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When will Sup Forums admit that Mitsuzuri is the only acceptable non-servant waifu in FSN?

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But she has no femininity until she's used goods.

go home Medusa

What's the rout name where Rin marries a fat bald dude

Yes, Shiki MkII is definitely a good Fate girl but she can't surpass the original, not even with Shirou meme magic.

Can't remember, was this in Fate or UBW?

For as long as Himuro is also about.

Fate has someone (try to?) molest Mitsuzuri, UBW has Shinji spreading rumors after she gets attacked, HF puts her in the hospital.


Also, what the fuck is wrong with her ass? Shaft is better than this.

>raped by Rider AND Shinji in all routes


>Shittalking Sakura

That isn't how this works.

>I want to save everyone!
>but this little dyke should get molested in order to learn about feminity
Was it autism?

>Shaft is better than this.

Wait, what? Wasn't it Rider's/Shinji's doing in Fate as well? Including the rumors?

What the fuck happened? Did they blow all their Monogatari and Madoka money on hookers and blow? More than they usually do and could actually afford, I mean.

>"Sakura is awake"
>"Then she should be in the kitchen"
Maybe a little
>"Seibah shouldn't fight"
>"Because she's a girl"
Or maybe Shirou is just oldschool sexist

Or Nasu is simply a hack.

No, in Fate it was literally some random guy on the train or bus or whatever as far as we know.

Nothing bad happened to her, thus it was fine - which basically sums up Shirou's view on dangerous situations.

Fate route was a mistake.

Apocrypha was a mistake

Fate has Shirou throwing off All the Evils of the World, which is still one of my favorite scenes.

I pretend Apocrypha doesn't exist.
It had some cool scenes, but overall pretty dull route, especially compared to UBW and HF.

Mitsuzuri explicitly has a thing for older dudes

The only good route tho

was the lolicon shit that was greenlighted for a million seasons a mistake too? Or not since it brings in money to make more other fate stuff?

>>was the lolicon shit that was greenlighted for a million seasons a mistake too?
Not really, it has better fights than most of the 'serious' series

Ironically, Shirou might be the least sexist about Sakura. He coordinates household chores in tandem with her, doesn't bat an eyelash at when she walks across town at the dead of night, and splits the bills with her.

She might as well be one of the guys, except for the times he pervs on her because she went from Saber bust to E-cup in six months.

Even the entire
>She must be in the kitchen
as much as we meme about it isn't that sexist.

One of the first things from SN is Shirou complaining that Sakura is depriving him of his time in the kitchen more and more often.

It's bizarre when Shirou's a fucking house-husband in the making.

Surprise surprise, Shirou applies different standards to himself than he does to other people.

Quite the opposite for me.
Yes, because it's garbage. I don't give a fuck about "other fate stuff". I'll be done with this shit franchise once HF movies are out and, if the fags at Type-Moon will it, we get a HA anime.

I mostly feel the same way but isn't there some sort of tsukihime reboot planned? I'll watch that

I've read the whole VN and don't remember seeing this. Where is it from?

I wouldn't mind a Case Files anime. The Servants stuff got rather dull other time, I'd rather see more stuff focused on mages or the Church.

Ah yes, the Tsukihime remake which has been in the works for what? Near a decade now?

Despite never having read the Tsukihime VN, it's part of the "old" Type-Moon that I'm very fond of. I'd be definitely intrigued if it got an anime adaptation.
I read a bit of the Case Files and I found it rather boring. Wasn't written too well, if I remember right. Still, could potentially make for an interesting anime, as long as they don't shoehorn the newFate bullshit in.


>Despite never having read the Tsukihime VN
Why are you even commenting on what is and isn't acceptable TM material when you haven't even read the basic essentials, exactly?

I knew this would trigger some autistic faggot. Fuck off, the thread is about Fate/Stay Night and the discussion was strictly Fate-related up to that point. I don't have to read Tsukihime to voice my opinion on Fate.

I have to wonder how much Ayako's presence in that dream is Rider's preference, and how much of it is Shirou's, given that in HA he mentions them as the school's two beauties, and in the Shrine section Archer even comments that he'd forgotten how goo Ayako looked in her archery uniform.

Don't care, kill yourself. Fucking tertiary shitters.

Stay mad faggot.

I have to wonder if the Yuri Kissu was a deliberate reflection of Rin's own skewed preferences, or just Rider being Rider.

No more (You)s for you, I'm afraid, you greedy little bitch. You already ousted yourself, so we're done now. Shoo.

I'll give you a (You), just before I go to cry myself to sleep for not belonging to your secret autistic club.

Is she Arthur? Then no

I disagree about Taiga, but im glad to see im not alone on the Best Girl




Good joke.

>Fate thread
>muh old classic TM I hate everything after X point
>a few people actually discussing power levels in a nice and cool manner
>FGO did this posters
>salesfagging a spin-off that obviously wouldn't sell as much as route adaptations or prequels
>that one guy who is genuinely upset over some newer work and people enjoying it
>waifufags punching each other
>that one secondary that missed some information and is screeching about how it's not as good as his Urobutcher
Did I miss anything?

Got bored of being ignored in the Watamote thread, huh?

What are you talking about?

>a few people actually discussing power levels in a nice and cool manner

Wew nice joke

Because Caster is perfect.