Was it good?

Was it good?

Personally, i really enjoyed it. The way there wasnt a central plotline, but instead each episode was it's own thing, stood out as something positive for me.
(most) haracters were also likeable, only thing i can think of that was sub par was the barely intelligible intro/outro.


Yes it was good. it would have been my this was my AOTS of not for MiA

>Was it good?
How the hell would I know? It's still in my backlog.

I loved it. was very fun to watch

Watch it then

If that walking trashcan Hero Academia can get 2 sequels, this should too.

It had every ingredient for a masterpiece but relied too much on exposition dumps for worldbuilding and had an incredibly rushed plot with one of the most underwhelming endings I've seen in an anime.

I'll marathon it like I always do with every anime.

>Was it good?
Yes. First anime that convinced me to buy BDs.

Great series, though some of the SoL-like episodes left me wondering where they wanted to go with the plot. And then they ended it pretty safe and unspectacularly. And I would have liked it if more episodes were like 1 and 2.

Ange is my fav girl.

Mechanical girl best girl

Dorothy made me watch this.

It needed more Dorothy.

Need more Dorothy x Beato.

I wish I was Beato.

It was decent. I think it would have been better if the main plot was a bit stronger and there was more a feeling that they were achieving things with their missions rather than just dicking around. Plus it seemed like they wanted 2 cours to flesh out the world and characters.

How is this even a thing? The one episode they had together? Was more about Dorothy and her dad than Beato. Is it acknowledged by the seiyuu/staff at all?

We have a containment board for a reason.

Go and stay go.

Well, in the mobage they always do cute shit together. Even in the Valentine's event there's Dorothy giving chocolates to Beato.
I can see them teasing the pairing even more if a S2 happens.

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Yes, you've got one. Go there and stay gone.


>replying to the shitposter
Brainlets, will they ever learn?

How can someone be smart enough to understand PriPri but still respond to such shitty bait?

It's probably the same user who kept asking for episode charts.