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Endgame right here

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the end to his game maybe

Translation here

>save me pieck-kun!


EMA endgame right here brodas

Why do you keep doing early threads???

Why do you think he created all that smoke?

He had levi help him fake his own death.

So levi can sneak up and help him fake his death in front of marley.

fujos are retarded

He likes getting raped by Levi. At first it was supposed to be part of the keikaku but he quickly found that he liked being manhandled by Levi so he purposefully gave him the opening to rape him as hard as he can. He likes that Ackerman beating. It feels uniquely tasteful and spiritually fulfilling at the same time. As though Eldians exist for the sole purpose of being taught their place by an Ackerman. His royal blood yearns for an Ackerman's tough love. It's his destiny.


because that's what happens when you throw heavy shit like he's done every time he's ever appeared in the manga into a bunch of collapsed buildings?

Our boy Jean is as good as dead unfortunately

Who is going to end up killing Ga(r)bo?

Falco and Gabbi are here to stay. They are the MC's of the remaining portion of the Manga

so we're all in agreement that:
>willy planned to be killed
>willy expected and wanted the eldians to attack during his event
>zeke is a turncoat working with the paradisos

what magath and the warriors are doing though makes no sense

It's just like that girl who almost shot him. He's hesitating and someone will shoot him instead, and Pieck will survive.

But he didn't hurt anyone, and leaving the fucking Cart Titan to protect him from an Ackerman sounds pretty fake

>>willy expected and wanted the eldians to attack during his event
He didn't expected it to have such a magnitude

Cart Titan was right next to him

>p-pls mr manlet have Reiner and Pieck but don't cut me again

And to think Armong's retardation ray has gotten so powerful that he can make Porco make bad decisions. Most impressive

Can you find 1 (one) reason for Jean to NOT shoot?

What's even the point of that? From there on out SL will just feed him to someone else because he's already dead anyway. Maybe he indeed is too much of a pussy to kill the other warriors and the cadets himself.

falco is the only sympathetic and likable paradis character

He will shoot.

"Annie is dead" fags BTFO.

What I meant is that Porco and Pieck only needed to protect him from the Ackerman sounded forced, Zeke knows they have no chance against Ackermans. Zeke might be annoyed because those two weren't supposed to be there

Falco is not for Paradis.

So is Levi even more OP now?

He looks like he is throwing it to the ground and he is not hitting anyone

Dumb question here:

Every serum that has been seen through the entire manga, is from the beast titan?

Falco has inherited the Suffering Survivor trait from Reiner. Gabi will push him away and get blown to bits, thus baptizing him as the next sufferer.

>There's no stopping this chain of tragedies

He is already sympathetic, he will hesitate and Gabi will shoot him through the eye. Atleast one member of TL has to die during the battle from a story perspective.

No. He has always been an unstoppable killing machine.

No, I think the prevailing theory about the Serum is that it's just Titan spinal fluid. The reason why the Beast Titan's serum is special is because Zeke has royal blood from his Mother. Anyone else and the his serum would be the same as all the others.

Yeah I can see that happening

The hardening serum wasn't from him, and its likely any spinal fluid from any titan, even dumb titans, can make more titans.

Is Mikasa going to Kill Eren? she doesn't even wear the scarf anymore

Except Magath, a big ass guy, is holding the 12 years old girl down. Jean will kill Falco, I'm telling you.

Jean will shoot, that's the point of his last arc. You want to bet?

Jean will hesitate, but Mikasa will swoop in at the last second and stab Gabi through the heart to save her husband.

Sasha is the real MVP for that shot.

Mindless titans are a result of the beasts fluid. Armor serum is either from warhammer or from armor titan, others are a toss up.

Why? they rocketed the shit out of those turrets anyway, it was entirely pointless.

Shipping Jean and Mikasa in 2018

I bet you a Papa Johns's gift card with 17 dollars and a free reddit meme voucher that Jean dies next chapter.

Well fuck me in the ass and call me grandma, it could be a thing now

You mad LMwhale?

Only because she killed one of the gunners and distracted the rest with his death. It made it safer to take the shots.

Good translation when?

Was manlet inside of the BT?

I'm afraid you're the one being btfo sir.
Eren tried to bite Maid-chan and only after that attempt did he conclude that her crystal is as hard as Annie's crystal, this means that Eren tried to bite through Annie's crystal in the past and he failed.
This means that the SL tried to inherit Annie's titan in the past, this means the SL don't give a shit about Annie's life.
You're a fool if you think in 4 years they haven't found a way to break through that shit. Annie is dead.

So what the fuck is Vanguard Titan's power? I thought it would be that he can make more titan flesh easily (even to create entirely new titan bodies, not only regeneration) but you would think the warriors knows what is Vanguard's power so it makes no sense for Porco to be surprised in that scene

Someone update the chart

>wasting a titan with royal blood
God you are fucking retarded. They need Zeke

They have Historia, they don't need Zeke. Only for this, but he's outliving his usefulness soon.

Eren + Mikasa will win.

what's wrong with her right eye?

It closed lad...

Man the fact that Mikasa doesn't love Eren anymore is a little bit sad.


>they have Historia
Why the fuck you think Eren didn't tell anyone in the court about how he needs a titan with royal blood? They know people could sacrifice Historia and they aren't allowing it so Zeke is their last chance

Isayama doesn't know how people use iron sights.

So Zeke and Eren confirmed working together
Armin confirmed dyke and we have yet another "i gotta lose muh humanity" speech incoming
Annie is most likely out, either eaten or alive but out of the crystal.
Jean will get killed for treating Falco and Gabi as kids, Gabi will kill him for hesitating just like the Arabs


Zeke is wearing a 3DMG and escaped

Sasha cleared 90* sector of the sphere around Doggo for the next attack.

He's not a heartless murderer like Eren.

You think in four years Eren wasn't given shit for very obviously outholding information? It's not rocket science to put two and two together, also.

We got confirmation that annie was not eaten so she's clearly helping Eren as foreshadowed.

She wants Jean's dick now

And they fired the first thunderspear from head on and the rest from above, so that's kinda moot.

We have a saying in our country, 'Face of a war isn't female one'.

Eren isn't a heartless murdered his killing all these people for the greater good of freeing eldians.

He's surprised because the ragetard is recklessly using up power.


But that's correct.

We got confirmation that Eren was activaly trying to find a way to eat Annie.

Forget pic.

and jean is at fault

if he hadn't failed miserably at trapping porco/pieck he wouldn't have to hesitate killing falco and he wouldn't have to consequently get shot by gabi

and all because he wanted a beard

That's the point, it's not just Eren's titan power so what the fuck is his power?

So we're all in agreement that's Zeke's not dead, right? How does he survive that? Armor?

Eren = heartless mass murderer.
>he killed millions to save himself.

Jean's moralfaggotry is why Mikasa loves him.

Dude, you can't murder people in a war.

He's going to shoot.

He's a jack of all trades.

That's ok Eren doesn't give a shit about that ship, if anything he will fuck annie when she's freed from her prison then he will eat her.

it doesnt matter as porco lost his shit as soon as he saw the nuking, the defence was broken and both he and peak were not supposed to be there anyway

maybe thats why zeke switched sides, he saw the writing on the wall: marley will lose

Fuck, I feel like I'm competent in English just enough to become a SnK translator.

I want him to shoot, and Pieck is disposable, but Isayama likes to subvert expectations.

Falco has got plot armor

Jeanbo is so fucking handsome, and way better at everything compared to eren

Armins shockwave was greater than Berts. Is he going to be bigger?

Sorry, but the only person that wants Eren is Flocke.

when did Flocke become so based

His dick is