Wolf Children

>Wolf Children

This was downright sad, why didn't Sup Forums warn me about this?

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This movie was great. Japan is too pure to partake in furfaggery. All furries must hang.

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I don't know what it is with the films of this director. They're great but there's always a part that ruins their overall mood. I don't know if it's just me, but I always feel like they're trying too hard and not quite there yet.

Bakemnono no Ko - entire sequence with Moby Dick bullshit
Girl who leapt - Aunt explaining time travel in detail
Wold Children - honestly can't remember what even happened at the end

The ending was the best part what the fuck are you talking about? I was smashed and I remember it perfectly

I think I stopped caring around the time the kid became an edgy teen. Mother dies and he realizes his mistakes, yeah?

At the end the boy left for a life in the wild, hence she lost him forever, whereas the girl was struggling to adapt to civilication

i laughed and turned this off when the father's corpse got tossed in the trash.

The whole series is a metaphor for coal burning. The wolf is supposed to represent the common negro and the mom is the coal burner. In the span of about 2 years she goes from a youthful college kid with endless opportunities to a single mother with 2 children that can’t find a job and gets kicked out of her apartment because she can’t control her mongrel children.

Burn the coal pay the toll.

>The ending was the best part what the fuck are you talking about?
>I let my 8 year old boy live in the wild by himself but it's okay he's an adult in wolf years!
Fuck that pissed me off so much.

You're an idiot but you have a point. Our parents gave up their freedom to raise us. We should be thankful every day. Thank god I'm never gonna breed

See that's what I'm talking about, director tries too hard and something gets lost in the process. Maybe he's trying to be the next Miyazaki with some pants on head retarded messages, it just doesn't work.

well shit this makes perfect sense

I only really had a problem with Wolf Children. Girl Who Leapt was really boring, but a well-made movie and I can see why people would enjoy it. Summer War's was pretty fun overall. I actually really liked Bakemono no Ko but I have a thing for coming of age films like that and the whole Moby Dick thing at least felt consistent with the themes.

>Feeling empathy for furries

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Wolf Children is my favorite Hosoda movie, family settings always hit me hard. For me it was all about the hardships of the mother and how she managed to make their family work.

The line that really gets me manly tearing every time is when she says in the ending "I haven't done anything yet for you!" to the furson and he almost rushes back to her, before actually running to the top of the precipice and making her see that he became an adult wolf. Goddammit I'm weak to this shit.

Really disliked Bakemono no Ko, the first half was fine and cool, but the second half was completely bullshit, I just remember really not liking it, some romance put on top of that and some kind of stapled on conflict that really didn't mash well in my opinion.

>For me it was all about the hardships of the mother and how she managed to make their family work.
The movie kind of broke my suspension of disbelief when it went unnecessarily out of its way to shit on the mother.
Like yeah, we get it, raising two wolf-human hybrids is hard. No need to literally make her homeless and have big scary guys banging on her front door because the kids were crying.

>whole Moby Dick thing at least felt consistent with the themes.
What? Did you even read Moby Dick? the entire thing was so out of place and random

The movie itself explained how the whale was just a reflection of the protagonist and the protagonist was trying to "overcome" himself, which runs consistent with the themes of Bakemono no Ko of dealing with resentment born from childhood and the MC "overcoming" it.

It was a little on the nose but I still liked it.

It boils down to both of her children choosing their own path and growing up. The daughter decides she wants to live a human life and rejects the wolf in her while the son decides the exact opposite and joins the community in the mountains. You can’t be both. It’s symbolic for adulthood.


I understand the themes behind it, but he's still just a tiny boy. How would he know he wants to abandon civilization and live as a wolf?
I mean, I've helped raise a couple siblings myself, so I know my way around kids. It's hard to see the MC being anything but a terrible mother for letting him go.

>Sacrifice life and future to raise half wolf offspring
>Son decides to reject society and live in the mountains
>Will probably get shot by some drunk, wound will get infected with gangrene
>Will die a horrible, slow, agonizing death while infested with parasites and filth
good job appreciating what your mother did for you, fucking retard

I'm with you on this one, user. I couldn't suspend disbelief about his magical wolf side taking over, perhaps because the movie didn't do much to explain how wolf people work.

Why should either of them have to deny one aspect of themselves? The whole idea that they either had to conform to society absolutely or become filthy animals living in the wilderness is absolutely mental.

I just thought they were too young to be making literally life-defining decisions. The girl's was understandable as she lived as a human all her life, but the boy was still in elementary school. I thought it would have been more understandable if they made those decisions in high school.

>Japan is too pure to partake in furfaggery

I think the boy would have been a neet and killed himself he he had stayed as human.

Was girl who lept throught time completely retarded to anyone else? I watched it dubbed with my sister and her husband and all three of us just thought the plot was retarded and didnt end up making sense ultimately. How could they fuck up a dub so badly?

can you please not compare those other two abominations to my wife hana?

I kept comparing Girl Who Leapt Through Time to The Butterfly Effect the entire time. Honestly though compared to his other films Girl Who Leapt Through Time felt more thematically shallow.

>Japan is too pure to partake in furfaggery.
Google ケモナー.

>furries suffer: the movie
I don't see the problem.


And then, after she sacrified her own dreams to raise a family, her kids dump her hard. Her teenage girl goes to the big city where she will probably become a slut while her young boy literally goes feral.

Those couple of years that she was fucking the negro/wolf completely destroyed her whole life.

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Parents aren't there just to love you, they're also there to guide and protect you.

After her husband died because he didn't know how to provide for his family, you'd think the mother would raise her children to live with themselves in a healthier way. Instead she does such a terrible job they both end up thinking the only way they can live is to either pretend to be like everyone else or sever themselves from society completely.

Now her kids are probably just going to end up making the same mistakes she and her husband did. Her son is going to die in some ditch, and her daughter is going to get knocked up with halfbreeds and be forced to give up her life and go into isolation to avoid being seen as "not normal".

The message "you have to choose between absolute conformity and absolute isolation" is just fucking dumb. Every human being needs to learn to balance being who they are and living in society. The father's mistake wasn't being both a wolf and a human, his mistake was never learning how to live a healthy life as himself.

You're not alone. Mamoru Hosoda movies are so-so for me. The more I think about them the more I start disliking them mainly because they kind of build up to the 'moment of emotions', but then I see them and they don't manage to reach me.

Mind you I very much enjoy getting emotional with entertainment media, but it just isn't there with his movies. And this is coming from a guy who cried at the ending scene of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

I like the way you think and I mostly agree. A recent example of this dissonance between my beliefs and whatever the Japanese director intended happened when I watched Koe no Katachi. I don't mean to derail this thread when we all know how hurt people get over this film, but it genuinely made me mad because of the way it managed the themes of suicide and the social retardation of the MC.

I surrender.

too unecessarily sad fuck japan

The dub was great though. Andrew Francis was awesome as Chiaki.

What makes the movie so unsatisfying is how the conclusion makes no sense in the context of the story.

We're supposed to empathize with the mother and her relationship, but under the ideas the movie presents for how wolves should live, she never would have met her husband in the first place. He would have lived and died in a forest somewhere, and their love and their children would have never been.

The movie depicts wolves as unnatural things that must be kept out of sight at all costs. By extension, this paints the father as irresponsible for daring to try and live in human society, and the mother as impulsive and shortsighted for wanting to make a family with him.

As it's drawn and presented the movie screams "bittersweet joys of motherhood" and "wolves are cute and misunderstood". But as it's written, it says "impulsive short sighted slut ruins her life by hooking up with street tramp" and "if you're not normal then you're worthless in society".

This was such a terrible film.

>Japan is too pure to partake in furfaggery

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It's sad only if you concentrate on sad parts.

In the end it's a single mom successfully raising children, nothing sad about that.

depends on your definition of success

Eeeeh, son is debatable, but he is probably raking in the wolf puss.

Daughter definitely made it. Beautiful, popular in school, has a bf.

yeah until she gets knocked up with puppies and has to abandon all of it just like her mother

>single mom
That's the very definition of sad.