ITT mangas that will never be fully scanlated

ITT mangas that will never be fully scanlated

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Don't remind me user. There hasn't been an update on this for years now. Not to mention Taruby disappeared with 10+ chapters waiting for qc.

>only 6 chapters fully scanlated

Greed Packet Infinity 1 Page 26

Shishunki na Adam

I don't want to get banned.

>Pretty Bell

Nuiguru Mix

Ojojojo/Komori-san no Kotowarenai
Shuuka Shonen Hachi




>Ojojojo/Komori-san no Kotowarenai
>Shuuka Shonen Hachi

All Rounder Meguru will probably get fully official translations before the fan translation finishes


Wagaya no Oinari sama
Bungaku Shoujo

Isn’t the LN on hiatus?

Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell.


Yeah, but plenty of chapters of the manga are out in raw and untranslated.

So many manga I had to drop due to dead scanlations. Sucks ass,mang.

It's good I swear

>Witch Hat Atelier (at this pace)
>Kerberos Panzer Cop


just kill me

and ashi girl and any of this authors other works

this is scanlated but itll never be translated

.... that’s a girl, right?

it's a girl(male)

how the hell isn't this cancelled there's nothing good about it at all


Why do you have to remind me?



Saint Oniisan

this is actually being uploaded after the official translated volumes come out

I know, I was there for all of the threads. But OP only gave temporary links, so unless you were there for the threads, you can't find any chapter beyond 73. Thankfully I got all of volumes 5 to 10.

literally any manga from the 90s or earlier



I still believe.

a new chapter just came out, and even if it never gets fully scanlated you'll be able to find the seven seas release online eventually.


Any /ss/ manga.

It was cancelled. Then translations died early.

Yondemasu yo Azazel San

>new chapter
Oh nice, thanks for reminding me.
I hope they can find a translator for those last three chapters.

It hurt user. But I'm pretty sure there just haven't been any new chapters in years.

Or even any scanlated to begin with. Sad, we need more survival games with kickass guys and girls.

This manga is just the metal-est. How didn't it get translated?

Karakuri Circus? Last translator left because of Trump getting elected. I shit you not.

Goddamnit, another thing trump ruined.

Why would you want to make a thread like this? To make us suffer?

>Last translator left because of Trump getting elected

At least he finished the Karakuri part. Man, that arc was so nerve-wrecking

The way i see it, is to hope someone reading this thread have the heart to translate for us any manga posted here.

Mudazumo naki Kaikaku

Bakuon Rettou


Bakana! How did you see through my strategy?


I remember reading Sundome back then and it hadn't been updated for like 4 years or some shit, I was left with both rage and a boner... some would even say a raging boner.

Now that it's been completed I don'T remember what chapter i was it and i cba to read it all again.

Chapter 72 never

Because I still have hope since we got Asa Made Jugyou chu finished.

I also have hope for pic related as well.

did she fall for that other guy?

Blue Giant :(

In other hand, there is hope, Boys on the run was finished translated like a month ago

Well to be fair her dream would never come true since you need to me born in Amerigo and have lived at least 2/3s of you life there to become president.

Sekkachi Hakushaku to Jikan Dorobou and Kakushigoto, although it's not surprising looking at how long it took SZS to be fully translated

>manga suddenly has an idol chapter
>it's presented as a fairy tale job for cute girls to do cute things
>not as the really creepy and oppressive job it actually is
>only rape doujins so much as mention the fucked up sex stuff that's almost assuredly going on

Nothing takes me out of a manga more than an idol chapter.

>award winning manga with a live action adaptation by a relatively popular mangaka
>only 13 chapters translated

Blows my mind. I assumed it got licensed, but nope.

Didn't this one just get the axe?

It did? that would be a damn shame.

Fuck off.

No idea either, as OP said it might not be scanned, is still going in its fourth volume though


someone knows the name of the manga that practically a mix Juuni Taisen + Akame ga Kill + Kill the Kill, the protagonist has the power to remove the penises and change the gender of others.

Reminder that I'd pick this back up if a translator joined my group.
I've had a pinned post asking for someone on my FB page for over a year, not much else I can do.

72? Haven't seen anything translated since 58 last year.

I dunno if they dropped it, but more or less at that time official scans started coming out and public raws for the magazine it runs in went to shit. If they wanted to keep doing it weekly, they'd need to buy it every week.

Buy em.

I don't understand Japanese user.


Not that it'd matter since the author abandoned it too.

>yuusha mushoku
chpt 6 and 7 never

Negimaki Kagyu.
Every year someone wake up and translate 3 chapters of it then leave, never to return.

There's at least a few Dowman Sayman books, but the one with the kid in space, Babylon something something. And Oddman 11
Natsu no Arashi
12 Beast

Does she fall for him?

Oddman is pretty up to date, check sad panda.

Glad to read this, someday I'll see more raws, it's just a matter of time

You need 1-4? I can upload them

>fucks his harem
>including the villains
>including the trap

The absolute Chad of harem MCs.

If you're willing to provide links, the sure.

Still uploading, only v1 is up so far, but here you go:!ahohlKiS!qy3uBWXqVQD2fFJfPphRVw

I still remember how the previous guy said he'd release a chapter every week. And then he vanished.

Any idea where to find HQ scanned raws he and previous scanlators used? I've only found either digital rips or shitscans.

Bless you user.

No problem. I'll take the link down sometime later.

I learned Japanese for this along for some other things and i can see why they scanlators dropped it

can't be fully scanlated if it never ends to begin with

Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous


We really need tankobon scans of Silver Nina. It should have loli nipples.

It's okay, there's atleast the French scans.
Why did you have to remind me.

>what is fiction