No, seriously, no memeing... how was this allowed?!

No, seriously, no memeing... how was this allowed?!

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Japanese hate niggers.

epic meme

What's wrong with it?

Can you pinpoint what was so wrong?

this has nothing to do with blacks people theyre not allowed in anime

What's wrong?

No one gives a shit about blackface (or whiteface) in Japan. Comedians do it all the time.

Blackface is pretty frowned upon outside of your basements.

I literally can't see what you're on about.

japan isn't touchy crybabies about making comedy out of different races and nationalities

Yes, how was this allowed? And all those idiots enabling another idiot like OP


>Love Lab thread
Haven't had an excuse to post this in ages.

OP confirmed for being a triggered nigger

only in the states

>love lab was 14 years ago

Not in Japan, where there is no history of it.

How was this allowed?

Can't you even tell the difference between this and OP?


Not the anime. Not yet.

Lack of cultural context on their part.
I'd say it's excusable since it isn't really born out of malice.

Also, new chapter fucking when Royal?

>ywn be huggy

Fuck off and die.

I want my season 2.

Oh yeah, wouldn't have fly in the usa haha.

>no, seriously, no memeing
That's a fucking lie and you know it

What would kissing Maki be like?

Japs are the most racist people on the planet

Even Japs should be aware that doing blackface is fucking racist

very wet

They did blackface for a skit recently (like Christmas or New Years) and got into some shit about it, I don't know what happened after.

>What is Jynx and Mr Popo
There's an importance difference between awareness and not caring.

They are aware, they're just fucking racists. They literally think black people aren't humans


That was the chinks

Blackface is not inherently racist. It's just that America had a period where blackface was done in a racist manner. As we all know, American culture applies to everyone in the world. So now blackface is automatically racist even if it's not inherently racist.

I want the SJW faggots to leave.

>This person has big ears, haha!
>This person is short, haha!
>This person has dark skin, haha!
It's all the same to them.

Honestly, as a yurifag, my biggest misgiving with Love Lab was that after all the girls got love interests, it stopped being a CGDCT entirely and became a romantic comedy. I'm not against moe shows with strictly heterosexual girls, but I don't think you can balance both developing their boyfriends and constant group interaction


Every one should hate niggers

I just read/watch CGDCT if the yuri is strong and no het allowed.

Who cares?

ah herro mai ferou waito americanjin
Ok, why was THIS allowed?

Fuck off, the less retarded western standards imposed on grorious nippon the better

I look exactly like that. Who do I sue for identity theft?

Bullshit, you don't have a convertible or a gf

>the most xenophobic people on planet Earth
>caring about your ideals of racism
Japs aren't exactly the most sensitive when it comes to race.
Also I'm pretty sure that blackface doesn't have the same negative connotations in other parts of the world as in the US.


you can make fun of other races and their quirks without hating them and being racist. whites and asians have to suffer being made fun of all the time.

black people have turned a victim complex into immunity from anyone making jokes about them. having people clown your race is not the end of the world. its not bloody murder. japanese people dont care about your victim complexes regardless. they had two fucking nukes dropped on them. they're not crying about it.

To all the black anons: always remember that japs will never hate your race as much as they hate koreans

Japs literally make fun of everyone I doubt they give a flying fuck about any race but their own