Is he still the strongest Servant in Type-Moon ignoring Grand classes, Sup Forums? How does Ozymandias, Karna, Achilles...

Is he still the strongest Servant in Type-Moon ignoring Grand classes, Sup Forums? How does Ozymandias, Karna, Achilles, Lancelot, Scathach, to him? And if he fought Vegeta, whose jobber aura would win?

If Prillya is any indication, he sure is.

He was killed by a ginger

Wasn't that due to his autism

Grand servants would still wreck him if they were summoned as a normal servant.

Scathach would beat him because she's Cu but stronger with godlike abilities but no Divine tag for him to fuck her over with. How did Gil avoid getting Gae Bulged in the first place?

>How did Gil avoid getting Gae Bulged in the first place?
By restraining Cu completely. Can't gay bulge him if you can't use your arms.

personality counts as a part of your strength though, measuring raw power rankings is pointless and stupid. Also Saber (king arthur) can fight him if she has Avalon.

Nasu wanted to make him the strongest but as fate became a big brand he screw up big time and now Gil pretty much look like a complete idiot compared to a whole lot of servant. Look at strange fake for instance

I'm pretty sure they were supposed to fight for a whole day in the VN, hard to do that if you're chained the entire time

reminder that a berserker was draggin his ass in fate/zero.
>imma shooting you hunderds of this super powerful ancint weapons!
(tl: don't mind me, i'm just taking this hundred of weapons you're throwing at me and actually using them as they are meant to be.)

scathach is an ever bigger jobber than gil

If A:E could actually be summoned she'd pulp him. Probably Titan Altera too.

How so? She beat all the other Irish heroes single handedly, according to the KnK event.

Go back to /fgog/ Melvin

What does jobbing mean?

He is still the strongest yes by virtue of how he works. Having the base of all legends makes him OP combined with his clairvoyance since he can capitialize on any servants weaknesses. His whole all things mankind can and will make is even more overpowered, and the work that mentions that also talks about how if humanity can imagine it then they can accomplish it. He’s basically HFY the servant. He loses because serious Gil is a myth that only exists against stuff way above servants like Tiamat.

in case you're not trolling:
in wrestling, a jobber is a wrestler whose job is to lose in order to make another wrestler look badass, it's a common play when they want to introduce a new wrestler.
badguy mcbadass enters the ring, no name dude with red trunks enters the ring, get his ass handled in a spectacular way by mcbadass and call it a day.

>Having the base of all legends makes him OP combined with his clairvoyance since he can capitialize on any servants weaknesses.

One of the entire points of FNS is that's not entirely the case if he doesn't use it smartly, it's why EMIYA is just as dangerous, if not more dangerous than Gil in most cases, he's not got the firepower, but he fight smarter. (also has the advantage of being able to use derived weapons which are better a lot of the time than goldie's prototypes)

If I had to pick a top servant it'd still be Galahad tho. The only thing we saw him in he just sorta stood on everyone. Plus he's the greatest knight of the round table, and if Arthur is hax, then he's more hax.


Galahad was the only one deemed worthy of the Grail in the old legends, if he's not supreme tier in a setting where King Arthur is the eternal flagship character I don't know who would be.

If he is to fight Goku next then Vegeta will job hard.

The gay bulge heart pierce only works at close range if Archer going melee was able to keep him at bay Gil will play with him all day long (which did happened)

I only read a few chapters of the manga but what was wrong with Gil in there he seemed ok I know Alcides negates all of his stuff minus Ea with lion skin did something else happened?

Thought he was only ever referred to as being the strongest Servant in context to the Holy Grail War in FSN, not of all time?

>Alcides negates all of his stuff minus Ea
He doesn't negate everything. He just negates the random shit that Gil throws out. Once he figured out how the pelt worked he pulled out something that would've gotten past it.
The entire fight is just a rehash of the Gil vs Berserker fight in UBW.

King Hassan even as a "regular" Assassin would still probably curbstomp him like he did a grail powered and Gift boosted Gawain. Ea and GoB are broken as fuck and having tons and tons of prototypes of other heroes NP swords, lances, use is also OP as shit but Gil himself is not that great.

Pretty sure regardless though he's not the "strongest" Servant like the thread maker said even ignoring Grands.

He'd probably lose to Solomon or Merlin because of how bullshit strong they are.

F/SF was a mistake.

What about Avenger Donte vs Gil? Could he beat him? Dude literally does not give a shit about time-space.

*escapes your weapons*

Who wins the gamble?

Ozymandias because he's not retarded but Drake got that EX luck.
Who is this?

The Count of Danganronpa, Edmond Hopeman.

>jobbed in every single fate rout
I don"t think so

>EMIYA jobbed every single fight
Smugman has no place being smug.

Gil has golden rule, so probably him

He was never the strongest, he just had the strongest Noble Phantasms. Anyone who could tank GoB and reach him before he pulled Ea would stomp him because he can't actually fight.

>EMIYA jobbed every single fight
What is Emiya vs Medea?

Ozymandias has no powers over Gilgamesh, he'd be destroyed easily.
Ozzy's got good stuff for most servants, but Gil is a massive hard counter. It's a no-go.

Except he never got his fathers love. Galahad and Lancelot are just frog fan fiction anyhow

If you're only disregarding Grands, it's Buddha. He's Beast tier all his own and he's also an anti-humanity unit in his own way.

Exactly, it makes perfect sense and seems to match what we've seen so far.

Almost everything you associate with King Arthur is "frog fanfiction" unless you still call Excalibur Caledflch.

>poison that makes someone with an EX body rank skill like Arash coughing up blood
>takes three high tier Servants and plot device to beat him
He has a pretty good chance of beating Gil because the main shtick is him not being a retard in fights.

How does Proto Gilgamesh compare to normal Gilgamesh? How strong/broken is Caster Gilgamesh?

Are all of the knights of the round table top tier? also who's the stronngest? lancelot?

Gae bolg can be defeated by luck

He'd just have sex with them probably

>Sex with a half-incubus
I wouldn't.

By skill: Lancelot is constantly called the strongest. Tristan was also equated with Arash in terms of archery but considering how powerful Arash is in a conventional sense as an Archer, this more boosts Tristan than it does Arash. Bedivere is basically the Shura with not-Excalibur in his arm, and Mordred only manages to "beat" Gawain when he was badly injured and tired after fighting Lancelot and manages to kill her "father" because of a plot bullshit.

They range from mid tiers to high tiers but none would be top tier. Though iirc both Nasu and Gen say Berserkerlot goes from being "high spec" to OP. Still not the strongest but pretty amazing.

Galahad, the one that actually got the grail.

Isn't Bedivere basically just a normal guy who managed to make it through hard work and guts?

He doesn't because Gil gets serious from the start against Karna-tier opponents. There's literally no reason for him to go inside the temple when he can just blow it away with Ea from the outside.

isnt mash galahad? cause she isn t anything special

Depends on the Knight and their Class
Artoria is probably top if she is either summoned as a Lancer (Rhongomyniad is very impressive in Camelot especially compared to Excalibur) or if she has Avalon as a Saber she is probably High Mid

Lancelot might be top due to "Knight of Owner" and Gawain can probably best Artoria if they are both summoned as a Saber class and fight during the day because of Numeral of the Saint

the rest are probably mid tierish except maybe Galahad considering what Mash has managed to block and he would naturally be stronger

Grand Servant Gil > Gil > Grand Servants > Caster Gil > Kid Gil > other servants

not really, he just gave her some of his skills and fucked off

isn't caster gil basically the same as gil and the only reason hes different in f/go gameplay is he's storing all his weapons from GoB in uruks cannon

He is Gil summoned later on his life, as the wise king of Uruk (he is Lawful Good, instead of Chaotic Good), after he returned from his quest for immortality. He also learned about all his tools on GoB, so he just doesn't shoot them at random like regular Gil.
His NP is basically a broken phantasm spam on the enemy, where he uses his treasury to destroy everything.

But that Broken NP stuff is just because he was up against tiamat right?

If he was summoned in a holy grail war he wouldn't fight that differently from archer gil besides making less dumb mistakes?

>Is he still the strongest Servant in Type-Moon ignoring Grand classes
can we count Saber with Avalon? cause if we can then no, he is not

What are you gay?

Well, Merlin's a handsome guy.

Only it's stated time and again that he is the strongest servant?

Hassan was also a Grand Servant in Camelot. Roman said it.

would you be willing to mana transfer a male servant to win a hgw?

Why not?

>Grand servants would still wreck him if they were summoned as a normal servant.
Where's the proof for this?

We've never even seen a normal Grand.

because that's gay

>We've never even seen a normal Grand.
Isn't King Hassan as summoned to Chaldea literally that?

What has King Hassan done since Babylon? Nothing, we have no idea how strong he is as a normal servant. Grands are said to be chosen because they're the strongest heroic spirits/strongest of their class, but Gil has also been called the very same repeatedly, even very recently in Enkidu's mats.

Powerlevels in Nasu are a meme, as Nasu isn't the most consistent or elaborative guy but fans act like they have definitive evidence of everything anyway.

For those who say he’s bad at fighting up close he still trashed Saber in the Fate route swinging noble phantasm after noble phantasm with his hands at her. When he’s fully serious things like Avalon isn’t really going to be able to overcome him because he’ll bring up ways to keep Saber away, or defend himself further. Hell even when he’s using his golden armor he’s still fucking around. In Extella he says something about using it because he like stuff the bling and that he has way better armors. For things like Sasaki he can bring out a mirror to counter his multi-dimension stuff. He can bring out a curtain of darkness to counter Gawain and other sun people. He can use antidotes and other medicine to cuck Semiramis and Ozy’s temple. He can use Ea to break reality marbles. So on and so on. The ridiculous part is that he pretty much has an answer for anything when he’s not fucking around and just lazily shooting things at people. People hype up Edge-Herc but when you think about it his special thing is having 12 Noble Phantasms. He’s not really a counter to Gil if you consider that his special thing is the same as Gil (I have a shitton of NPs) but on a much smaller scale.

Which one

phantom of the opera or vlad 3(moon)

>For those who say he’s bad at fighting up close he still trashed Saber in the Fate route swinging noble phantasm after noble phantasm with his hands at her.

>He's not bad at fighting, he swings random noble phantasms and they're really strong.

Swinging stuff like that is the definition of bad swordsmanship.

>only A-rank on the objective nip power level chart

Girugameshu is old news.


>How did Gil avoid getting Gae Bulged in the first place?
Divine shields

He probably has some anti-curse stuff and has a very high luck stat to begin with.

His signature golden armor is noted as being powerful against curses and petrification. Apparently Gil is not fond of mystic eyes being used against him.

Scat gets fucked on by basically everyone, like when Cuzilla rips her guts apart, she just teleports to the netherworld to heal (where she can't die), and comes back saying it didn't count because she wasn't serious (like every single jobber does).

>Scat gets fucked on by basically everyone
>Posts only known example
Like I said, she wrecked all the Irish heroes on her own when she was serious, Cu himself says so.

Cu himself had beaten her on his legend, it's just that he fucked off elsewhere after training with her.


Honestly Cu is probably better than her, especially if he got a Ireland bonus. Caster Cu is ridiculous, Lancer Cu is ridiculous. Scathach can rune a bit better than Lancer Cu and has Chiron’s thing Scot edition. But Cu’s kit is frankly amazing. Runes, Battle Continuation, Disengage, Protection From Arrows. He has a good NP, a lot of options and is hard to kill. If he actually used runes more often he would be even better but he finds runes boring.

>Gil canonically jobbed to a guy whose power level was literally the same as him.

He never beats her at full-power. Scat has a higher ascension that we don't know about.

>i-i-it didn't count
As I said, classical jobber argument.

>archer gil
>without any dumb mistakes
You'd win most HGWs, but since this is wise Gil, he'll destroy the grail

She easily has the ability to beat him but Gil if he is not a jobbing idiot could pull it off.

Not really, unless Avalon's active effect is really fucking spamable.
It's alright for a surprise attack, where you completely no sell the opponents attack, and counter with a lethal strike to the shocked doofus.
But if you don't make that one shot count, Avalon can be planned around. Baited out, kited and punished.

Yeah uh? See all those skills? Scat has them too.

His NP? Scat has auto-stun that functions with the same causality medium as GB's and then combos that with the exploding spear.

She is literally better than him in every way. His interlude has Cu becoming as strong/stronger than he was in life, has Mashu for support and still can't beat Scat.

I wonder how much Gil could last vs Huitzilopochtli. The sun sword and his armor are just to OP

He beat her as a test of his strength and when all 20 of them went up against her, but then she went full power and kicked the shit out of them afterwards.
Dunno if you're salty about not getting her in the gatcha or whatever, but at least try to get shit right.

Gae Bolg Alternative doesn't invert causality. It's a two-stage maneuver that has the conceptual attribute of "pinning an enemy in space" and then it's just the thrown version (but weaker, B rank instead of B+) which is unstoppable.
She does not have the causality reversal to pierce an enemy's heart before being thrust, that was a technique that Cuchulainn created himself.

Is there anyone who can even TOUCH Gilgamesh (serio sin camisa)?

Arco Blanco, obviously.

I don't think you read what I posted. The stun IS the causality effect. What Scat doesn't have is the pierce the heart mechanic. Instead she gains auto-stun, in that, you are already pinned once the NP is activated.

Needless to say, with her Instinct and amazing combat skill, as well as the incredible power of Excalibur, "making that one shot count" is simply quite trivial. Avalon will spell the end of 99% of heroic spirits.

Well then now you seem to be making stuff up, because Nasu never said anything of the sort to my knowledge. Citation?

She was too scared to do anything about Goetia, at least Gil showed up for the final battle.

When the true name is activated, its capabilities combines the two functions of Cú Chulainn's Noble Phantasm, 'Piercing Spear of Death Thorn' and 'Thrusting Spear of Death Flight'. First, a close-ranged attack from a demonic spear would rob the enemy's movement by 'pinning them in a spot in the air', and a second demonic spear would strike through everything if thrown at full might. Obviously, any enemy caught in the line of the thrown spear would be killed.

>Combines the two mechanics of Cu's NPs.

The first GB is a causality curse. The second is raw explosive force. Scathach implements the first clause when she pins the opponent (instead of stabbing the heart). We even see in her NP animations that the activation of the first skill is identical to Piercing Spear of Death Thorn's causality mechanic

Wrong universe, Arc doesn't even exist in Fate.

>Avalon can be planned out
Not really. You can't really defeat Avalon. This protection even passed every kind of true magic at the moment. You can't even steal it is only really useful to Saber (if it even is possible to). It doesn't even cost her anything as being in Avalon gives you a huge buff and practically unlimited magic.

Merlin can do a weaker version of this yet it allowed Chaldea to not immediately die to Tiamat.

This is added that Avalon has had only one showing which it won so it's hard to say it has any limit or weakness.

Or at least in FGO, she exists in Extra.