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Spoilers soon. Will Mama finally eat the cake?

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SaNami will be canon

This is a Tashigi thread please post only Tashigis

Is there any chance Pudding actually confesses and they enter a relationship and we end up having a pic related kind of deal in the crew?

Pick your sides before spoilers anons.

I only have two disappointments with this arc. Luffy didn't actually send cracker flying across the new world leading to a cover story of Crackers uncosious body flying over various places, and Bonney didn't show up. She is the only unaccounted for supernova at this point isn't she?

this shit feels like it's been going for like a year. I even dropped the manga because of how boring this whole Mama thing is and I can't believe is still going.

I thought we usually had spoilers by now. I know it got later somewhat recently, but still. Maybe I’m still not used to the new schedule.

the cake is burnt.
Oda foreshadowed this when oven's powers was affecting the cake. Big pirates don't give a fcuk

They would be nothing like Isaac and Miria though, Pudding’s not dumb and Sanji lacks the charisma


She’s gonna show up next arc. Why would all of the Supernovas be at Wano except for Bonney? Why would Oda leave Bonney out of an arc including literally every single other Supernova? Be patient

>She is the only unaccounted for supernova at this point isn't she?
Just wait until Reverie.

Even if they did, they wouldn't be like Isaac and Miria, they are not as happy-go-lucky.

Plot Twist:
She dies from eating the cake

Big Mom gonna pass on on the cake, face first and be comatose

>Bonney didn't show up

Why didn’t we get an era of cake memes? Instead we got Katakuri posting.

At this rate she'll be engulfed by Prometheus before anything.

It's weird how she still has never gotten her official intro box yet


Sanafriend here and no, its not a possibility. The only chance SanPu has is if Pudding erases his memories of the kiss and it is brought up EoS. Other then that, its not happening. No canon romances will happen now. Its all development.

Is that Tashigi though? Can hardly tell.

>Luffy didn't actually send cracker flying across the new world leading to a cover story of Crackers uncosious body flying over various places
Shit user, now I wish that happened. Fuck you.

>arc including literally every single other Supernova?
Does it though? I don't recall too much but that sounds like a lie.

i don''t know if i should be worried or not that we didn't see her last week

Delete this.

Boney is getting an abortion right now. Can't show that in a christian manga user.

Tell me, when has there ever been an actual kissing scene in One Piece?

>Luffy- there
>Zoro- there
>Law- there
>Kid- there
>Apoo- there
>Drake- there
>Killer- If Kid’s there Killer’s there
>Hawkins- We have heavy reason to believe he is there, last seen teamed with Apoo and Kid, both of which are there, Apoo joined Kaido
>Capone- could easily come with the SHs, probably will
>Urouge- last we saw he was on the sky island Kaido jumped off of, could easily be there, is at least close
>Bonney- unaccounted for, last we saw she was somewhere snowy
So 9 of them are definitely there. 2 will probably be or could easily be written to be there. Bonney is the only odd one out. We’re almost definitely getting a Supernova reunion on Wano.

>Boney is getting an abortion right now.

Kid, Apoo and Drake are there? Fuck I don't recall any of this.

>inb4 speedreading
I read at a decent speed my memory is just terrible.

Kid got taken prisoner by Kaido, and Apoo/Drake are working for him.

what a great idea, having cracker fly about in the new world, and end up in raftel, or even the moon. such a shame.
Bonney was revenge against blackbeard, but she's too weak last time they fought. wonder what she's doing (apart from eating like a pig)

>tfw Bonney’s gonna be fat next time we see her


nah, if she was ever going to be fat, she wouldn't be soo skinney.
Bonney is a pig like big mom, except she was never a fat kid.
life's unfair, some people never gain weight no matter what they eat

>We’re almost definitely getting a Supernova reunion on Wano.
This sounds like fun incarnate

got 99 voters,
how do you close a strawhat poll?

That's it, I'm not gonna work with you anymore, Gedatsu-sama! Forget to breathe and die, Gedatsu-sama!

kid is prisoner in kaidou's dungeon, apoo and drake are both also working for him since we saw the former's den den mushi beasts-piratized and the latter appearead in caribou's cover story

She'll die before she eats the cake and it'll be big news. Luffy will refuse victory like that and form a party with Katakuri to find the resurrection devil fruit.

Use your words, Mr. Gedatsu

>Luffy and Katakuri kills Brook to revive Big Mom

Kata is way too proud to let Luffy win.


For the fightfags, the LuKa doujin has the Luffy vs Kata fight too, want me to post it?

No, fuck off


You have it? For reals?
Post everything please I beg you.

Please post it.

fucking faggots get out of this thread

If Jinbei joins will he be second strongest in the straw hats?


No. Yes.

She’s the only Supernova other than Luffy known to have encountered Blackbeard, right?


A shame, wish I could read it.

Only until Zoro and Kinemon’s duel, after that Zoro will be stronger.


I bet she has a blackbeard if you know what I mean.

I knew this attack was like something straight out of a doujin.


Oh God. This thread is going places


>that first panel

Last one
The author posted a few pages and censored, if I find it full I'll post it


Oda, where's my friend Zoro?

or kata is hoping when luffy returns he will actually get a good fight.
I expect that katakuri never had a good fight in his life,


Nah, next chapter will probably be about Germa attacking cacao island. The cake will be saved for chapter 900 probably....ans big mom wont eat it, she will die of starvation or falling into the ocean

These are the same moist faggots that hate Sanji


Luffy eats a shitton of food on a regular basis and is still ripped. Just look at the fight with Cracker, he literally stuffed himself to the point where he couldn't eat anymore and in a few minutes his unholy metabolism kicked in and he became skinny again. Bonney is probably the exact same as him in that regard.

Probably not since the whole thing about Sanji and pudding relationship is that they are both trash and thats why the found comfort in each other. they would probably be a couple where the women yells all the time amd her retarded husband just accepts it

never forget

chapter 900 will be about the reverie

Zoro is not your friend, pal.

Kaido jumped from a sky island to Kidds base, and moved from there to his base presumably on Wano where we last saw him, with Kidd imprisoned and Apoo now working for him, as XDrake
The only thing we've actually seen about Bonney is her stealing a slice of pizza while reading about Doffys defeat
Bonney Uroge Hawkins and Killer are MIA

Nami is so ugly it’s like a barbie with implants

AH! h-how careless

So, just a barbie then?

Hi LuNa whale

If we don't cut back to my friend Zoro and the others before 900 I'll be ultramad, the amount of time we spent away from Zoro's group has been longer than the time spent away from Sanji during Dressrosa, it ain't fair man.

A shame, I hoped you had the entire thing. But still thank you user.

If that's the case he would make sure that Luffy knew that he lost. Not just throw the fight so that Luffy gets an ego-boost.
But I doubt they'll actually defeat Big Mom, so when the real battle goes down I'm sure we'll get some kind of Kata/Luffy reunion.

Like a Barbie but even more cartoonish

I don't get it?
of course the censor shit for the anime a bit that's just common sense. I would not expect something that comes out weekly to look very good as well.

i know that i'm basically complaining about fanservice but this chapter was the fanservice chapter. and its anime adapation was incredibly tame
not too many episodes before we got nami's breast fucking inflating like a goddamn balloon. hell, her boobs have been shamelessly in the foreground since amande opened her shirt up to look for the vivre card

i don't get it, brothers

>women in one piece are all bimbos with shrink-wrap t-shirts to show off their titties
>oda finally makes deliberate fanservice and it's completley censored by toei
what the fuck

Capone and Urouge probably wont join.
The arc is already too much of a cluster fuck as it is.
WCI been huge fuck and it ISNT about defeating mama, just escaping.

Did you know barbie was literally based on a german sex doll?
Are you claiming that nami looks like an anime sex doll?

Yeah Tashigi has grey eyes

Yes and yes.

And I'm not you pal, buddy

They are doing their jobs to make it easier for day time run times and international dubing user. It's necessary from a money making point of view.

Who else is excited for his return

sry to ruin your delusion but im a LuVi type of guy

Jinbe in a fun costume on a color spread when?