Try to guess others' favorite animes

try to guess others' favorite animes

guess the other ones I guess

OP I have no idea

This is the least Sup Forums related thread I've seen today.

At least post a template you double american native.

I bet it's either Lain or ergo proxy

>Copie Conforme as one of your top films
I'm no good at guessing, but we'd probably be irl bros. Also, not Sup Forums-related, dum dum.

thanks i appreciate that. could have put an Sup Forums column but honestly that just makes it less fun

sorry here you go


tatami galaxy
jojo.dbz.hxh or any other shonenshit


Who is responsible for this? Have anime fans been pluralizing with an "s" for decades now, do "anime journalists" do this, or is it some Youtube person?

Definitely tatami, five leaves, soredemo, or ping pong.

it happened by accident and i was too lazy to change it, don't read too much into it

This thread reminds me to keep working on reading the situationists and watching Kiarostami. Thanks user. Don't know what your favourite anime is, though. Maybe Shin Chan Adults Strike Back? hahaha

If you can guess anything in my top 5 I'll paypal you $100.

You cannot guess anything influenced by the image like Aku no Hana.

Did you like Ashita no Nadja? Hosoda worked on some of that, to some extent.

Haven't seen it, I'll give it a try. Thanks. Not in my top 5 though.

when you say we cannot guess anything influenced by the image, are you saying nothing in your top 5 is influenced by the image, or you just won't paypal if we guess something that is obviously connected to something you posted

Nothing in my top 5 is based on the image.I adore aku no hana and all of the movies I posted, but they aren't top 5.

Jesus Christ, what is this abomination, here made one myself out of pity for this defect child, just let it go in peace.

ano natsu de matteru and mindgame

I absolutely hate ano natsu, it feels like a rip of the genre and is super shallow. I liked the art though.

Mindgame is not that high.


Nadja user. Maaybe Rose of Versailles?

I forgot the "Books" column, but I don't read them anyway, fucking piles of textbooks suck any desire to read out of me.

please post top 5 if anons cannot guess in 20 questions or something

Nope. My top 5 is not really influenced by my tastes in movies.

Will do.

ok just answer this, is it going to be some asspull "guilty pleasures" stuff or is this an honest ranking of the shows and movies you've watched and you legitimately would defend these as the 5 best

>Nothing in my top 5 is based on the image
Then this is pointless, because there's nothing to go on. It's just randomly guessing shows.

I would absolutely defend everything I put up there as my favorite. I'm not saying they are inherently exactly the same type of show as my top 5, but something like gurren lagann or naruto is not in my top 5.

I mean there is some influence, and it is a challenge, which is why I'm saying I'll paypal money if someone guesses right. I am mostly just curious if I'm readable via my tastes.

Just because it doesn't share a director or something doesn't inherently make it too hard. I think the Ano natsu guess was interesting, and I gave it feedback that could be used as guiding information.

> choosing Chinese cartoons over Western Kinematography
Anime is good and all, but there's no fucking way any of Miyazaki's stuff is better than Fight Club, for example.

>any of Miyazaki's stuff is better than Fight Club
Fuck me, lmao


Alright fags I don't feel like making an image but
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals
Ocarina of Time
Wind Waker
Demon's Souls
A Goofy Movie
Lord of the Rings
Pink Floyd's The Wall
The Aquabat's Hi-Five Soup
Led Zepplin's Mothership

I don't think my taste in anime has a lot of crossover with my taste in other shit.

> Japanese live action movie
> film of the year
Is it just in Japan or have I been asleep for too long?

Attempt was made.

Does no one on Sup Forums read real books?


>In Bruges
Top tier. I dont know about anime but your favorite manga is Eden: It’s an endless world.

Certified Copy and Love Exposure are the only good films mentioned in the thread so far.

What's next to In Bruges?


No one's gonna get it anyways so i might as well just tell you my favorite anime Gunslinger Girl

I Forgot to add the pic.

Is your favorite anime Gunslinger Girl?

Wow user! how'd you know?

No one cares about you. This is /soc/ shit


Your favorite anime is Shit. Have I guessed right?

>guess the other ones
>ghost in the shell

Jesus fucking christ, I've clearly outgrown Sup Forums judging by the terrible entry level taste here.

Going to sleep so posting answer(s) as a spoiler:

Favourite anime: tie between Mushishi and NNB

Bonus round, guess my favourite manga
Komorebi no Kuni

When it comes to anime it's always the same 3x3core stuff that is posted as favorite. Good to see that at least in other media you guys have some individuality.

there's more than one GitS

people who put GitS among their favorite anime have only watched a few anime, because it doesn't deserve that spot in the list of someone who's watched more than five good anime

therefore it's fair to assume that your other favorite anime is another installment of GitS

Post yours and show us the way user, if it's with you — we can still save Sup Forums

individuality =/= idiosyncrasy

Have you ever heard of any books they didn't force you to read in highschool?

>Modern star wars

the Plinkett reviews are the Star wars of our generation

No, but i'm reading through American Psycho right now. It sucks.

I haven't read a book in a long time

Imagine being so insecure about your taste that you claim to like shows that are honestly not that good just so you can show off your "individuality".

Imagine being so insecure about your taste that you claim to like shows that you honestly don't like that much just so you can fit in with the group hivemind.

Are you me, motherfucker?

Have you ever considered that those "3x3core" series are not only great on a technical level but also resonate with people on a personal level (in part because of how objectively good they are) and they genuinely love them? Crazy idea, I know.

come at me, nigs


which is your favorite anime?


Reevaluate your life choices, little man,

some Satoshi Kon trash

reevaluate your trips, big boy :^O

guess mine!

fuck off

Akira, GitS, Spirited Away, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan

Books: Infinite Jest, Picture of Dorian Gray, Frankenstein, The Bible
Vidya: Amped, Yoshi’s Island, WoW
Movies: none
Albums: Spiderland, Psychocandy, Pet Sounds

some gay shit with traps in it

Yes, and it's false. You create a false resonance and lie to yourself to be accepted by the hivemind.
You will deny this because you have lied to yourself.

nice bait

You sound like someone from Sup Forums. you better start working on that, user.

yeah but the Sup Forums hivemind doesn't like 3x3core, it likes the only people who still showcase 3x3core taste do so out of contrarian spite.

which is ironic because the Sup Forums hivemind only likes out of contrarian spite against the MAL dwellers who actually like 3x3core

I know that you, being an underage fag, might find this hard to believe, but most of the people that liked and watched 3x3core series, did so before Sup Forums was even a thing.

Not that guy, but, your armchair psychological analysis has glaring flaws in it particularly the fact that it applies to you more than it does to him

Stirner is unironically my favorite "philosopher".
One of my favorite poems of all time is T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land.
The only forms of entertainment that I consume are prose, poetry, anime, and manga. I like listening to music every once in a while, but I don't have any real favorite songs or compositions.

too lazy to make a new picture so I'm just removing the anime and manga parts
The book in the middle is No Longer Human
I don't really listen to albums, mostly just individual songs, top 3 are:
Kotringo - Kanashikute Yarikirenai
Giles Corey - No one is ever going to want me
Mogwai - Take Me Somewhere Nice

Flip Flappers, Tatami Galaxy, and some other reddit-core shit, like Gintama or Hyouge Mono

I hated all of those except Hyouge Mono, which I haven't seen

Aoi Bungaku Series?

Haven't gotten around to watching Perfect Blue, but from what I've watched of Tokyo Godfathers I liked it, wouldn't say it's my favorite though.

Tokyo Godfathers is the least Satoshi Kon movie.

Haven't seen it, on my plan to watch list though

good luck

I doubt anyone will be able to guess. My taste in anime aren't doesn't has a lot of crossover with my taste in other shit.

Good taste in music desu. It's a shame Kinoko Teikoku haven't put out a good album since 2014.

Monogatari, Durarara, Overlord, Evangelion.

ashita no joe

I'm not expecting much

Daily lives of high school boys, prison school, kakegurui