Darling in the franxx ep 9 pw

Guy 12h to ep 9pw what do you expect?

1 darling the frannx thread in the catalog is enough

do your job janny

>advocating generals

Drink bleach newbie.

>clogging up space for threads by making a new one every 2 seconds

This might work on reddit but not here.

there's literally 8 threads about this show on the board right now
just shut the fuck up

I woudn't know how leddit works, but I feel you can tell me all about it.

No go and stay go.

suck a dick


Sorry I don't reply to ESLs

I won't reply to this post.

Because you can't

>every show deserves a chance to be discussed!
Fuck off

>DarliFag deserves to be discussed in 15 different threads

You didn't even try to hide samefagging

Good! We can keep the shitposters of the Franxx threads in here.

>y-you s-samefag!
How sad.

>typical samefag non-argument

>doesn't first provide an argument
>wants others to provide one instead

See >I don't think it's an argument therefore it isn't
Wew yourself

I wouldn't know how it might work on reddit, therefore I have no reason to take your words as an argument.

Hi, welcome to Sup Forums.

You just proved you were samefagging this is hilarious.

>Countdowns to fucking previews

>2 different posters stating the truth means they are samefagging

Consider yourself BLOCKED

>the absolute state of discord shitposters

Fuck off newfag, popular shows always have created a lot of threads.

Episode 9 preview