When will Sup Forums accept the fact that Illya is the best Fate Stay/Night girl?

When will Sup Forums accept the fact that Illya is the best Fate Stay/Night girl?

I wholeheartedly agree.

Smug Ilya is best Ilya

but you're wrong, it's Taiga
even Shirou knows this and would kill Rin to save Taiga

Reminder that Saber is the most feminine

>Passes as a man for her entire life
>Actually had a penis at one point
>"Most feminine"

The VN, sure. The franchise? Absolutely not.

Its in the VN

It's a fact of life.

>canonically crueler than caster

I prefer her Mom.

Taiga is best girl

Illya a good girl she dindu nuffing

explain? i haven't read the vn

>ywn find out you have a cute, petite, smug onee-san

Read the VN.

I like my girls with a bit of edge, thank you.

Never, that would require Sup Forums having good taste

But the VN is the peak of the franchise

This is objectively true and the primary reason Prisma is such a travesty

Just out of memory I remember that she turns Shirou into a morbid nut-cracker doll in one of the bad endings if you end up complying to her demands while stuck in her mansion. She's just that menacing throughout the first half of the first route.

I still haven't read/watched it. Did they really change her that much?

>she turns Shirou into a morbid nut-cracker doll in one of the bad endings
And another bad end has Caster turn Shirou into a meat wand and uses him to kill all his friends and win the War

Prisma Illya is a completely different character.
I still like her a lot but out of Prisma's main trio she's the least like F/SN Illya.

Actually, Ilya is second to Caster when it comes to the amount of bad ends they cause.

Caster actually offered Shirou his share though, unlike Ilya

Medea is pure though


I actually like F/SN more for the bad ending scenarios than the actual canon. I was always excited to see what kind of messy situation I could get in next.

I already have.

Never, because it's Sup Forums and Sup Forums has shit taste.

Ilya truly has no heart, that said I always pick Sakura over her too

Best at dying.

I accepted that fact when I first saw her.

that one is ded

>you will never take revenge on ilya
Why even live?

it was always between her and Rin

How does she stop Gilgamesh or Herc?

Use Shirou's power to kill them, probably.

Saber is literally best girl. Imagine how God tier her and Shiro's children would be.

I accept it.

Reminder that China Dress is god-tier.

Technically she did have a heart, that is, until Gil stole it.


How about a new FSN game that has a Rider, Illya, and Taiga route?


As soon as Nasu finishes the Tsukihime remake.

under what context would Rider directly partner with Shirou?
what purpose would Taiga serve the plot?

you DoN'T KNoW HoW MuCH i'D KiLL FoR THiS!

Well taiga isn't getting any younger

None of the girls except maybe Taiga and some background characters is the best Fate Stay/Night girl. They are all a bunch of bitches that Shirou is forced to be around because muh timelock.

Discard thots; keep to your dreams, become a Hero and die knowing you accomplished your dream.

Calm down Noire.

Wish you would use a different picture. Kuro looks like she has fish eyes.