Were you supposed to root for Louise?

Were you supposed to root for Louise?

I miss Rie Kugimiya

Why root for flat when left has delicious curves?

question, is she descendant of the japanese pilot stranded long time ago? I remember MC found a WW2 Japanese fighter in one of the chapters-

Obviously. Louise is best and she has the hottest body.

>I miss Rie Kugimiya
This is me

I miss her so much. I watch any show where she's in where she voices anything but a little critter

Yes, but Tabitha is also fine.

I hope not.

We needed this scene in the anime.

Give her child bearing hips and DDs. Absolute perfection.

Did she die or something?

Keep her flat and give her child bearing hips

>ever rooting for a serial MC abuser
That would be pleb taste, OP, so no, nobody was supposed to root for Louise. Some people chose to anyway, thus betraying their plebeian preferences.

No, it's a tragedy where a spoiled, incompetent and volatile noble destroys the would-be hero by forcing him to abandon his kin Siesta to a life of servitude while the pink-haired abomination follows him back to wreak havoc in his own world.


Yes, unless you're gay and are a normalfag who don't like sexy loli.

The maid? Yes.

>sexy loli.
Nice oxymoron

I'll take right all day and all night.

cool, thanks

He called it. Why are you even here?

What are you gonna do about it?

Save your soul and convert you.



They're probably just gonna shitpost like the insecure flatfags they are.

>triggered normalfag

she just does mascot characters now, like vyrn in gbf or this thing

>all he can come back with is "normalfag! normalfag!"
Lame. Enjoy your empty soulless serial MC abuser. If you can.

>mad normalfag who doesn't belong here

What happened to her career?

I'm sorry, who is triggered here?


That scene should have been included in the last season. It's missed its chance. The best we can hope for is to get an OVA for the Memorial Book.


Louise thread.

>seething normalfag

Time wasn't merciful on her. I still remember people shitting their pants over that picture with Sugita during a Gintama promo and how they both looked like shit but that was already like 3 years ago.


Wow, she really became an actual old hag, didn't she.

Which Louise is the best Louise?

I bet she's used goods, too.

Trick question. They're all shit.

Trick question. All of them.

2 is shit, the rest are all good


Me too. Doesn't even have to be a loli character - I just need that nostalgia fix.

We all know why you would be attracted to a girl like Louise.


All are good, but 1 will always be best on Louise.

Best girl won reminder.

Uncontrollable desire to rape?

It would never reach the level I would like, since the amount of convenient censoring in the anime was already too much.

Japanese folks age drastically, they look well up to their mid 40s and then age catches up to them with a vengeance.

Still a great seiyuu though.

not canon the author died so this is a fanfic.

>Found some info that is in the memorial book.
>Yamaguchi-sensei had intended to write a sequel about Saito and Louise's kid.
Fuck ;_;

The only important part is the voice, appearance comes from the characters.

I wish I could have married the other Rie.

I wanted more reverse isekai instead of a time skip and a new MC.

Imagine. Grand adventure style isekai that follows Saito and Louise's son and younger DFC daughter.


>younger DFC daughter.
The family line of perflat genes must continue and evolve from Louise's mother.

The purple hair royal chick is best girl

>backstabbing NTR queen
>best anything

Anime Louise is an annoying cunt, H doujinshi Louise is top tier sex material.

Got that right

Agreed, user. Pinkfags ITT are all faggots.

>backstabbing NTR queen
Those are lies


What about when shy blue hair(I think her name was Tabitha or something) threatened to steal MC away from pink hair


Slut was confronted and put in place by the wife.

Why was his "death" so shit in the anime? LN was much better.

Oooohh, that's a beheading

She didn't do it. Her lust for the D isn't that strong.


Wasn't Louise willing to share?

Some people are just into NTR instead of wanting a lovely and faithful waifu who'd give up her life for you.


Louise is pure and from a respectable and traditional family. One wife only.

Not really. At best the meido has some kind of agreement where Louise might let her have some time with Saito, but not as a legal lover or something.

Yeah, that's totally the reason

Saito doesn't want anyone other than Louise, and definitely not some backstabbing bitch.

Half the reason.

You don't speak for Saito, Louise

Why is she called backstabbing?

Tabitha is the only other choice, certainly not the queen or maid.

I totally forgot about that confrontation.

>the wife.
I forgot the timeline considering how old this is, but were pink&mc even dating when queen tried to date mc

I just found this, if it was translated correctly.
>"Saito, hey, you know, I have a favor to ask."
>"You know, I do not mind you seeing other women, or even doing this with one of them but..."
>"Please do not die before me. Please promise me only that. I surely could never endure the fact that you're not by my side."

Shana was the only good tsundere clone, the rest need to die in a fire.

Because she was supposed to be Louise very good friend and she tried to initiate an affair with her man.


Their relationship was beyond the stages of dating. But they weren't married yet because countries are at war and they needed to focus on that first. Saito tells himself that Louise is his one and only and expresses his thought after serious circumstance compels him to reflect on his feelings. Louise is more straight forward, ironically enough, about her feelings and no matter how many times Saito does something wrong or they have a spat that puts a wedge between them, she always forgives him.

Was that after he returned from his death?

>princess treated Louise like shit when they were kids
>Louise still considered the princess to be her best friend and would do ANYTHING for her
>Louise is pretty pathetic at this point, so the princess doesn't really mind her
>was even ready to die multiple times for the princesse's sake
>Saito even considered the princess to be his rival towards getting Louise, sine Louise cared for the princess that much
>the moment Louise gets a bit farther than the princess in one aspect of life, finding love, she literally can't take it and goes behind her back to try and destroy it all

That's banter to mask a more serious concern (dying and not coming back). In truth, they do mind if one or the other does it with someone another girl and guy respectively.

Volume 18 chapter 1. One time when when Saito decided to wait again, and then the author died..
>After a long kiss, Louise began to feel in her hips an unpleasant feeling.

Its made worse by the fact that no matter how much Louise and Saito loved each other, if he happened to fuck up by getting the Queen pregnant or if she announced him as her lover, he would probably be forced to become her husband while Louise would be just a simple concubine. Surely that slut knew this and tried to seduce him anyway, knowing that it would irreversibly damage her relationship with someone who is apparently her good friend. Henrietta was a piece of shit.

Wasn't that the hot spring scene? She says like 10 seconds later that she can't do it, she wants Saito to only look at her, and Saito wouldn't have it any other way.

What a cunt, I only read and watched the part where he "died". In the LN the where the Princess showed up she wasnt that bad.