Precure Thread

Fure! Fure! Tomodachi!

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Why are these faggot mods deleting anime threads and why did they delete the last one.

Because they're faggots? You answered your own question, user.

Thanks for reminding me how sexy the Hacha 2nd ED was, OP

Is it safe?

It's supposed to be like a cabaret dance, how did they get away with it.

Wasn't it a "Mana appreciation thread" in the OP? No "precure" in the OP?

Yes. That ED director's passion for his work really shows.



I dislike how U2's face just freezes when the spotlight switches to Megumi

>Don't make generals
>Especially don't make similar OP posts
>But make sure to make them with the same kind of content in the OP so we know it's not a general
Mods these days are autistic as fuck, don't try to give them excuses.

Oh well

If you look closely you can see her mouth move slightly, she's just singing.

Well shit, the more you know. Never noticed it before.


I see it, though it would help more if she didn't keep a fixed stare



I just stuck HaCha into my backup. Stop making me want to pull it back out and watch it again.

I like how their innocent forms' skirts are slightly open at the front, for ease of access.

What were those skirts supposed to hide.


You can do anything!
You can be anything!
Fure! Fure! Minna!
Fure! Fure! user!

How we went from this To THIS?

Well they don't do a very good job of hiding their innocence to anyone with eyes lower than the camera.

Huggto GOOD Purlkyua!

It's an improvement


I've just been really digging the second HaCha ED because of the "Fure! Fure!" parts

Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time

Sometimes some threads disappear from the catalog not because mods deleted that thread, but because the poster was banned for something else and a faggot mod mass-deleted all his posts (they can do it and often do, read the faq).


wtf I though they said "play"

Forgot how fun this was.

Are the new All Star formats going to use 3 latest cure teams or are they ever going to mix and match? Always keep the latest cure team of course but instead of Kira or Princess, they can do futari wa and heartcatch with them.

No, it's the last two years only now.

I hope they change their mind on that is what I'm saying.

Or at least more novels. I want to know what Honoka and Nagisa are doing now.

It makes sense considering little girls wouldn't know of any Cures older than two or three years, only nostalgic women and 30 something year old men would care about older seasons. And I have no idea how embarrassed, if at all, Toei is about pandering to these demographics.

If we ever see a Precure gacha game, we'll know.

Why don't they do episodes like this anymore.

>Precure gacha game
don't give them any ideas.


There some sort of really cute noise right after the lyrics right there and it's not annotated in the lyrics so I guess it's just a cute noise, but I'm VERY interested in it whenever this song plays.

>Go! Go! Tomodachi! *cute noise*
>Fure! Fure! Tomodachi! *does it again*

Precure songs really tickle my heart pickle.

Are you forgetting something user?

I love Megumi.

She's all body and no brains.

But does Megumi love you?

Will we ever get a season with more than 6 cures?

Is that puzzlun? Is that even a gacha game?

It's got a gacha system

Do you really want that? Kira kira had like no characterization because they were spread so thin. You give each character 3 episode and you're already 38% done with the season.

Suite season 2 soon

But lesbian cures finally!

I want her to hip hop on my lollipop!

It's not like having less cures means more characterization.

Woan and Seika. It's their turn.

Literally kira and look how that turned out.


They once said in an interview that the limit is 8 cures, I guess some future season will eventually try this madness.

I want to play hide the salami smile with Lala.


Cure roastie





Fure! Fure! Minna!
Fure! Fure! user-kun!

Precure 1-hour draw: #418

Today we have my favourite hugtto so far. A girl so hot the degenerates that made the ED didn't conceal her armpits. The theme for today is Nono Hana/Cure Yell! There are a lot of submissions today, even an Ace and Megumi sneaked in,.MECHOKKU!

You can check past draws here:プリキュアワンドロ&sort=created

nnhn a cute

>I want to be an adult

I can help Nono with that.

That's a nono user

Way too cute.


I cant help her learn how to do her taxes? Shame


I, uh, whoa.

Yui Ogura can make non loli voices?

>you will never got fure fure by Yell
Why even live?


What are the chances of a fun Hugtto game for the switch?

As high as a Precure Musou game being made


Enjoy your shitty 3DS game

Finally saw episode 5.
Omg I love love love Homare!!

Her cure forme makes sense now. As a matter of fact I liked this episode for a lot of the design lore consistencies concerning her. Why her Cure forme is like a flight attendant, and how her ponytail grows back but 10x marvelous than before! And the, uh, uhh "zakenna" (I still haven't caught the name of these yet even 5 episodes in) design too made a lot of sense too.

I love you Homare! Fure Fure! Homare!!

And I'm not just saying this out of the spur of moment, I love her design a lot because I like aviation but I have no money or anything to pursue my dream ;_; pic related. I feel her a lot

The only good thing about Etoile's design is the long hair.

Is Harry the most attractive ikemen yet?

That's Coupe

I could totally imagine Saaya building battlebots as a side hobby.

Homare is indeed pretty great, both civ and cure versions.


Nah. She's the worst looking of them all. If she still had her ponytail she'd be the best though. Ange and Yell still look better regardless.

Oh yea and as a side note the animators must've had the time of their lives animating young little girly Homare in the ice skate scenes!

While I don't respect your opinion, I do disagree.

Precure Fusion when?

She's gonna build Lulu a new body after the sexy one gets exploded.



that would be very unprecure

>not wanting to fuck loli/ponytail Homare
I see you are not a man of culture.

Money well spent desu

I never said that.


Is this the most sexual precure?