When will Japan show female nipples in anime like Netflix?

When will Japan show female nipples in anime like Netflix?

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You are 60 years late

That's not what we are waiting for Japan to show.

Dick & pussy?

When you've watched more than 10 anime

I thought most people get into anime because they see animated nipple?
Is this the state of neo-Sup Forums, desperate to even see an anime tiddy?

Those boobs look really weird, not that I have any real life experience on the matter

You mean like in almost every fanservice anime in decades?


>watching ecchi garbage

Weird how? Most boobs aren't exactly identical. They're twins, not clones.

Watch more anime and lurk more, netflix shill.

>Sup Forums comes to Sup Forums

You got raped kid. Now fuck off.

Should I watch Devilman Crybaby?

This. Japan needs to overcome its fear of MALE nipples.

Too far apart and their height is different, might be due to movement of course.

Didn't Highschool DxD show nipples on the TV broadcast?

If I have to take both to get one of them, then sure. If both are in the same scene though, no problems at all.

holy shit fuck off

Tons of shows do on AT-X.

Kill yourself, newfag.

Who wants to see saggy tits like that? Loli nipples are what we need.

I wish Japan doesn't edit pubic vagina's

Hairy vagina's are nice and tasty

>being this triggered


B the beginning was surprisingly devoid of any nipples or ass



Guys, I think OP just wants to see anime tiddies, nobody can be that dumb here.
How does converting a video that was originally 30fps to begin with create the smoother 60fps video?

boobs aren't balls, they're bags
when laying down they would flatten

The 60fps meme is done with a program that adds frames to videos based on an algorithm.
It honestly can look good sometimes but most of the time it's just unnecessary and odd looking.

Pretty realistic in terms of what big boobs look like when lying down. Reminds me of that one Faye scene in the bebop film.

Thanks, I was wondering. There I think it looks good, but I've even seen some where it makes it look more jittery.

Broadcast laws.