I sure am glad I watched all that anime

>I sure am glad I watched all that anime

>I sure am glad I shitposted on Sup Forums

>implying I plan to live that long

this is a bigger issue t b h

Oh my show count and episode count is going on my grave stone. Nobody will know what the numbers mean.

The average person watches over a billion hours of TV in their lifetime, I don't think a few congolese sock puppet shows will make all the difference.

If not anime i would have killed myself already, so yeah.

>not posting the Tonegawa shitpost

>I sure am glad that at 3:00 EST, March 7th, 2017, I posted a funny shitpost onto Sup Forums (now dead site).

Cursed image!

If you read nurses accounts of what people regret on their deathbeds, it's usually to do with working too hard and not making enough time for family and things you enjoy.

Watching my favorite series was unironically the best decision I've ever made.

It doesn't work without the girl in the background.

Fucking this, with how unhealthy I am I'm probably gonna die early anyway. If not I will just kms, seeing old people struggle to remember a name is fucking sad

>implying weebs have anything to live for
everyone who uses this board deserves death.

not my fault. I did what I could. too many outside factors determined my downfall from the start. nothing can be done about it, no reason to worry over impossibilities.

Bit rude desu

Something about that picture just isn't right

Does this image make anyone else feel uneasy for some reason?

>I sure am glad I was a Reifag during this life

>I sure an glad anime helped me to make it this far

Fuck you Tonegawa I'm having the time of my life

>106 KB

I actually am glad I watched all that anime. It's a decent media that makes possible a lot of things otherwise impossible on live tv.
Following any serial show live or anime also provides emotional support and a thing to socialize over with other people even if those people are disgusting neets from online cartoon fapping imageboard.
While not as inspiring as achieving something big in your life anime is not that much below average in terms of what you may be doing with your time. Much better than be stuck doing things you don't like, like slaving on a shitty job or serving a prison term or be stuck in abusive relationship. And you probably lacked talent to achieve better things anyway, or you won't be here.

>not just skimming all the 7/10+ anime

But I enjoy the things I watch? It's not the number that counts but what you gain from it.

a 7/10 anime is too good in my book to skim

>Not watching several anime simultaneously at 1.5x speed

Why is Fukumoto so great?

>I s-sure am glad I wasted a metric ton of jeez on cartoon woman

better than a 3d woman

You can't "waste" it. According to science each male can produce enough for every female on the planet

No they don’t. I know you didn’t mean it literally, but I’m an autist.

Oh boy, I'm not even 30 but I'm sure I'll watch'em another 30 years.

I don't know, dumping two years of goo in one woman seems wasteful.


>You can anger Sup Forumstards by simply just watching anime.


95 days of anime seen according to my MAL

i hope i can break 100 within the next year

Fucking Tonegawa the master of strawman.
>all this legit shit.txt
>And this is why you are all going to die for our amusement now, kids.


wait 5 days is 360 20-minute episodes of anime

that's 30 12 episode shows wtf

If I live that long, I'll sure be glad about it. There's nothing else keeping me alive.

some people watch that much in a single season

Or as we know nowadays, one season.

I mean yeah. If I wasn't having fun I wouldn't keep doing it. Is that not the same for everyone?

It worked for Sword Art Online.

Yes Sup Forumstards sure hate anime.

You can try to troll the buyf/a/g thread with that, they eat your kind by handfuls.

>literally watching everything airing in a single season, even the gay stuff for fujos