I'm planning a rewatch of the Fate anime. Do I watch Zero first or UBW? Is the DEEN adaption worth watching?

I'm planning a rewatch of the Fate anime. Do I watch Zero first or UBW? Is the DEEN adaption worth watching?

interested as well

Everything else is garbage.

Read the VN

Seiba is cuter in the anime though

Thats wrong

Zero then UBW, skip DEEN

So F/SN VN and then Fate/Zero LN? Do I have to chose choices in the VN or is it just clicking next?

Well desu, wrong choises are the best part of VN

>Is the DEEN adaption worth watching?

None of the anime is worth watching.


Zero being my goat


Is it that bad?

its mediocore as hell. Its got a few decent moments, but the route itself is the worst one, so dont expect miracles

This thread has convinced me to read the VN. How long will it take? Is FSN the only VN I have to read?

Which VN do I download?

> How long will it take
It depends, if you read a walkthrough and avoid bad endings then 40 hours or so
>Is FSN the only VN I have to read?
Yes, althought if you want more there's also the sequel, Hollow Ataraxia.
Download the patched realta nua one.

60 hours

Are bad endings relevant to the story at all?

2014-07-14 - Fate Stay Night [Realta Nua] (patch) (digital release)>

Eh, not really, but some of them are worth reaqding, specially Spark Liners High

Will reaching a bad end cause me to start over or something? Should I play it blindly or just follow a walkthrough?

I thought Realta Nua took out the sex scenes?

Nigga save before choises and always pick ban ends, they offer more insight to characters than anime

Opinion time.
Fate/Zero: 8/10
UBW: 6/10
DEEN/Stay Night: 4/10

You could do a lot worse than the DEEN show but it's not good by any measure. Its greatest sin is just being boring. The VN isn't a remarkable feat of writing but it has its strengths: It's impressively atmospheric, there's a certain complexity to each character, and the narration goes into pretty deep examination of the topics that the story is actually about. The DEEN show dispenses with all of this. The music is bland, the pacing makes no sense, the characters' motivations are poorly examined, and the plot is a weird mashup of events from all three main VN routes (and some bad endings). A lot of stuff was replaced with stupid filler for no apparent reason. Scenes that had CG in the VN are drawn the same way, but in almost every other case they get the tone wrong. Jokes are misread as serious speeches, and vice versa. (The famous "people die when they are killed" is one of these.) All these boneheaded maneuvers combine to make the characters and story seem much shallower than it originally was. It just ends up as a bunch of noise with no coherent message.

The one thing I'll compliment it on is the voice cast, but you don't need to watch the show for that. If you play the VN with a Realta Nua patch, the voices you hear are theirs. (The original version of the game had no voice acting.)

The english patched version usually leaves the sex scenes+new CGI
>Will reaching a bad end cause me to start over or something
Awalys save before a choice
>Should I play it blindly or just follow a walkthrough
Playing blindly is kinda fun since there are many (stupid) ways you can die, it does have some charm, but it can get kinda long if you play it blindly and have the bad luck of making bad choices.

I meant new CGs. I should go to sleep.

There are just no voices during sex scenes, because the VAs recorded the dialogue for a version of the game that removed them

Ah, right. Thanks



This. As most people would say, read the VN first if you can, but it's not strictly necessary.

Always play the VN for the Fate route.
It‘s well worth the read.
UBW has a great adaptation, as has been mentioned, while the HF one isn‘t completed yet. I can however recommend reading all three routes in the VN. Zero is just good in general, watch that after finishing the VN.

30-50 hours per route. Increasing in length with each one if I recall correctly: Fate

>is the first part worth watching?

> it's not strictly necessary.
>UBW has a great adaptation
But that's wrong.
The point of F/SN is the character of Shirou and the UBW anime cut any of his internal monologues.

That‘s why I said OP should definitely read the Fate route. The VN will always be the superior way to get the F/SN story. But if you don‘t have the time or don‘t want to read through the whole thing for whatever reason the anime is just fine.