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"By the way, I might have asked you think before, but"
"Do you have a favorite dagashi or something, Hotaru-san?"

"Look, Kokonotsu-kun. The cherry blossoms are beautiful."
"They're pretty, yeah."

181st Sweet: Umaibo (Part 2)

The cherry blossoms bloom, Spring comes, and...

"Wait, no, that's not it."

"When we're flower viewing, you're supposed to shut up and look at the flowers!!"
"This coming from someone who would prefer the dango over the flowers..."

"I guess you really can't pick a favorite then?"
"There is no need to."


"T-then... I think I've also asked this before, but"

"What's your favorite Umaibo flavor?"

"Saya-shi and the others are late, hmm. I guess I also invited my brother, but I wonder if he'll come?"

"Seriously, stop being so persistent."
"Persistent...?! I'm not being persistent at all, though?!"

"It's fine, isn't it? Maidens have things they would rather not answer after all."
"I'm just asking your favorite flavor..."

"Hold on, you say that, but Hotaru-san"

"When we first met, didn't you ask me what the best mix of Umaibo would be?"
"That was really troubling to me, okay?!"
"Oh dear, that did happen, didn't it."

"Then, at least! At least these two!"
"Corn Potage and Cheese! Which one do you like better?!"

"Wait, Kokonotsu-kun!"
"What is it?"
"Corn Potage and Cheese are the two most popular flavors even among Umaibo flavors."
"Yeah, true."

"Great choices..."
"What's with that reaction..."

"Right, which one?!"

"Ah! By the way, Kokonotsu-kun! Did you know?"

"On the mentaiko flavor packaging, there's a professor drawn on it, right?"
"Yeah, that obviously crazy professor with freaky eyes..."

"When you look closer, he's actually surprised by Umaemon,"
"And he's not actually crazy."
"Huh? Oh, you're right... It's like Umaemon was the result of the experiment..."

"I hear that from the design files, he's a gentle person who is understanding of the naughty Umaemon."
"Oh, huh... That's unexpected..."

"Hey!! Don't try to gloss over my question with interesting trivia!!"
"Was it interesting?"
"Sort of!!"

"Then, how about this!"
"Here we have the Corn Potage and Cheese Umaibo!"

"The two Umaibo are about to fall off a cliff and are asking for help, who do you save?!"

"Why are you doing this?!"
"If I don't go this far, you won't decide, right!!"

"Still... Isn't this too harsh?!"
"Who cares! It's just an example! Now decide!"

"Of course, there's only enough time to save one of them! Go!"

"No way... Which one...?"
"Something like this..."

"Ah... AH.....!"

Carry on.

"I can't chooooooose~!!"

"Ah, Coconuts, you made Hotaru-chan cry! What did you do?!"
"Uh, well... How do I explain..."
"You shouldn't make people cry~!"

117 now




Looks like a deito.




>Hajime-san wasn't invited




that's all for today


Are they dating now or something
she has to watch the shop

>it's a "Kokonotsu and Hajime accidentally advertise Shikada Dagashi as a delivery health company" chapter

Thanks for the new typesetted chapter. I forgot to mention this last time, but when I watched last week's episode, I heard Saya saying ちがうちがう and I realized I was wrong about the context I was arguing for here. She really was getting off to the idea.

So it's March now. Just couple of chapters ago, it was Valentine's Day. Kotoyama is really picking up the pace here now considering that during the summer section, he had 107 chapters devoted to about a month of time. I wonder if the final chapters are going to be over a longer period of time rather than skipping weeks.

Oh, so he WAS her brother. I had the suspicion, but the different name threw me off

His actual name is "Shidare Beniyutaka", but it looks like he went and started calling himself "Yutaka Beni" when he left the estate to strike it out on his own. In one chapter he even claims that "[he is] not a Shidare!"



So she's into reverse NTR?

SAY-SHU! dayo wa go te ni!

This isn't my reply and it was deleted from this thread, but I'll reproduce it from the archive:

>for the user that was talking about 'want to see that', it's pretty obvious that Saya thought it would be interesting to see, but then realized she was losing sight of her objective
>which is why she reacts in the next panel to her unconscious thoughts
>it literally is 'out of pleasure' but then she realizes that herself so she self-tsukkomis
>basically 'new fetish awakened'

saya mistress ending incoming (NNGGH!)