Reverse swimsuit

Reverse swimsuit
How do you feel about it?

I really fuckign hate it

For what reason?


>reverse swimsuit
What the fuck is this the new Japanese FOTM meme.

Fucking brilliant

Face shouldn't be visible.

So, stockings and long gloves, nothing else? This is absolutely my fetish.

Top innovation from Japan.


Are you supposed to swim in that?

I sure hope not. Attempt at sexy is one thing but this is just stupid.

I prefer, "anally anchored clothing".

In semen, maybe.

I’m confused. Does this mean regular swimsuits cover the face and other uncovered areas?

Kumagawa strikes again. Fucking based.

Urushihara approved.

God, blue jeans are so sexy.

Fucking genious

sasuga how does japan keep doing it?

Wouldn't she need to have her midrift covered too?

Only if it's a two piece, one piece ala school swimsuit is probably assumed.

No, you're supposed to do everything but swimming.

Naruhodo ne.

Is this the latest memewear? Post more.


I think the VK sweater was better memewear than this, honestly.

I like heartboob.

How about the reverse VK?

Blade would approve that.

Trash-tier. The appeal is in exposing, yet concealing. This only exposes.

Does wearing a bathing suit reduce the risk of getting bacteria, parasite, ect. in your urethra, vagina, and ass? I'm starting to wonder what the point of them is. Like I get modesty but it seems kind of retarded to wear clothing to a beach when you are just gonna get wet anyway and it's just gonna slow you down when swimming, it's kinda stupid if you really think about it.


Is there a list of all the memewear trends? I remember the cat bra, the virgin killer sweater.

reverse swimsuit armor > bikini armor


>I'm starting to wonder what the point of them is
this dude forgot titties is taboo

Completely useless.

Is Hestia's ribbon memewear?

I think sexualizing boobs is fucking stupid, it makes irrationally angry. I really fail to see what is so fucking sexy about them, they're just breasts. Whatever though, it's not my issue.

Literal autism

It's almost as if different people have different tastes.

>I think sexualizing boobs is fucking stupid
tens of thousands of years too late fag

reverse swimsuit + vstring bikini or micro bikini.

>Reverse swimsuit
You can't just draw gloves and stockings and call it "reverse swimsuit"

>not feet

That's why the neck part is there, to complete the outline of a onepiece swimsuit.

>3 images

No, just a boat-girl fag with a fetish that gets upset if you call it unoriginal.

Go read Needless, plenty of this and many other fetishes there.