B Gata H Kei

So...what did it look like?

Meat curtains

A B horror movie monster.


Probably perfectly normal, she's just being a self conscious teenage girl.
Or maybe it had pincers I don't know.

it had a moe fang


A turgid, flagellating mollusk fresh from the brine.

Completely unrelated, guys, but I found this twig.
What do you think about this twig?

Like salty milk bags.

wow that looks cool, by the way check out my elbow.

This show was so bad it turned good. Almost dropped it after three episodes, but i sure am glad i didn't. Still felt like i could have watched something better at the time.

baggy sand milks

those threads were good times.


Get back to work on the Tsukihime remake Nasu.




rhino chan so cute

>tfw you'll never go to Japanese love hotel to lose your virginity

Like an open wound


Shit I forgot how great that character was.

>Show is too lewd for doujins
Who every made this doujin law or whatever needs to be fucking shot.


Like someone wrapped a firecracker in roast beef.

Like salty milk bags.

man now I want a burg

Kiss me baby~

This was just a mindless ecchi show.

>better than Yukarin, Hocchan, Mamiko Noto, KanaHana, and Yuu Kobayashi in a lewd comedy series

ill trade newfags for tripfags any fucking day

im guessing you were one of the latter


You say I'm premature I just call it Ecstasy


What's with gays and being deathly afraid of vaginas.

Well look at that thing.
If that's how you saw pussy, you'd be gay too.

But the joke is that that's a gay artists interpretation of a vagina. No one can say that picture looks anything but horrifying, but any heterosexual man knows vaginas do not gape, are not the size of your fist and aren't round like someone pulled a cannonball through it. Da vinci loved cocks and it's almost a unviersal sentiment among gays that vaginas are disgusting. I'm just wondering why that is.

But I can keep going without stopping after the first time

And to think Arby's couldn't be any more of a travesty.

Who is she or where is she from? The image searches have failed me

I'm pretty sure your post just halved the average IQ in this thread.

the thirstiest loli from the thirstiest anime.

Oh shit thanks, now I got it, I thought I was in a different thread and I watched this show when it aired so I only remember the mc and main girl. Thanks user.

you have to be kidding me m8, did you type that with your knuckles like a good cave man ?

Maybe he just had a very negative first experience with a fat old whore who'd spat out like 15 kids over the course of her life. I assume those weren't terribly uncommon in those times, and in fairness to him you only have to see something like that once to turn you off to the idea for good. Still, nothing's quite as gorgeous and desirable as a pristine virgin cunt, a shame he never got to see one.

t. faggot

try whatanime and you will find the way. Also be careful, mods are fags and they can ban for asking sauce.

What did she mean by this?

she was implying she was going to smear butter on her pussy so the doberman would lick it off

Yeah thanks anons, I was being dumb and I found it

>hope solo

Finally, an excuse to post this

it's that emrakul


Its canonical she has a bush

Why WOULDN'T you watch coal guys?

>Upon entering high school, her dream was to have casual sex with 100 men

Genetic marker distaste to control population. Dynamic of nature.

Who are you quoting?

Torrent description?


>implying virgin sluts aren't highly sought after
And since current industry standards won't let almost any major female character be a non-virgin they're plentiful. If anything actual sluts are in the minority.

It gets better.

Some times I think Diaz was right to destroy fansubbing

Thank the dark lord for professional subs, amen.

Seems like a waste of butter.
Why not just take the knot?

Japanese women are small...a prolapsed vagina for them is death for them.

She's so bad at it, though.

I did a marathon rewatch just the other day, and it is still one of the most amusing anime I've ever seen. I think I'm like one of about ten people who really loved this one.

Yeah now you have no alternative for shit like that. Congrats

The manga was so good. I wonder how many people missed out on what turned into a realistic vanilla romance because of all the slut stuff at the start.

>tripshit thinks he's special

First thing I thought too.

as ever, nee-san best girl

Crazy Yuu is a national treasure.