Netflix goes moe

10 hours

Will this B : shit also?

BONES saving anime

Looks whack.

it will be far worse


Is anyone planning to sub this?

Yeah netflix

Real mecha! /m/ is gonna love it


At least post the synopsis:
> In Japan in the year 2035, an accident known as the "Burst" occurs during a research project, spawning an out-of-control artificial life form called "Matter" that has spread throughout the Kurobe Gorge. The research city that was once hailed as the hope for humanity is cordoned off by the government. Two years later, 15-year-old Aiko Tachibana, who lost her family in the Burst, learns something unbelievable from Yuya Kanzaki, a new student at her school. A secret is hidden within her body, and the answer to the puzzle lies at the "Primary Point" that was the center of the Burst. When boy meets girl with the fate of humanity in their hands, what new truth will come to light? 2018 Spring only on Netflix.

That doesn't answer my question. Netflix subs are duwang tier.

T-thanks for saving anime Netflix, we never had premises like that before.

My fucking question is why if you have the money decie to go original instead of adapting a manga that is popular ? like kaguya. I would watch a kaguya netflix anime.

Who does advice in anime for this company.

Wow, this is totally original and new, thanks Netflix

Originals are better than adaptations

Profit-sharing, and having to put up with the IP holder's demands; Japanese companies are notoriously fussy and demanding.

For the last fucking time, Netflix doesn't make anything!
Least of all anime

No, this is an actual Netflix original.

So was Devilman Crybaby and B The Beginning.

Netflix saving shitty anime once again

>why if you have the money decie to go original instead of adapting a manga that is popular ?
they're making anime for americans

Netflix did not create them.
They bought glorified streaming rights.

/r9k/ would mute netflix

you know you are lying

>In Japan

Yep. Also Netflix isn't very popular in Japan

Not really sweetie patootie
Just read the manga if you want kaguya, no need for an anime

Crybaby > B > aico i suppose

>this shit will save anime

not the same user

Naruko Hanaharu?

Next Netflix anime after that is idolshit.

Wait, really? I enjoy Idolshit

>Naruko Hanaharu
>Original Character Design
Yep, your favorite hentai artist worked on this

>DMCB was a netflix original
What? No it wasn't?


I hope this goes better than the last one.

yes it an episode
>An original Netflix series

How are the budgets of Netflix's animes looking? I am hoping they can fix the QUALITY issues and the BD financing with steady income to the studios, am I too hopeful?

That was in production on Japan for a long because because of Devilman's I don't know how many years old celebration.

It's a bit more than just streaming rights but you are correct, Netflix doesn't actually produce stuff, they're not a studio.

That by itself proves nothing, they'll slap that tag on anything.

I just want more healthy girls

You should already know that Netflix slaps that shit onto everything.

not really. on old series it didnt

Look very edgy and mainstream. Hope it's not shitty like B :.

it's worse

10 hours? Shouldn't it be 00:00 PST March 9th? If so, should be 33 hours.

Golly fucking gee. I didn't know PreCure was made by Netflix

Precure? What's that? I only know about Glitter Forceā„¢

Not just any Idolshit. Isekai idolshit!

Now that's what I call saving anime

So far, all of the anime shows that are Netflix exclusives have been noted to look good visually.
If it's shit because of the direction or anything else, blame the director for being incompetent at his or her job.
They got all the time to work on the entire show and make it look uniform, having no pressure to finish an episode by the next week like it would normally be if it were a TV broadcast.

yeah... my bad. I thought it was out March 8th

Polishing a turd doesn't make it any less of a turd. It just makes it very shiny.

Nothing wrong with shiny turds.

looks too serious..when will we have EDF anime?

I'd unironically watch that.

So what they made so far:
- Devilman boredom as something new
- B something which was pretty weak and worse than Psycho-pass s2 or Darker than Black s2 by a mile
- that other completely idiotic "anime" about brown lead male MC with pink hair and I don't really know what was that shit
- and now they make a standard Japanese show about a boy meets special girl in some pseudo apocalyptic setting which as premise and visual go already is worth only of dropping
Seeing their show progression I wouldn't buy any from the shows theiy made or watch them legally on their site.
What next?
Idolshit, otome/fujobaiting, cgdct?

Walking crimes the series.

>high schoolers

You'll also get an anime about a sword guy doing sword stuff named Swordgai.

Damn. Might give it a chance.

Cant say im surprised you faggots are excited for this
Moeshitters gonna shit

>What next?

Idolshit. Then CGDCT series for little girls.

Call me back when HBO makes anime.

I'm getting Elfed Lied vibes.

Shitposting aside. It's uniroincally the best looking anime they have coming
And if they manage to fuck this up then fuck everything.

Fuck off back to Sup Forums

Wow user you're so cool and above us all moeshitters

It gives me some Macross vibes and I like the character desing so I'm in

Based lowest common denominator

if this ends up being garbage then the only decent show this season has been Yuru Camp

Ill watch it to masturbate to the character designs.

Those roller blades are ridiculous. Just asking to have their ankles broken.

>what is Yorimoi?

Amundsen but he's a little girl: the series

Only true scholars can appreciate the deep and complex masterpieces, such as Cowboy Bebop, that you enjoy. Please forgive us, uncultured swines, for enjoying lowly japanese entertainement.

Goes edgy

Looks like generic shit that I will gobble up anyways because BASED HANAHARU

There are so many good shows this season. Especially cute girls ones.

But look, now they don't have to animate their bodies at all.

>Shooting on roller skates

>ugh everything looks so fucking generic what is netflix doing
>idol show? OH MY GOD ANIME IS SAVED!!!!

>The Blob anime feat. Sentai on roller blades

idols >>>>>>>>>> edgy crap aimed at western Narutards

>no simulcast
Not worth bothering with this shit

Is straight to Netflix the new straight to video?

Stop it user, I'm not worthy of your enlightenment.

Are they going to dump the whole series all at once or do it weekly or whatever? The Series dump kind of kills discussion a ton.

No RLM-kun.

Both of you guys are massive fags

Okay Reddit.

Of course it's dump it all at once. VEG was an exception.

all at once

Why couldn't they just give us S2 of Garganita instead of whatever this shit is supposed to be?

Gargantia kinda sucked and wasn't very popular other than people fapping all over the designs.

why is Netflix lowering its standards?

Nettofurikusu-oshishio-kamisama needs as many anime titles as possible to prepare itself for when Disney enters the streaming market with its own fuckhuge library that now has been further bloated by acquiring Fox Entertainment.

Netflix didn't have standards in the first place.

Yes they did, if it wasn't for Netflix money this show would not exists, just like Devilman and B. If it had been 100% japanese money this would be about 5 little girls going to the amazon because the mother of one got lost there or some shit.

Netflix will save anime.

5 minutes and it's already better than Franxx. Not a big accomplishment but still.