Are you ready, Sup Forums?

Are you ready, Sup Forums?

Isn't the gay also a leaf?

The white dude just looks fat rather than bearmode.

This actually looks interesting.

Is this the doujin where the two “gay” dads pound the adopted little girl’s loli hole every night.

Not that one.

>there's a "that one"
Go on

Why do Japs always go with twinky pretty boys and huge fat/muscular bara types? No in-between. Jocks are better than both.

I think you are thinking of the doujin where the two lolis adopt a dad and pound his hole every night.

>real loli is sexier than manga loli


Do you mean the doujin where two lolis have their uncle babysit them and they rape him every day?

Now we're fucking talking.

>birthrate declining
>"hey, let's do a film promoting homosexuality"
Why the fuck is Japan so retarded?

Based on true events

Here's your inbetween.


woop woop



And nothing of value was lost.

>Last volume scanlation never because "its already lincesed in the US, lol"

Why does the art look like some western shit from tumblr?
Is the mangaka half westerner or something?

Why did they not choose to hire a powerlifter or strongman that actually looks like the bara gay gaijin, the one of the photo looks too fat.

Also a little should not wear something so sexy.

This is the best post I've seen on Sup Forums in years.

I'll watch it

It doesn't help that the manga loli is built like a bodybuilder

She's missing her thigh highs. Ruined.

So her brother isn't gay but his husband is gay?

You're past the tipping point. There's no going back now.



My guess is that he is speaking japanese with a right amount of accent.
He is Estonian though and Mike is supposed to be a Canadian ginger.

The rainbow seems excessive but I'm guessing they thought it would be effective for marketing or something.


To be fair, I didn't realize which one was the gay one, but the rainbow made it super obvious.

Le heterosexual face

This question is going to come up with each thread isn't it

MC is a single dad. He had a twin brother, that twin bother got married to gaijin-san, gay couple. The twin died, and gaijin-san decided to fly to Japan and get to know his husband's family.

Well. That got sad pretty quick.

What happened to his wife though

it's gengoroh tagame, that's pretty damn tame by his standards really.

To be fair, he's wearing a pink triangle in the manga cover.

I can hear the sirens in the distance.

They got divorced

>A super niche film is going to plummet birthrate even more
Are you THIS retarded


Welp going straight to jail arent you

It is creepy.


You're under arrest

put me in the screencap.


Why is he so small

you're a straight guy

They're just big guys

he's not, canadian bear is just a big guy

How are you enjoying the (You)s?

I hope you enjoy your jail time.

Maybe his butt hurts

For dudes

I'm enjoying them but I'm confused.

Look at that power stance the loli has, conveys her strength, bet she doesn't need help to secure adult men in her van.

For you.

for what reasons? Seems like a throw-away show to be disregarded or even dropped to me.

I bet she doesn't even need to lure them with rock cds and beer

Why is everyone overreacting to this

It's a good read. I actually cried at one point.

He's just hiding his big guy.

I hope you mean cuter.


someone just got v&

I prefer cakes

Because Tagame spent his entire life drawing draphic and disgusting gay porn. He also can't write for shit.

This one may be tame, but it's not any better - the manga is boring and the drama's cheap.

Fund it
It could save DC

Looked him up and apparently he was influenced by the west. He's full Japanese though.

What did he mean by this?

2345234 hours in paint. I tried.

>slav country

Tell me the story about the black market living doll doctor who dismembers foster girls by paying off nuns and then selling them to the rich and powerful around the world.

(You) call that a screencap?
THIS is a REAL screencap

Normalfags fear the pedophile

That's hilarious bro you gonna upload that to facebook?

And as a result of this Russia is never letting a gay adopt again.

They couldn't find two fit guys for this?

It's for the "epic screencap" so they can repost all over other social media. Bunch of delusional retards who keep seeking self-gratification on Sup Forums

How did he manage to come up with some a quick-witted reply in less than a minute?

Wait... What did user posted?


Screenshot from shonen anime, it's a banable offense on Sup Forums

It is pretty much the obvious reply.

>Is the mangaka half westerner or something?

Nope. Tagame is full Japanese, born and raised in the Land of the Rising Sun

Google PTHC and you'll find it

>Art style
>Anything to do with nationality
Are you fucking retarded?

Missed the best part

Did they actually hurt the boy or did he just have sex?

>implying there's no massive gap in quality between japanese art and western art

>blue shirt
>make it green

fucking japs i swear to god

>pink jacket
>make it white
nani the fuck?

I've done the same many times. When you lurk all fucking day for years you get a strange sense of humor that most anons share and act quickly on it.

the fact that he's holding the kid's cock right in front of the camera shoulda been a red flag

user I...