I didnt expect this to be so good. Great job user!

Nice work user

Not that guy, but it's from the Pseudomorph of Love artbook.

Was that ever fully scanned?


Thanks for the kind words, anons. I love this gembutt and I will keep drawing this gembutt.

Here is your unbuttoned Phos looking sleepy.

Can you do something with Obsidian changing into a swimsuit?

Don't think so, lucky I bought a copy.

going to post a few pictures I like from the concept book I got the other day



I have a hardness of 10 right now, user


LaPhos will never be MY Phos!

>standing alone
Haha haa

I just realized that now. "The blue oni and the red oni", right?
>The list differs among the Buddhist scriptures. According to the Lotus Sutra, the seven are gold, silver, lapis lazuli, seashell, agate, pearl, and carnelian.
>Seashell and Agate legs
>Gold and Platinum (instead of silver) alloy arms
>Lapis Lazuli head
>Pearl eye
All but Carnelian. Although we are still debating if the Carnelian will be replaced with another red stone.

A grinder... or a Lindl dress, if you draw original Phos.
Also, if drawfriend who draw gemdress is here, when are you going to draw Zircon?

Your Phos is dead!