Choose your Pokemon

Choose your Pokemon.

Great now I have to go through taht garbage to find this scene




God I wish I had a foot fetish.

Which one has the smelliest feet?

first one prob although high socks make me diamonds
found the gay user


Is it weird to find stepping and stomping arousing but not licking? I also am fond of thigh highs and other legwear rather than bare. Out of these I'd go with left

i choose shift-click

Yes that is weird, you might be in the closet or bi

you are a man among men

You need to show what the middle is capable of, though.

Middle, of course.

Option C.
Very nice.

>footfags like the worst girls

Right > Left > Mid



What are their stats and typing?


Raphi because she's actually the most dominant of the 3.
Priscilla was a fake bith who got grossed out when Subaru actually liked her feet, and 02 was just being playful.
Now Raphi, she's mistress material.

02's feet have maxed out DEX.

Why over the others?

As long as she ties me to the bed blindfolded, sits on my face so that I nearly suffocate, then edges me 74 times before making me beg her to let me cum on her belly button, then she can be my mistress.


Middle is the only one that would love me back

Me on the right


Raphi loves her toys, user.

Footfags need to get stomped out of existence

the girl on the background knows what's up


But thats what they want.